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Free Isetan Chinese New Year Vouchers


IMC/ICC Member Exclusive Promotion Coupons
Chinese New Year Bonanza 25 Jan - 18 Feb 2010

YAY! I finally received my Isetan Member Chinese New Year vouchers! *only for Isetan Members. Okay so the booklet has lots of coupons in it, but only a few or maybe all will be useful to you (depending on your shopping fetish). For me, only 4 coupons got me excited. The Shiseido (skincare), Jean Paul Gaultier (perfume) and the Supermarket rebates. The rest are like shoe/bags/clothes/jewelry/etc (will update in my post on the coupons in it).

yay time to collect my Isetan Rebate Vouchers!
(from collecting points as a Member)

Also I thought I won't be receiving this letter until like a couple more months! but HOLA it's finally here! yay! good timing! coz I need to shop for CHinese New Year! why am I so excited? well it's because as a Isetan Member you can collect points from shopping. With the points, it's turned into rebate vouchers for you! it happens like twice a year only. I became a member last July, so my points accumulated to 7k over and I can now redeem RM360++ rebate voucher from Isetan after presenting the letter and my member card! yay! time to foya-foya in Isetan tonight!

I like this 2 voucher... rest is just okay

love the supermarket voucher! coz cny is near

The Coupons:

Shiseido White Radiance Set RM140 (normal price: RM393)
Promotion Period: 25 Jan - 18 Feb 2010
Limited quantities: Gardens 45 set. KLCC - 75 sets. Lot 10 -15sets.

*one coupon per brand in a single receipt.
*limited quantities
*please read terms and conditions of coupon before purchase.

Jean Paul Gaultier Madame Summer Edt 100ml
RM90 (Normal Price RM208)
Promotion Period: 25 Jan - 18 Feb 2010
KLCC - 80 bottles ^ Lot 10 - 50 bottles.

to be updated when I finish typing out..the coupons

The coupons has terms & conditions on it. Please read carefully before making any purchase.


  1. yer, how come I don't have the vouchers one, though I'm an Isetan member as well. :(

  2. i received mine 2 days ago :(

    maybe yours gona get soon

  3. mine isetan expired on end of jan and my sis had apply a new 1 on jan, so...both of us cant get voucher?
    *cry cry*

  4. zoe: this one must ask Isetan liao :( for new members, it takes 2-3 weeks to process..so i don't think qualify for the vouchers unless u personally go to isetan customer service n inquire if can get or not. Zoe if ur isetan exprie end of jan, n u still din get ur vouchers..means takda liao.. :( u need go ask them... why u dun have voucher. Technically.. u r still Isetan member in January..

  5. I also not get mine till now, 11th Feb dy, will I get??? loss in transit???


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