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Youth10 Malaysia's Largest Youth Festival

Youth 10 Festival

at the Youth 10 Festival (PWTC) 9.30am
(gates only open to vistor at 10am)

I got my 3Day Pass with Conference worth rm20 from pre-registering it online last month at Youth 10 website. Now anyone who wants to go Youth 10 Festival will have to register and pay rm5 for a 3 Day Pass (without conference). Not too bad in my opinion, but the Q-ing line to register and pay at PWTC is really long. Go early in the morning, the crowd is not that bad.

Yunny said show your maybank atm or credit card and the entrace fees is waived! .(u can check maybank2u website, its stated there). This festival is from 28th - 30th May, 2010 at PWTC! follow the posters.

Cosmo & Cleo Mag Booth a lot of promotions

get free copy of Cosmo, sample coupons, prizes
(subscribe and get gifts worth rm200 over)
and also u can participate for photo shooting

Cleo & Cosmopolitan Mag subscription promotion
(choose from gifts over rm200 on the table)

Cleo 1 year Subscription RM57.10 for Wing
free Salvatore Ferragamo EDP 100ml

Cleo 1 year subscription for Fatin
(Origins Body & Face Micro Dermabrasion)

Cosmopolitan 1 year subscription RM54.00
free Origins The Way of the Bath Matcha Tea Body Lotion 200ml
Origins Youthtopia Age-Correcting Serum with Rhodiola
Origins A Perfect World Antioxidant Moisturiser

Cleo 1 year subscription RM57.10
free Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers
30ml Perfume

Cosmo Mini Game to score prizes!

the assorted prizes on the table

sign up for & get a goodie bag
(limited to first 100)

I was the first to sign up today...

need to sit at the side for registration on the laptop

this is how long the registration line is for the
(click on the picture for larger view)

To show how popular the sign up for, I had to take 4 pictures with my handphone, combine them into one picture at home using paint program. They err..look normal right? lol. this is the waiting line from right (registration) to left (and beyond).

the cleo goodie bag worth rm30
(actually it's worth more than that!)

see what I mean? all this stuffs is actually over rm50

the cosmo mini photo booth and click corner

it's where I get to become a model on the cover of
Cosmopolitan Magazine!!!

yea Generasi 2010 plus size model
kat cover Cosmopolitan Malaysia!

my Cosmopolitan Mag freebies

my prize: Secret Garden Acne Serum
(yes finally can give something to my brother)

At Cosmopolitan Magazine booth you can sign up for 1 complimentary magazine, get coupons, a cover photo shoot & participate in a Cosmo Quiz. It's a game where u pick a paper from the bowl, the paper has the prize on it. You need to pick a question and answer it. Answered correctly the prize is yours! mine is the Secret Garden prize! My question was who is the editor of Cosmopolitan? Answer : Izza Safinaz Ibrahim.

free Ciba color/illuminate daily contact lens
(or normal optix aqua monthly)

the eye checking machine is not working
so give your glasses to them to check power

you can redeem a pair of contact lens (colored!)
I'm very notty I got blue, green, brown & illuminate

the colors available for redemption
(power and non-power contact lens)

free tasting on Mr. Potato chips rice cracker
(and buy rm10 bag of snacks & spin the wheel win prize)

you can express yourself with F&N at this place

this is mine! F&N Strawberry Miu lol

take a funny pic & join canon contest

stick your picture on the wall of canon
(the stickers are voting stickers)

yeap so many ppl join! dun be afraid!

yeap that's me! if i can do it, u can do it!
(dun forget vote for me! stick ur sticker!)

