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My name is Tammy and I've been blogging for over 8 years now. I started blogging because I wanted to share my beauty hauls and lifestyle experiences. I'm also a pro-consumer, which is probably the fire in my life.

This blog is now happily written by the cutest couple you've ever seen. Gareth's Irish while I'm Malaysian. We met in the most unexpected way possible and since then have been in a loving relationship. He loves to eat, drink and try new exciting things (even extreme sports) while I love the quieter things in life, like spas, massages, shopping and beauty! But we have something in common, we both love travelling.
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Clarins Beauty Fair Reported!


the battle begins at 10am
(sorry i took pic at 11am coz war)

you've 2 pardon my hp camera
it's very sensitive to movements & d place is pack!

this is where all the stocks are place
(submit order form, take number, wait for number, pay)

this is the place i waited for my number 2 be called

your battle is over here
don't forget credit card is only for rm200 above

Women from all walks of life gather this Friday morning for the battle of skin care goods at Concorde Hotel, Kuala Lumpur (next to Lot 10). I was there at 10am & already a battalion of fighters were formed inside at specific battle areas. Blood was shed on the Cash Table instead where products of limited and individual ranges were sold fast for CASH ONLY. Thank God I manage to grab my 2 last Countour Body Shower Gel by squezing and calling out "SHOWER GEL SHOWGERL?????" to the sales lady. She shouted back:


I shouted "I'LL TAKE BOTH!!!"

cash only table
a range of face, body & cosmetic at this area!

Cash Only Table
Right after you go in, on your right is a special corner just for cash only products. The range of products here is extensive and might not be available at other tables in this sale. Thus it is important you spot check this place first. When you found your items, quickly ask the sales lady for the stock. She'll give you a number (and put a tag on your items like a bag depositing counter). Your stock will still be there with your number so go ahead n do more shopping. Other counters are going by order forms, so whoever pay first gets first. Products will not be hold for u.


{miu is sorting out the pictures and editing them as she blogs!}

pregnancy kit rm200 (n/p rm295)
(lotsa people buy i also bought)

apparently another similar "kit" rm200
(but no stretch mark cream just big bottle of oil)

Cleansing Bag RM100
Cleansing Duo N/D RM100
Cleansing Duo C/O RM100
(note that the one with bag also cost rm100 +extra freebies)

Twice More Shape RM210
(I share this with Brenda so it's rm105 each)

Eye Care/Wrinkle Care/Soothing Gel

whitening detoxifying kit rm55

super restorative redefining body care rm150

Gentle Facial Peeling RM80
Normalizing Facial Mask RM30

face oil rm100
available in dry skin or dehydrated

Energizing Morning Cream RM120

Relaxing Body Polisher RM80

empty compact hydra balance powder rm10

Brush Set RM60

Cosmetic Table
(refer to pricelist)

Cosmetic Table
(refer to pricelist)

The Case RM80

Pink Beauty Colours RM70
Trio Lip Colour Tint RM110

Instant Light Coffret RM100

Instant Light Set RM120

Mini Colour Quench Lip Balm Set RM60

Yellow Beauty Set RM60

Make Up Set RM180

sparking pencil rm40

All the make best buy sets/pallete
Make Up Pallete RM140 (top left)
Make Up Set RM180 (bottom left)
Instant Light Coffret RM100 (top right)
Mini Colour Quench Lip Balm Set RM60 (bottom right)

The Best Buy Set Table
(almost habis!)

Xmas Coffret RM200
(actually why is this rm200? i bought the same thing last year at clarins institute for rm220/250. Normal price rm308? cheat people? marketing gimmick?)


men's set RM120

men foaming face wash rm50

men's starter kit rm30

men's skin booster set rm150

skincare & best buy set section

ultra matte re balancing lotion rm60

eye favorite set rm120

hydra care starter kit rm90
(sorry not rm100! lol)

whitening night cream rm50

ep mist rm70
one step gentle exfoliating cleanser rm60
moisture lip balm rm30

total double serum rm100

double serum G6 set rm300

beauty flash balm rm70

white plus must have rm180

skin care set rm90 (+lip gloss)

supra set rm320

white pus essentials rm200

extra firming eye duo rm150

one step cleanser rm60
ultra firming cleanser rm50

truly matte kit rm190

ET Deodorant Spray rm25

multi mass rm90

beauty boosters set rm70

X'mas Coffret Set rm200

toning at home spa kit rm80

Par Amour Xmas Coffret rm100

par amour coffret rm80

par amour moisturizing body veil rm40

par amour 50ml rm70

Par Amour Toujours 30ml twinpack rm70

Par Amour Toujours X'mas Coffret Set rm80

PAT's shower gel rm30
PAT's real heart bath & shower cream rm30

par amour toujours 30ml rm40

white plus set rm300

body & face care set rm210

skin care set rm70

relaxing set rm80

skincare set rm420

satin finish body oil rm70

Beauty flash balm + eye revive rm70

The Price List

Clarins Beauty Fair 2008
clarinsmen lip guard rm20
clarinsmen skin difference rm100
clarinsmen active face scrub rm50
clarinsmen active face wash rm50
clarinsmen smooth shave foaming gel rm35
clarinsmen total shampoo hair & body rm40
clarinsmen shave ease rm60

