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Nose Warehouse Sales


The Nose Warehouse Sales started today 26/8/09 at 1utama's Bargain Corner (new wing). This sale will go on until 31/8/09. Woman shoes/sandals/hells all rm10 each from size 4-size10 available! (size 10 the largest). There's also Nose Handbags but they're only 50% off (+10 if r One Card Member). Not very appealing the bags, but for the shoes definitely check it out as RM10 is worth a buy :)

Company : Nose
Location : Ground Floor Rainforest, One Utama Shopping Centre, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Promotion : Nose Warehouse Sale 2009 50% + 10% discounts for ONECARD members!
Products Offered :
  • RM10 for all ladies shoes !
  • Great discounts up to 50% on ladies handbags!

  • my first Nose haul, all rm10 each!

    I like all my sandals and that cute floral purplish gladiator one is worth a try for rm10! There's a lot of sizes and variety to choose from. Some may be old, defective and/or dirty but otherwise should be decent to buy. Credit card only for rm50 above purchases. Not much crowd on first day, i wonder how will it fare later on? check out juicy pics :)

    found anything you like?

    white christmas or white wedding?

    Went to Nose Warehouse Sales again today during lunch, a lot nice shoes are gone and there's there lunch crowd. It's quite messy now in the baskets, shoes are tangle, mix, dirty, even some scratched. Hope the management keeps the shoes in good condition for this sale. I bought a pair of flats today, it reminds me of a nice white wedding. I'm saving this one to attend a friend's wedding this December. RM10 ONLY! yes!


    1. I fancy the silvery pair with the crystals (below the faux purple gladiator).

    2. i see there is "opportunity" for silver feet, brown feet and another black feet again???

    3. mmmmm, silver soles . .. . not bad, can consider = shiny alien feet

    4. uncle frog: hahaha

      nice shoes. my sisters went this morning and bought almost 10 pairs

    5. the lacey shoes make me wan marry saje !

    6. maryhadalittlelambAugust 27, 2009 at 3:38 PM

      The white wedding-ish flat's such a steal! Kudos...

    7. wow! nice picks! i love the violet one too!!! wonder if there are anymore size 5 left? i so wana go thr n buy shoes too!!!

    8. Their shoes are comfortable, Hmmm.. going for the sale now.

    9. i went to the sales today... man i really salute u for being able to find all these nice shoes there! ahha... lots of shoes had missing parts.. some were torn here n there.. ahaha... managed to get 1 for myself though.. n a few others for my friends.. :)

    10. The white xmas/wedding shoes very nice ar. It matched exactly wat m looking for my pre-wedding photo shooting le... too bad, the warehouse sales is over now :( I gotta continue hunt and hunt again...

    11. aiyoh dearie! serious?

      what size r u wearing?

    12. i always wonder about the shoes collection.it's great post .but your Discounted Shoes Uk collection is great.


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