Kinda weird that I am happily enjoying this event by myself, doing whatever I can for a few hours before I had to go back. I met a few readers! yay like Bei Shan, Sarah, Yunny, Alexis ! (so happy to see them!).

free biotherm samples and starter kit promotions here
(starter kits rm45)

Laneige Booth Promotions Special Price

Laneige booth giving out free samples
(and starter kit rm40 - rm60 promotion)

the freebies from Laneige

Laneige Malaysia set up a booth here giving out samples (Sachets) and you can even go for a skin consultation and get 5pcs samples for free. Additional bonus, if u have the Youth10 Activity booklet, there's a Laneige ad page in it that u can redeem 20ml sleeping mask for free! Besides the freebies, there's a discount on Water Sleeping EX_Pack (sleeping mask), Strawberry Yogurt Mask & Strawberry Peel (less rm20 from counter retail price). Starter kits from rm40-65 available as well.

Scrapbooking/Keepsake chipboard tags

There's shopping at the Bazaar area too, quite far & tricky to go, follow the mapping system and you'll get there! clothes, homemade accessories (darn cutes one some of them), even Supermodel Secret's Blog set up a booth there! which I can't seem to find. There's also garage sales and flea market type stuffs. Foot reflexology & back massage available too for $$. I bought a scarpbooking chipboard tags! I think it's a great deal at rm30 (50 pcs of assorted tags).

this is me entering the Libresse contest
(just for fun sake ahhaha)

Libresse goodie bag!

Libresse is a new brand in town! They are... *whispering* (sanitary pads). Their tagline "Absorption is Nothing Without Fit". There's 8 pieces inside. The box is really cute, everyone's carrying it. I even saw err.. guys redeeming it (maybe for their girlfriends).

Nivea freebies & promotions

The Nivea booth has some great deals. A bag containing 3 items (inclusive of the latest deodorant!) for RM10. They throw in one or two freebies for you and a mouse pad. That's not all, for purchases above rm10, u get to go for a lucky dip (with prizes obviously showed to you before u participate). The lucky dip prizes are from deodorants to moisturizers to eye cream. I got the eye cream! from picking the red ball (hint hint). Guys can play a soccer game to win freebies too. The latest female deodorants is BERRYLICIOUS and pink! go sample!

Ricola late's cranberry lozenges is nice!
(buy 2 pack for rm9)

blogging in progress...


  1. hahhaa... u should come lah.. then we can lol..take this kinda pic

  2. my car batt died on me last nite, left my car in kl last go back there jump start then bring to service..wat a nite n day! :P

  3. ahahaha so funny ur cannon funny pic

  4. ur cover magazine's pic is soooooo cool!!!!!

  5. Dalila: thankiu babe! u should go get one too!

  6. wow..miu sad tat i had to miss it as am out for vacation :( bt lookin at all those goodies n stuff u got, i feel its pure fun :( i've missed it but am waitin for the whole post on this :)

  7. heheh yah yah I went got my free colour contact lens =)

  8. Hihi.. Wow! Lots of goodiess bag need to grab lol!

  9. wow so many things to do at youth10...
    didnt know, tght it gonna be boring event, should go and check it out.

  10. Saphire: awww :( babe.. i think ur vacation is much better!! i would trade freebies for a nice vacation.

  11. Shannon: which color u choose! btw thanks for letting me know about youht10 :)

  12. faz: yahhh ^_^ fun! there's lotsa booths to visit.

  13. Ks:nick: oh lotsa girl n guy stuffs to do, I thought it would be boring too.. but looks like i was wrong too! but today was quite crowdy. Wonder if tomorrow would be better.

  14. such an interesting FUN EVENT! you had a blast time~~ haha you looked ridonculous in that piggy photo~ MIU ROCK ON!

    thankyou for your heartfelt well wishes at my blog~ spread the joy & love~ my only gift is to love & to nurture :)

  15. loads of fun!! would go again today if i could! lol!!

  16. wow! so many promos & freebies & FUN... i like yr canon picture :D

  17. wow...interesting event... and I love the mag cover... ^_^

  18. Ur cleo goodie bag more than mine!! Mine so little on the 3rd day!

  19. tx for supporting Media Prima
    come again next year!!! let's go together!


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