clarinsmen best buy sets
skin booster kit rm150
starter kit 30
men set rm120

sun care
sun wrinkle control cream v/h protection spf30 rm 35
sun wrinkle control eye care u/protection spf30 rm35
after sun gel ultra soothing rm35

body care
stretch mark control care rm90
whitening purifying body mist rm70
multi mass (massager?) rm90
energizing hydra wear express body lotion rm60
ed collection limited edition rm80
ed shower mouse rm30
et deodorant spray rm25

body care best buy sets
tonic weekend purse rm90
body care xmas coffret rm200
toning at home spa kit rm80
pregnancy purse rm200

skin care
ultra foaming cleanser rm50
moisture rep lip balm rm30
eye revive beauty flash rm70
wp hp protective whitening day lotion spf 20 pa++ rm120
ultra matte rebalancing lotion rm60
e3p screen mist rm70
one step gentle exfoliating cleanser rm60
whitening night cream rm50
beauty flash balm rm70
blemish control rm35
thist quenching serum rm60
total double serum rm100

skin care best buy sets
white plus essentials rm200
line prevention partners rm230
double serum g6 set rm300
truly matte kit rm190
twice more shaped rm210
hydra care starter kit rm90
twice more shaped rm210
eye favourite set rm120
cleansing bag rm100
ultra cleanser set rm130
cleasing duo n/d rm100
cleansing duo c/o rm100
white plus must have rm180
extra firming eye duo rm150
whitening detoxifying set rm55
supra set rm320

par amor (perfume)
par amour toujours 30ml rm40
par amour toujours 30ml twin pack rm70
par amour toujours 50ml rm60
par amour 50ml rm70
par amour coffret rm80
par amour xmas coffret rm100
par amour toujours xmas coffret rm80
par amour toujours all rosy hair & body shower gel rm30
par amour elixir moisturizing body beil rm40
par amour real heart bath & shower cream rm30

make up best buy sets/pallete
Make up set rm180
instant light set rm120
fairy tale for face rm50
the case rm80
fairy tale for eyes rm50
sparkling pencil rm40
fairy tales for lips - copper rm50
fairy tales for lips - pink rm 50
the gloss rm45
pink beauty colours rm70
yellow beauty colours rm70
mini colour quench lip balm set rm60
trip lip colour tint rm110
make up palette rm140
instant light cofferet rm100

make up
brush purse rm60
hydra balance powder fdt empty case rm10
powder blush rm50
waterproof eye liner pencil rm15
eye liner pencil rm15
soft cream eye colour rm10
le rouge lipstick rm25
true radiance foundation rm60
pure curl mascara 25
mono eye colour (tester) rm10
eye colour quartet 40 rm70
retractable lip definer rm20
colour qunech lip balm rm30
colour lip gloss rm20
hydra care powder foundation refill rm20
true comfort foundation rm60
UV Plus Total Fit Pow Fdt Refill only rm50
UV plus total fit pow fdt (tester) rm30
multi brush rm30
wonder volume mascara rm25
wonder length mascara rm25
eye colour quartet rm70
lip colour tint rm40
lip colour tint (Tester) rm30



How's the Crowd?
A lot of people by lunch time, morning still tolerable. But a lot of things gone liao before lunch time. They give u a product order form (which is also a price list!) you need to select the product and write how many quantity on it. Keep the form until paying counter, where the Sales Assistant will go take your selected products from their stock place (just behind them) and put them all in a box. You'll be given a number, which they will call out when it's time to pay. You may sit at the waiting area (got chairs). Credit card above rm200 only.

BEWARE! even if u arrive first, manage to order those limited products but by the time u go n pay IT MIGHT BE OUT OF STOCK. It’s WHOEVER PAY FIRTS GET FIRST, don’t take too long to pay for your orders or ur products will bye bye.

Cheap or not? well better than buying full price at clarins institutes and counters. Mostly 20-50% off. Sets are like cheaper by rm100 or more. Sets also going off fast as this is the first thing people grab (cute? like pregnancy kit) Skin Care starter sets are popular too. Bad news no member points given ok! But if you spend rm400 above you get a pack of freebies!! (random trial size products)

MANUFACTURING DATES? I'm quite shock Clarins is selling products as old as from 2005 (and not even that cheap). Don't anybody know that the shelf life of cosmetics/skincare is 30 months? It gets shorter if the products are plant based or natural. Check out FDA on Shelf Life and Expiration Date.

