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Laneige Mother's Day Gift Sets

Laneige has prepared three exclusive gift sets for its customers to choose from this May in conjunction with Mother's Day. They're actually at a great value! and comes with extra freebies too (travel sizes! not sample size!). The price affordability is one of Laneige's attraction compare to many luxury skincare brands in the Malaysian market. I couldn't resist getting a set each too! sigh not for my Mom (she got a chanel lipstick, Kiehl's Shampoo, Acca Kappa hairbrush for mother's day). The sets for me sob sob. However there's only one thing I really dislike is that I had to travel and go to 3 separate counters just to buy them! It's getting annoying trust me!
At Isetan LANEIGE counters, you can purchase the Perfect Renew Dual Touch Eyes Set where you will get a travel sized Perfect Renew Power of 4 Kit along with a blue travel bag, the perfect accessory for travelling. The eye set is an eye protector, which provides innovative and dual eye care: one for day use and the other, for night. It helps stimulate blood circulation thereby reducing dark-eye circles as well as revitalizes fatigue with apparent reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. This set retails at RM220 and is available only at Isetan Gardens, Isetan Lot 10 and the newly opened counter at Isetan KLCC.
At Parkson LANEIGE counters, moms can hydrate their faces with the Water Bank Essence_EX and Water Sleeping Pack_EX Mask Set. With this gift set, you will receive an Aroma Eye Pillow with Sleepscent for free. The Sleepscent is a specially formulated essence that contains essential oils from Orange Flower, Rose, Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood among others, and will help improve the quality of sleep. This wonderful scent lessens body movement during sleep and promotes relaxation, which is essential for restoration and rejuvenation of a healthier skin. This set retails at RM220 and is available only at Parkson Pavilion, Parkson Sungei Wang, Parkson Gurney Plaza, Parkson Sunway Pyramid and the newly opened counter at Parkson KLCC.
At Jusco LANEIGE counters, a cleansing and peeling duo set is for sale for anyone who wants to thoroughly cleanse their faces. The set consists of a Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel and Moisturizing Cleansing Oil. The Moisturizing Cleansing Oil is suitable for those with normal to dry skin and those who wear heavy makeup. It is effective for easy removal of heavy and waterproof makeup. The deep-nourishing Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel with twice the yogurt extracts functions to remove dead skin cells and is especially effective for dull skin with a darkened tone. A sample-sized gift set consists of a Power Essential Refiner Light Mist and a Multi Cleanser will also be given for trial. This set retails at RM165 and is available only at Jusco Mid Valley, Jusco Bandar Utama, Jusco Bukit Indah and Jusco Bandaraya.

Mother’s Day Gift Sets: (which you're getting at a value!)

Isetan Counters
Available 23 April 2010 onwards
Perfect Renew Dual Touch Eyes Set – RM220
Perfect Renew Dual Touch Eyes (30ml)
Perfect Renew Skin Refiner (50ml)
Perfect Renew Emulsion (50ml)
Perfect Renew Essence (15ml)
Perfect Renew Cream (20ml)
Blue Travel Bag

Parkson Counters

Available 26th April 2010 onwards
Water Bank Essence_EX & Water Sleeping Pack_EX Set - RM220
Water Sleeping Pack_EX (80ml)
Water Bank Essence_E (60ml)
Mini Water Sleeping Pack_EX (20ml)
Mini Water Bank Essence_EX (15ml)
Aroma Eye Pillow with SleepscentTM

Jusco Counters

Available 26th April 2010 onwards
Cleansing and Peeling Duo Set – RM165
Moisturizing Cleansing Oil (175ml)
Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel (150ml)
Power Essential Refiner Light Mist (30ml)
Multi Cleanser (50ml)

P.S: I provide free personal shopping services for Laneige so anyone needs help to get anything from Laneige email me :)

Look out for LANEIGE counters at the following locations:

JUSCO Mid Valley JUSCO Bandar Utama
Ground Floor, Mid Valley Cosmetic Floor, One Utama
Tel: 03 2287 2061 Tel: 03 7722 2260

JUSCO Bukit Indah, Johor JUSCO Bandaraya Melaka
Ground Floor, Bukit Indah Cosmetic Floor, Bandaraya Melaka
Tel: 07 2369 591 Tel: 06 286 7405

PARKSON Pavilion PARKSON Sunway Pyramid
Cosmetic Floor, Pavilion KL Cosmetic Floor, Sunway Pyramid
Tel: 03 2141 9370 Tel: 03 5631 2055

PARKSON Gurney Plaza, Penang PARKSON Sungei Wang
Cosmetic Floor, Gurney Plaza Cosmetic Floor, Sungei Wang
Tel: 04 2288 041 Tel: 03 2145 3373

ISETAN Lot 10 ISETAN The Gardens
Cosmetic Floor, Isetan Lot 10 Cosmetic Floor, The Gardens Mid Valley City
Tel: 03 2145 6329 Tel: 03 2287 6923

And also at our latest outlets:

Cosmetic Floor, Isetan Suria KLCC
Tel: 03 2161 1426

Parkson KLCC
Cosmetic Floor, Parkson KLCC
Tel: 03 2161 1128

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  2. feel like getting all 3 sets! But I must save... for the trips..>.<
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