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FujiFilms Amazing Service


Referring to my complaint on 60cents per piece? Bah Humbug which I also e-mailed to FujiFilm on the 6th September, 2008. I didn't expect such a prompt reply from FujiFilm that fast! Ms. Tina called me this morning and I was caught off guard. I mailed them on Saturday and Monday morning they're already investigating my inquiry on that "shop".

Here is my e-mail inquiry to them:

To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to know if JC Daniey Photo Centre is a FDI concept store for Fuji Film?

Under your FDI terms and conditions, it states that the shop are to use 100% fujifilm paper and chemicals from Fuji. Does this mean JC Daniey Photo Centre is to comply with this? or they are not a FDI concept store?

My complaint is that I went to this shop bearing Fuji Film brand & even the order envelope is bearing Fuji Film's brand n name. Upon collecting my photos, I am deeply dissapointed that the photos are not printed on Fuji Film photo paper and I doubt the ink/chemical used are from Fujifilm as well. Firstly, I receive my photos which was printed on bad quality/grade paper (not fuji film). The feel of the photo seem flaky and it was not glossy. They charged me 60cents per piece of 4R picture. For such, I would not have expected such bad quality photos to be given to me. I printed better quality photos at Amcorp Mall photo shops for less the price!

Kindly check if this shop is under Fuji Film?

Here is her reply after our telephone conversation:

Dear Ms XXXX

As spoken earlier, the shop you mentioned is not listed as Fujifilm Concept Shop in our records. We are investigating and will proceed with necessary action.

Regarding the 21 copies of 4R photos of poor quality, we will re-print the same quantity for you free of charge as a gesture of goodwill. Please visit our Fujifilm Retail Outlet at XXXXXXXXX and see Mr XXXX, XXXXX (Tel: XXXXXXXXXXX).
Thank you for highlighting this matter.

Tina XXX
Manager - Concept Shop

Amazing? yes. Fujifilm you've amazed me beyond what I expected.


  1. See good things happen to people who complain nicely! Since I have read most of your post of lately Jamie knows that you would have complained nicely not like a raving idiot! and some times you catch more with sugar then with shit!
    And it is good to know you are going to get what you originally went in for just too bad it will take a second trip!
    See complaining dose get you something!Besides feeling better!

  2. yes jamie is always right!

    maybe jamie should change blog description to

    Ask Jamie!

    :D thanks jamie.... of late u seem to be more YODA like.. then Jamie who post up frog pictures.

  3. hey, hey, i am jealous, how come only jamie get the credit when i encouraged you to write in to?

    no fair, don't want to fren you liao :P

    anyway, like i said, you try and stand up for your right, then only you will know whether it has fallen on deaf ear or action will taken, it is either/or and no harm trying, right?

    so, in the end, good people get good return, we complain without malice and we are justly rewarded, hahaha.

  4. haha uncle also right lah!!!

    wow must name everyone now??

    better say thanks to hurley also.. before he emo!!!

    u guys the best! expect movies from me..

    (cept jamie who lives too far)

  5. next time, when want to say thanks, must prepare list, like the grammy or oscar winners lah.

    well, jamie can get e-tickets too, we scan it and let jamie see and then we go watch the movie on jamie's behalf. such good and considerate friends, we are, right?

  6. you did the right thing girl. we must also voice our concern to the authority and mustn't let those ppl that advantages of us, the consumer. way to go!


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