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Benefit Brow Bar Giveaway Results



Bawani & Harim wins the Brow Bar Giveaway!

Bawani :
I need a brow makeover so i can reshape my overgrown brows and also see what is it like to wax my eyebrow that has always been threaded all its life,it would be great to try how Benefit will benefit my eyebrow and if it will take priority in the near future.

Because the last brow threading I had was a total disaster that makes me look like a full time minah rempit. Now brows are growing again and can't wait to do a makeover so I can look nicer :)

Congratulations girls, I think u need a brow makeover asap! so don't forget the appointment is this Saturday at 2pm at Benefit Cosmetic's Brow Bar, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. You will be receiving an e-mail shortly on this! Thanks for joining the giveaway and I hope you have a WAX-Sational Experience!


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