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Chanel Warehouse Sales Fri & Sat, UBN


Confirmed there is a Chanel Warehouse Sales at UBN Building 25th Floor, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur (beside Shangrila Hotel). I was there 10minutes before 5pm and left at 5.10pm. No time to scout sob sob, have to beat the jam, K.L roads are crazily jammed! it took me nearly 2 hours to get home sigh. It's 6.47pm now.

WORTH THE GO! Mostly from Rm25-RM85 Lipsticks/palletes. There's eye shadows, mascara, nail polish etc from rm20! (but do check out for manufacturing dates as I've check a few out and it's manufactured in 2005, 2006 and a few good ones 2007). Price list below:

Lipstick Chanel Rouge Allure (latest range!) rm30 only! good buy!! 2007 :D
Lipstick Hydrabase rm25!
Lipshine SPF 15 rm25
Lip Liner rm20
4 Camelias De Chanel Levres-Lips Roses RM60
Chanel Rouge Allure Set Trio Allure 2007 rm85
Mascara rm30
waterproof eyeliner rm25
Nail Polish rm20
Eye shadows rm25-30

-Compact powder rm45 (n/p rm148)

2-way foundation cake
-white essentials rm60
-teintcontrol extreme rm55
-double perfection rm55

creme compact
-vitalumiere compact rm45
-vitalumiere regill r,35

Fluid Foundations
-Vitalumiere rm45
-pro lumiere rm45
-blanc essential rm45
-teint innocence rm45
-double perfection rm40
-fluid unirescue rm40

- irreelle blush rm45
-joues contrast rm40

-vitaluimiere rm45
-estompe rm25
-eclat rm25

-Allure Sensuele (men/women)
15ml rm220
7.5ml rm145

-Coco Mademoiselle
lotion 150ml rm60
body cream 150g rm80
coco perfume 7.5ml - rm115

shower foam 140g rm60
shimmering body lotion 100ml rm50
shimmering touch 15ml rm55

spray refill 7.5ml rm90
rechargeable spray 7.5ml rm140

bath oil 400ml rm85
body lotion 250ml rm45
sheer moisture mist 200ml rm80
vaporizer 7.5ml rm140
spray refill 15ml rm130

(check price list in picture)

my buys

4 Camelias De Chanel Levres-Lips Roses RM60
Chanel Rouge Allure Set Trio Allure 2007 rm85

saturday's shopping list

the rm85 lipstick set colors

the mirror that comes along with the set

allure latest chanel range

Rogue Allure Lipsticks RM30

the limited edition rose pallete rm60

Nail Polish RM20 each

lip glosses rm25 each


  1. Hey Miu.. tks for sharing the info & the pics for shoppingNsales.com

    Appreciate it!
    :) SNS

  2. Hey!!! Can you get i tumpang u to get blusher and lip gloss??

  3. miu,
    lots of warehouse sales upcoming
    there's (good for Xmas presents)

    Warehouse sale by Axxel Marketing

    RSH Warehouse Sale

    Guardian Warehouse Sale

    Complimentary Makeover From Stila

    Hope you enjoy all sales :)

  4. oh my god..so many warehouse..gona pokai..anyway miu, no need to get for me di. I jst remember i jst got the clarin's lipgloss la..also havent use..now i somemore gona get the laura mercier one
    sighh..so pokai..

  5. which chanel perfumes on sale ?

  6. sorry ah mel i didn't get their names down as i was there for just 10mins then had to rush off.

    They have more than 4 range of perfumes there from below rm100 to above slightly.

  7. sns: np! ur site the best!!!

    squirelicious: yah girl u got lotsa products there (me also pokai with capital P)

    trail: woah thanks.. i notice u post up stila free makeover! i love stila n i am their member also hahaa. Will check ur blog fore sales info!

  8. age delay cream? use already can reduce our age ah? like that i also wan ohh.

    how about the all time best seller chanel no 5? no offer kah? any chanel edt for men or not? nvr tried chanel b4, dun mind to gv it a shot.

  9. reduce age look only, but won reduce ur age hehe..

    well this all woman lah.. no see for men..

    yeah if i am not wrong i saw chanel no.5. square yellow bottle..

    but i may be wrong.. but it looks the same.. sorry i not chanel perfume user haha..

  10. Thanks for sharing. At such prices, it's seriously a steal! I'm SO tempted to blow off my other appointments tomorrow and head down there, alas.....Sigh. Guess I just have no fate with warehouse sales or bargains what-so-ever. *Sobs sobs*

  11. Jamie could use a ton of the AGE DELAY creams forget about looking younger It is the looking older that I want although I would hate to look like I was one age the rest of my life...... Sounds like you get a lot of great deals there maybe you should teach Hurley all the shopping tricks of the trade so he could become a personal shopper for some rich old woman!

