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Benefit Cosmetics Stay Don't Stray

have u girls heard of the Stay Don't Stray yet?

Benefit Cosmetics always comes up with a catchy name for their products. Their latest one called Stay Don't Stray sounds like something you'll use on your husband or boyfriend. No it's not an anti-cheating spray (if they create one, I'll buy a lifetime supply). It's actually a 2 in 1 primer for your eyeshadows and concealers where u can dab the concealer 360 degrees around your eye to make your eyeshadows and concealers stay put from morning until night (am to pm, hence don't stray off). Some of you may already have your magic primers like Urban Decay's Primer Potion or Elf's Eye Primer Base which you have to buy from overseas. If you don't have the luxury or convenience to get them from overseas, then why not try this for a change & see if it works?

I love this group picture of us girls so happy

During my Blog's Benefit Girly Party in April Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia had something new for us to try! which is the Stay Don't Stray dual action primer for eyeshadows and concealers. We were excited to be among the first few lucky ones to "molest" the product. I was given one to review by Benefit (so happy thanks thanks!!!). I do admit I am not a eyeshadow person (coz my eyeshadows skills FAILS! lol) but I love face powders and blushers! At the party, their regional make up artist Matt gave us a tip for a quick beauty fix to get pink healthy glow! he said Stay Don't Stray can also be used with their popular face brightener That Gal.

Stay Don't Stray + That Gal = BB Cream!
(Blemish Balm Cream, a beauty quickie face savior)

How come can mix two products to create a BB cream? well simple. Do u know that Stay Don't Stray is actually the combination of Benefit's lemon aid (color correcting primer) and Boing (their industrial strength concealer)? so even when used as a primer on your eyes/face, it can help with color correcting and some concealing (but those with severe panda eyes need concealers on top of this baby ok). Benefit's That Gal is my favorite face brightener! it creates a porcelain pink finish glow on your face. I saw the makeovers on my followers and I was like *jaw drop*.

swatch on Stay Don't Stray

swatch on That Gal

after using Stay Don't Stray & That Gal

Let me show you the before and after picture of me using the combination of Stay Don't Stray & That Gal. Did u see any differences in the color tone of my face? I actually came back from exercise so my face was really red. I figure it was a good time to try on the product to see if it does help with a bit of concealing and color correcting. The next picture is taken minutes after putting on the combination of Stay Don't Stray and That Gal. There's no photoshop in the pictures and a pimple is on my nose (eeeks!) the sun also started to shine in a bit, so the second picture is slightly brighter. Overall you still can see the changes from just using two items! It lasted for more than 10 hours though. I didn't need to retouch my face, usually I will have to reapply again BB Cream (Skin79 brand) after work, to look fresh again. My colleague was asking me what I put on my face these days coz my face looks glowing (muahahhahaa!!!)

what happen to my beautiful Ms. Read blouse!

The usage description was "custom airless pump is sooo easy to use...just a dab'll do ya!" makes u think u can just pump it and out it goes right? well my first pump which was suppose to be on my hand, overshot to my blouse. It's really a strong pump for a tiny thing. You gotta pump it gently and slowly onto your finger/hand. It dispense out too much as well, so be careful to control your pump pressure. That's probably the only thing I didn't like about it besides the price :( rm115 for 10ml? sigh.. why Benefit products in Malaysia so pricey.

Product Name: Stay Don't Stray

What it is: This dual-action power primer works 360° around the eyes to make concealers AND eyeshadows STAY PUT. Concealers don't crease, eyeshadows stay vibrant and'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Texture: Smooth & Light Creamy-liquid. Easy to blend.

Color: skin color tint, but not enough to change your face color don't worry lol

Scent: a faint powder-ish smell which goes off after blending.

Packaging: portable & handy but the pumps is too strong and dispense too much out.

Price: RM115 for 10ml at all Benefit Cosmetics counter Malaysia.

SPF: don't have :(

Benefit's Smokin Eyes Palette

I bought the Benefit Smokin Eyes palette! going to learn how to create the smokey eye look using their step by step guide and Stay Don't Stray. I wonder if it'll turn out nice T_T sob sob.


  1. Love these products!! Good review ! :)

  2. u bought the stay don't stray also right, wei post the link in here so ppl can follow up

  3. i cannot see the diff btw before/after u used T___T
    it's just brighter angle.

  4. I see ur face more even tone n not so red anymore.

  5. Better than udpp?

  6. Unfortunately have been turned off by Benefit's pricing. I'd rather use UDPP (or Mac) and all-over makeup base for this product.

    Btw where is a reputable place to get Skin79 bb cream?

  7. I got mine from beauty expos (in which there'll be promotion like buy 2 for price of 1) still using mine for 1 year :)

    The recent IBE expo has the skin79booth, ending 25th may I think the convention expo

  8. i love the simplicity of ur review, lucky u got that for free, ^_^ maybe smokin eyes review next??? wink2

  9. I like this product too..
    Wait for your smoky eye post as well!!

  10. wow, the before and after photo is really different. Very good review. Do u have oily skin ?

  11. hey tammy!!!!emily here if u still remember me....XD

    i saw ur post here and i instantly tried mixing that gal with stay don't stray and omg, the difference is really apparent....

    my complexion after applying them looks much more smoother and face don't look so dull anymore.....and believe me, my face has been really pale and dull due to stress from studying for my exams which are approaching soon, therefore, i would really give a thumbs up to these products!!!!=)

    i'm really particular about make up products but i have to saw mixing these 2 products are really really good!!!^^

    thx for the tips on this tammy!!!
    even the sales assistants here in aust have no idea about this....hahaha....

  12. wow thanks Emily, u back in Msia already? if u're the Emily who went to Australia. Hmm so many emily lah T___T

    it's all thx to sifu Benefit Mat (the regional make up artist)he told me this tip if not i also duno can mix. I really like the combination with That Gal! bkful with the strong pump okay.

    Thx for leaving such a nice comment! btw.. how much is it in Australia? wanna compare prices in msia n aust.

  13. hey tammy!!!yeah, i'm the Emily who went to Aust!!^^ hehe....hope u still remember me...XD i'm sorry i didn't get to become ur prompt blog follower as much as last year before i came....but i still come to check ur blog from time to time bcos i really love ur blog!!!^^ hehehe....

    btw, i'll be coming back this june for a month so lets meet up if u have the time yeah???=)

    thx for the advice on the pump yeah....cos otherwise, i might have pumped out too much....haha....oicicic, wow, he really gave u guys such a good tip man...XD and thx a lot for putting the tip up here too....i've tried it and i love it!!!hahaha....the mixture is such a perfect mixture man....

    and oh yeah, i have oily skin and these 2 products together work grreat cos my face hasn't gotten oily with this for quite a no of hours....and after around 7 hours, it still stay put very well and don't require any touch up....=) hehe....

    ooh, btw, "that gal" costs AUD 53 and "stay don't stray" costs AUD 45.....i believe its more exp than malaysia if u convert right??

  14. I'm dying to try "That Gal" as I have heard such great things about it and your review just made me wanna go shopping even more! Thanks for the informative review! x Jasmine

  15. I love that gal very much too! unfortunately it's very expensive in Msia compare to U.S. Hope next year the price go down after the tax on import cosmetics waived.

  16. Wooooow! Great Change after using both!

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  22. Benefit cosmetics have quirky product names! :D
    ~Pauline @ Benefit makeup Philippines


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