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  • Say Amore... Fall In Love With Colors All Over Again!


    they say diamonds are a girl's best friend
    I say lipsticks are guy's worst enemies.

    *just kidding* but before I go on about these 4 yummy lippies I have, do you all know why lipsticks are so sexy? the colors we wear, the reasons we wear them and why till to date, it remains one of the basic "glam-me-over" tool where any girl could just put it on and WHAM she looks different suddenly? I read from a magazine before, it says lipsticks makes our lips appear fuller, riper, alive and more luscious. It drives men wild. It's this love attraction, magnet, a subconscious pull in which I'll talk about more next time.

    the all new Maybelline New York
    Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Lip Color

    That being said, what do u think is the color of love? is it pink, red, orange or brown? My pick is red, it has always been the best selling shade for lipsticks. It's our weapon, yeah to kill guys (I don't mean literally). Now this don't mean all the other colors are crap. Lip colors comes in four different families of shades, each expressing a different mood of love. Whether it is Sexy Reds for love, Fresh Pinks for joy, Fun Corals for truth or merely elegant Nudes for indulgence, pick a character to play and enjoy looking sensational with the outstanding color!

    Maybelline Girls! they're popular now!

    The all new Maybelline New York Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Lip Color laces lips with long lasting and irresistibly alluring shades. Play up the moods for love this season with 18 captivating shades, all enriched with a breakthrough hydrating formula that ensure the lips illuminate in crisper colors, lasting up to 8 hours.

    the four colors that I have from Maybelline

    Now I be lying if I said these lipsticks dropped from heaven. I had the liberty to review 4 star shades of each color group to look absolutely the best for every expression (just like the Maybelline Girls). For that sizzling moment, embrace Summer Sunset (RC51) to whisper words of sensuousness. For a day of delightful romance, pucker up with Pink Bloom (PC31), a color that exudes girlish feminity. For those who are looking for a day of fun, glide on the yummilicious Papaya Milk (C51). This refreshing shade will keep every girl looking ultra stunning with their smackers protected from dryness. Buff (B42) is a perfect color for every girl to bring out her inner goddess. The beige undertones will keep one looking natural and relaxed.

    fall in love with colors all over again

    They say the language of LOVE is often whispered through the most luscious lips. My luscious lips are for my boyfriend so I am going to let u imagine how you'll look like in these colors instead! yes read my lips, love. Tell me what's the first thing that come in your mind when you see the lip colors below:

    Summer Sunset

    Pink Bloom

    Papaya Milk


    So what did you picture? did someone put on a catwoman leather suit and start stealing guys hearts here? or someone just reenacted a korean puppy love drama series? (I am so dramatic lol). If these colors pulled your heartstrings, then my dear, let your lips, drenched in rich colors, do the talking! Reach out for a fabulous lip color with an added touch of 'Amore' in your life! they're available in store for RM24.90 (now who's in love with the price?)



    1. coool review ! i want PINK BLOOM & BUFF!

      aww i wish i have the liberty like you to review too! keeep posting

      miu miu hooked up your blog with facebook using the apps called NetworkedBlog!!!

    2. I loveee Moisture Extreme by Maybelline! My fav is Cosy Tangerine :)

    3. Stellar: networkedblog? what's that! pinkbloom n buff, kekekeke.. u flirty vixen u!

    4. Reena: ah.. cosy tangerine sounds like a happy girl :D

    5. very nice review!!

      i tried on the shades.. buff suits me best!!

    6. fatin: thanks ^_^ i like the pics.. of the lipsticks..

      u definitely suit buff.. u elegant cat u..

    7. i owes amazed of your reviews...loike ur color swatches!!!! pink bloom is nice!!!!! is it possible to c d lipcolor on ur lips...very curious to c how buff work on ur lips...:)

    8. love the swatches drawing!!
      I'm not a fans of lipstick, but I guess I will choose Pink Bloom cause similar to my lips color (light tone)..

    9. very nice colour hehe.. my mom love red!!

    10. ooo.... i love the pink bloom!

    11. Awesome review:) Pink Bloom is soooo pretty!!! I definitely miss the cheappppp drugstore products in Malaysia

    12. cai: thx babe.. u like ah.. wait till i get LUMIX GF-1 i can show off my lips.. my eyes.. my cheeks.. i like cosmetic-porn..haha

    13. Cath J: they have more colors, i see a lot shades alwiz habis at guardian.

    14. Adeline: Thanks hehe!! i know i like pink bloom too!! hey.. u in overseas ah? Msia drugstore scene is booming now..got lotsa brands coming in!

    15. Sue: i think it's the popular shade for young girls hehehe

    16. sherry: your mom is one hot babe..man

    17. Jean: u haven't found ur dream lipstick yet.. hehe


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