  12. miu anything to let go???
    i love the flower lip pallete
    my mail spicygirl_lly@msn.com

  13. miu,
    the fragrance 15ml and 7.5 ml only ..none 50 ml or 100 ml?

  14. that's whats left today :(

    small small perfumes that cost a bomb.. wow.. haha

    rest big big packaging is lotions, shower gels.. body cream :(

  15. This is the first time i attended a Chanel w/s. I was anticipating long queues and lotsa pushing which puts the frequent gym training into good use...alas... i was so flabbergasted that it was the opposite..big time...i even take my time to get consultation from those friendly and knowledgable staffs...

    All in all I was so happy with my purchase...being a chanel user myself... i bought 1 year supply of them :) the real price tag? RM500.

    But i do see the manufacturing date in 2005 and i bought few item with that tag.. guess will finish it once opened.

    Here are my purchases;

    Travel kit whitening set (for my mum) -->RM95
    T-zone mattifier --> RM30
    Oil based whitening cleanser Precision --> RM35
    Precision anti-fatigue mask -->RM45
    Age delay precision lotion --> RM70
    vitalumierre press powder --> RM45x3=RM165
    Double perfection cream based foundation --> RM45

    I must say that I look like a cat's gotten cream when i left...filled with goodies I never thought paying...

    Congrats to Chanel for having a 'genuine' warehouse sale..I said that in terms of their product selections and crowd management. Their offerings are a myriad of useful and essential products at good price that we buy as per advise from the sales person...which is not frequently the case for other ws that I experienced.

    Keep the ws info updated...

    p/s - I'm a guy who thinks make up and skin care are Einstein-like invention.

  16. That was a good buy, u are so lucky

  17. wow dlareg, good 4 u! a year's supply only rm500! most of us would agree it cost us more than that to get a few month's supply lol..

    that's what I love about warehouse sales, we save so much for the same things we buy from the counters/retail. Some may say "I don't use warehouse sales item". I say "HELLO isn't it the same thing that's sold on counters? they all come from the same place!"

    jamie: age delay cream? maybe it'll make u look 10 years younger! u know women stayed so long for a reason..lol

  18. miu, i miss this sale...so sad...
    b4 this, looking for makeup warehouse, but yg nie xtahu pun..

    nkbuat for hantaran this coming october..

    anyone can share info, which products is good+better..

    estee lauder, Givenchy?chanel so expensive,

  19. wow :( u missed channel w.sales..

    it's really a good buy.. if u buy carefully 2007 manufactured stocks..

    others 2005/06 i didn't really want to buy (Especially for powder products..duwan my face grow fungus later)

    judging by the warehouse xplosion this year.. i think more will come out soon lah u wait for it? if can't wait, then i suggest go to shoppin center with big huge sales + coupon rebates etc buy.

    Which one good? actually all also boleh tahan, just preference and suitable or not for their skin.

  20. wah!!! Sooooo cheap! OMG!!! Sigh! If only I was in Malaysia .. memang I gi serbu! hehe! Absolutely fantabulous bargains! Sigh!

  21. Heyya Miu!

    I heard from Tubs you got into abit of a pickle with Chanel for blogging about their warehouse sale.. izzit true?? :O

  22. hey, if chanel don't like it, they should write to you and ask you to remove it.

    probably they don't like people to use their products, may be you guys should reconsider to place your loyalty elsewhere. i know i would if they don't like me as their customers. :P

    but as what you posted were the truth, shouldn't be a big issue. they have to inform you to remove it officially if they don't like it.

  23. miu.. heard about the chanel letter thingy.. just wondering.. how r they going to address the letter 2u? do they have ur mailing address? they got thru your credit card or wat? usually,from wat i know la,like wats happening in the US, most of the retailers only issue the banning letter to people whom they suspect are resellers.. i think they shud do that also in malaysia.. ban resellers and not people like you,who infact helped to promote their sales.. save them $$ for advertising rite?? tis is dee btw :)

  24. e-mail i heard haha

    i think they had something to hide that's why they're upset. Some warehouse sales i go to said no taking pictures bcoz they're unlicensed warehouse sales. That gave me an idea why they don't let ppl take pics.

  25. Unlicensed? Means the product is.... genuine or not?


  26. oh.. meaning they have no permission from the authorities to have a warehouse sale/sale.

  27. hello just wondering are you selling any of your products that you find that its not to your liking? im actually looking for this cristalle lip gloss in #24 creme glacee colour ): and other stuff (: do you have a sale blog of your stuff? thanks!
    please kindly reply to vermicelles@gmail.com


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