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Can't believe postage so $$$ to overseas!


Today I went to send off my swap parcels at the post office. Imagine my shock when the lady told me it's RM120++ total for air mail parcels. My jaw dropped in disbelief. I asked her again is it really that $$$$ to send 2 parcels? how heavy is it? Nearly 1kg for each parcel she said. The lady smiled and told me that it's that expensive unless I want to go by sea which is very cheaper @ rm30 for first 1kg. I asked how long would it reach? She said she can't confirm, 3 months? My jaw dropped again. I told her I can't wait that long (as I believe my swap should arrive within 3 weeks). The postage cost more than what I'm sending so I couldn't go through with it. I will have to reduce everything even the parcel box. Left the post office sad and dissapointed.


  1. now you know.

    it's actually a lot of work, sending all this things. at 1 kg, for 60 a piece, it's a bargain already, hahaha.

    if you were to send by freight, or even courier, it would have cost you in the region of 5 - 6 hundred, a piece.

    i am wondering how do they clear customs? going out should be no problem but going in? i know malaysian customs would have query..

  2. Jamie thinks this one is meant for me to tell me when I send something to spend the extra money so it doesn't take over 3 month to get there...... Or she is telling me she doesn't want to swap it is too much money....
    Every time you turn around they want to charge you more money for less services. Making it easier to just pay and not think about it thinking about it only makes one more crazy-er, mad-er and any other -er you want to add

  3. I have no idea how much it cost to send oversea as never try before. that is why I prefer domestic only cheaper. since my another contest going have contest. I plan only for local as pokai send out.


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