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Robinsons Ignores Customer/Member


It's been nearly 10 days since I last wrote to Robinsons Gardens Customer Service by E-mail & also by fax. I also personally fwd the copy of the complaint to Marissa Loong (customer service) whose contact was given by Robinsons staff to me. I find it amusing that they have not reply my queries yet.

My complaint can be read from here:


  1. THAT you consider "amusing" ke??

    Please go call that Marissa Loong person.

  2. THAT is how i feel lol.

    Won't bother calling. If they want to ignore their member's queries n complaints, it's fine by me.

  3. You should go there, bring Pigita along & kick a huge fuss!

    Those cheats!

  4. You are a very, very patient person. Can wait for 10 days. I think Isetan has the best customer service ever in Malaysia. I have really good experiences with them and mine were not even complaints. Example, I bought some skincare that did not suit me - caused breakout. I just emailed asking whether any return/exchange policy. I got a reply the next day and 2 days later I was offered an exchange of the same value from their cosmetics dept :D

  5. Wow that's really good service & they really care about their customers.


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