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Beautilicious Warehouse Sales


Beautilicious Warehouse Sales

Candy took me to Beautilicious Warehouse sales today (last day) during my lunch time. Thanks Candy :D I wouldn't have gone if it wasn't for you kekeke! bye bye cash sob sob!!! I was supposed to go Anna Sui Parkson Member Day sale during my lunch hour but I got sidetracked to Beautilicious at Kuchai Lama! I just came back and pictures will be up soon! Enjoy!

Beautilicious Office
(there's a black candelier too!)

attention: only cash sales

instant eyeshadow rm5
cheek cake blusher rm7
selected lipgloss rm9
eyeshadow pan rm7

somehow all the beauty shops now have candelier!
(I'm seriously wanting a candelier too under my make up table)

the display area where u can swatch/test out colors

Alysa, Victoria & Dessert Bar rm35
(dessert bar is latest palette i think)

I bought dessert bar palette for rm35
(swatched colors)

The Retro Kit RM30 (N/P RM59.90)
Quick Liquid Eyes Kit RM40 (N/P RM66.90)

Sweet Baby Doll Kit RM30 (N/P Rm59.90)
Eye Opener Kit RM30 (N/P RM59.90)

Twinkling Star Kit RM30 (N/P RM66.90)
Smoke Gets in your Eye Kit RM30 (N/P RM59.90)

Jelly Beans Lip Palette RM30 (N/P RM66.90)

Volumelicious Mascara RM21 (N/P RM29.50)
Cheek Cakes Blusher RM7 (N/P RM15.90)
Dream Holiday Kit at 30% off (N/P RM79.90)

instant eyeshadow RM5 (N/P RM12.90)

single brushes RM7 (N/P RM15.90)

Glossy Jams Lipgloss rm13 each (N/P RM25.90)
Maxi Pie Pan Case Rm10 (N/P RM25.90)
Mini Pie Pan Case Rm7 (N/P RM15.90)

Glossy Jams Lip Gloss RM13

deffective corner for lip stuffs at special price

Pie Pan E/S Refills RM7

Pie Pan Eyeshadows RM7 (N/P RM15.90)

puff up scouffle 2 way cake rm40 (NP RM59.90)
2 way cake refill rm28 (N/P RM39.90)

deffective products from rm20 onwards
(bruised/scratched/missing parts)

Arch It Right Kit RM30 *star product*
(I bought at rm30 defect price)

brush set rm35 (N/P RM49.90)
the magic wand liquid eyeliner rm21

6 piece Pink Brush Set
face/blusher brush
eyeshadow/concealer brush
eyeshadow sponge applicator
eyebrow brush & comb
angled brush
lip brush

I know this brand existed in Malaysia for some time but I never try them before though I have been always lurking around their booth in Watsons checking out the instant eye shadows, tempted but don't know how to use? will it be easy? Since this warehouse sales came out, I thought it will be a good time to try Beautilicious Cosmetics and that instant eye shadow. Also been leeming for their Dessert Bar after seeing the palettes being featured in local magazines. Finally bought it today.

brush set rm35, eyeliner rm21, instant eye shadow rm5

arch it right kit rm30

jelly bean rm30

dessert bar rm35

My 1st Beautilicious Haul:-
1. Brush Set RM35 x 6
2. Dessert Bar Palette RM35
3. Instant Eye Shadow RM5
4. Magic Liquid Eyeliner RM21
5. Jelly Bean Lip Gloss Palette RM30
6. Arch It Right (defective palette) RM30
Total Damage: RM286


  1. I am so jealous.. wish I can go... wahaa..

    hehe.. miu.. :) happy shopping.



  2. miu... brush set included that brush roll? >< aaahh... u got buy extra anot? :(

  3. is the brush set good??It is sponge type or what?

  4. Hi Miu,,are you gonna let go SOMe item mebbe in the future?.. hehe interested to have some of the items. It looks good ^-^. Looking forward to see your future blogsale post


  5. Sherry: I went for fun only to check out things to review. Never try b4 this brand.

    Janice: yes included :) i kept for u extra already after u say in chatbox.

    Anonymous: it's standard starter brush, for the price i think it's quite alright. The face brush is made of pony hair while I am guessing the pink ones are made of synthetic hair. The sponge is yeah spongey e/s.

    Mewa: I'm letting go the brush set since my friends didn't want it. Same price, let me know if u want it email tammylci@gmail.com.

  6. Miu i want the brush set also pretty plz :)

  7. Hi Miu,

    Owh! I'm eyeing the JellyBeans lip palette! But you're not lettin go of that one right? That is the most tempting to me.. ouwaa,,I hope beautylicious would do a sale again..


  8. so sorry Mewa

    i gave that away as grand prize for my blog birthday steamboat dinner..lucky draw prize..

    sob sob

  9. Hi Miu,
    Its a shame i didnt get to meet you when you came by our office for the warehouse sale.. Thank you for blogging us and hope you enjoyed the products. If anyone who would like to purchase any of our products, do drop me an email at julie@beautilicious.com.my. Hope i can help...

  10. OH no you did? Ouwaaa, sob sob. Mmm mkay, anybody out there sellin/letting go of Beautylicious 'Jelly Beans' lip palette, please email me :) Heads UP!


  11. MW: maybe u can email the CEO of Beautilicious - Julie@beautilicious.com.my and ask if u can still buy it at the discounted rate?

    try try..

  12. Julie:

    Wow Julie! thanks for dropping by :) yea I wanted to meet u that day but you weren't around. Heard so much from Candy about you :)

    Keep up the good work!

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