Perfume? i did not buy, i would advise not to, as manufacturing dates are from 2005/2006. EDT don’t last that long, if u buy 3-4 years old i cannot guarantee how long your fragrance will last. The sales girl told me perfume can last 5 years (so your perfumes are already 3-4 years old hello).

My buys:
Pregnancy Kit (no i am not pregnant!) manufactured date (06)
2 x Contour Shower Gel 200ml RM40 each! (05/07)
Face Lifting X 1 - rm105 manufactured (07) yes!

my lovely shower gel

bought wrong kit!
i thought i bought the one wih the massage oil
(got the one with strech mark control instead)

the freebies!
(random pack with 4 freebies inside given for purchases above rm400)


  1. i hope you are not like pak lah, like, "no you are not pregnant" and then tomorrow give birth!!

    if you are not pregnant, why buy the pregnancy test kit? must ask boi2 not to be so careless!!!

    so, the shower gel cheaper than your normal purchase price lah? good for you.

  2. haha well the pregnancy set has:

    body scrub with bamboo powder 200ml
    stretch mark control 200ml
    (both cost under rm200 each on retail)

    and travel size:
    huile 'tonic' body treament oil
    energizing emulsion
    beauty flash balm

    packaging is a nice grab bag with cute rabbit soft toy!

    i was tellin this girl i chatted with that it's call pregnancy kit bcoz they can't name it "Fat Girl" kit (or Fei Poh Set)right! haha

    AND YES i got the LAST TWO CONTOUR Shower Gel ! MUAHAH 1/2 price each!! (that's like after they open for sale already so many ppl grab! last 2 i get..phew)

  3. hi miu! My frend help me to get this purifying whitening body mist, the bottle underneath will write the manufacture's date rite?? mine is E10202..aiyoo means yr 02?? wahh still can use or not?? :( *wanan cry di*

  4. OHH no no that one not manufacturing date. If u check the bottom/side/somewhere there is a sticker label that says:

    diimport dan diedarkan oleh blablabla tel bla bla

    MFG: Sept 06 <-- that's the one.

  5. Oh is outside the box!! hahah is oct 06. phewww...thank god..

    I bought the multi blusher hor..no dates one...in plastic cover one...tat one on the surface got tiny tiny drops of oil wor. Can still use??

    And i also bought the clear lip gloss. aiyo duno can use not..now i so scared. :|

  6. haha lucky ah u! if 02, i ask u burry ur thing liao.

    multi blusher no date ah ? :( oil will suface after a long period of storage. Still can use, but i hope ur skin not sensitive type.

    these cosmetics can last very long if "untouch" and store properly. Once u use, last few months only (bcoz contaminated with air n germs). For old stocks, maybe u need to worry about the quality, how lasting it is.. after apply, and if u have sensitive skin better dun use.

  7. Miu, thanks ya!! jst now lucky u teach me how to see the date.. or else tat one already in the tong sampah di. aiyoo..thank god. i tot my rm70 burned!! haha

    Ok...now my heart "relax" di. :) thanks.

  8. but don't buy products that is manufactured for 2-3years without caution yeah. No safe u know.

  9. Miu,

    wow lots of pics!

    the staffs there didnt want us to take pictures coz afraid we got proof about their sales gimmick, like so called original price 308 but actually 220, n it seems thats a huge discounts they are OFFERING to us!



  10. wah MEL u very familiar about FOMCA?

    ish.. i live so long in msia i duno what is fomca.. ok la i know through school books only haha. Wait, u complain before is it? I have lotsa complains also about other warehouse sales products also!!

    err... R U FROM FOMCA u sound like HERO now!!

  11. hi Miu!! the link FDA on shelf life..mascara use for 3 mths can discard??!! Somemore i seldom use mascara worr, 3 mths very fast leh.

    Oh...i wanted my frend to get me hand and nail treatment from clarins. Do u see them there??

    Do check out my online shopping blog,having SALES now.http://doroshi-onlinecloset.blogspot.com

  12. haha it's a guideline nia..

    if u store n use properly can delay a bit. They worry germs grow u know.. coz we r full of germs (HAHAH)

    hand and nail treatment no see leh.. either all finish grab at Cash Table? I went in at 10am already few things gone (like shower gel left 2 only)

    wah ur sales i saw, nice the miss sixty mini skirt. U bought from today at armada??

  13. no la...i bought it in london long time ago..and i seldom wear tat mini skirt..so is very new..so am selling it lo. :)

    Did u grab anything from miss sixty?? I didnt even hear the news abt this sigh. :( guess i miss tis one.

  14. i avoid hush puppies sale, too many people and usually what i want can't find n no size.

    this thing old fashion/stock i dun really buy..

    but cosmetics/perfume, not like people know which season it is n some smells are classic.

  15. Whoa, what an exhaustive list! Thank you!

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