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All About Nude Workshop


Saw this at Bobbi Brown Pavilion, I will give a call tomorrow to confirm some details on the highlights of this workshop including whether the goodie bag is the same as what BabyLovesShopping is talking about in her blog. There's 4 Sessions @ 2 venues on different days.

Date: 15th August, 2009 & 16th August, 2009
Time: refer to poster above
Venue: Mandarin Oriental Hotel
Workshop Fees: RM250 (redeem rm200 on any Bobbi Brown products)
Goodie Bag: [not confirmed]
- Bobbi Brown Book "Living Beauty"
- Mascara (actual or charm size?)
- Charmed size Cleansing Oil
Makeup Artist: Sebastian Tardif

Early Birds receive special gift! Go book online at Bobbi Brown Malaysia website.


  1. Hi Tammy,
    did you manage to find our more info on this? i wonder how different this workshop will be since it cost so much.

    or u hv given up on BB. :-p hv they called you for your win?

  2. I went to Midvalley BB 2 days ago & decided not to pay for the workshop after inquiring a few things about redemption, workshop agenda and assessing the level of service BB MV is giving to me (coz i will be paying there and redeeming there right?).

    Info on Goodie Bag:
    Early Bird goodie is the BB Book. They cannot confirm what is given in the goodie bag. I have asked Pav & MV, both BB shops don't know for sure what's given.

    30pax workshop, learn how to make up with their make up artist doing demo. BA/SA will be assisting & determining your shades/make up for u and bring it for u. F&B will be prepared.

    On anything BB! even the value/sets. Pay rm250, redeem rm200. Consider u're paying rm50 for the workshop (and the book costs more than that!)

    Hotel, classy.

    on the win, nobody called or contacted me through email as stated in their contest terms n condition. Dissapointing.

  3. thanks for the update.

    hmm, sounds like you didn't get good service.

    sorry to hear about the no news contest result. :( hope they call u soon and give you your well deserving prize.

  4. are u goin jules?

    the bb book & goodie bag & venue is tempting..

  5. barely 3 weeks ago, i bought the skin foundation. i was wondering why the SA didn't mention anything then. :(

    a bit reluctant to spend another 250. unlikely to go. hv a tight weekend as well. only can make it on sun afternoon. well, if i change my mind, will let u know. :)

  6. they won't if they wan more moolah from u..

    they said it's already nearly full the workshop, rm250 is a bit steep but the goodies is not bad at all.

    I won't be going so haha..

    i rather save up for anna sui workshop :D


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