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Happy Belated Birthday Xana


Last Sunday, I met up with my buddy Xana at Gloria Jeans which is just outside her condo at Sri Hartamas (or is it Mont Kiara?). She came back from Singapore for the weekend & had 2 go back again in a few hours so I bugged my bf to go see her.

While waiting for Xana to come over, I ordered beef lasagna & cranberry raspberry Snapple for lunch. Finally she arrived & I gave her "her belated birthday present" which I have kept since months ago. It's not my fault she didn't want to come to Msia! (cis havin fun at Sg this girl =_=). Forced her to pose for my camera muahaha.

She's a huge Anna Sui fan so I gave her Anna Sui birthday gift (seems I have been giving Anna Sui as gifts?). Guess what I gave her? I think I don't need anything anymore for 5 years, okay Xana? HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! this post was meant to be up in May but U didn't come back or contact me! cis!!!


  1. wow.. presents from u is like christmas come early.. ;p

  2. wow..and yet another anna sui presents! huhu..
    btw, i went to the metrojaya warehouse sale last wednesday.dissapointment. got anna sui though, is it cheap? blusher brush for rm67?
    i'm not familiar with anna sui's price.

  3. sherry: that's call goodies! not pineapple tarts that i got for my last birthday @ xmas present...

    fatin: oh u haven't seen my xmas party yet.. i'm planning one in DEC dun miss it!

    harim: yes i'm in the "give anna sui as present" mode now..haha. I went yesterday evening, there's a further markdown but i din see any blusher brush. Their brushes are rm130 over in retail.

    the powder brush is rm134, yesterday for rm40 only!

  4. oh, then cheap lah.
    eh, was it powder brush? not sure :P
    maybe powder brush...u think today they reduce some more? rm20 perhaps??

  5. Thank you MIUUUUUUUUUU.. for everything.. you are the sweetest!! xoxox


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