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the Hottie & the Nottie


I watched "the Hottie & the Nottie" last night (but actually I've already seen it months ago and watching it again). It's a romance comedy film about a man trying to find a match for the ugly bestfriend of the hotbabe in order to date her (as in Paris Hilton). It's really an entertaining show with laughs here & there. For one thing, Paris Hilton sure is HOT in this movie and she's GOOD. Yes I admit, I like Paris Hilton's acting. Take a sneak peak at the hot babe below:

Paris Hilton as the Hottie.

the Hottie & the Nottie

Yes go watch it. It's hilariously funny especially how they make the Nottie so really not the girl you want to be with. But as you know these types of film has a happy ending for the ugly duckling. 4 Stars in my books.


  1. actually, i think paris hilton is smarter than we give her credit for. it is just that she knows she is rich and she just had to rub it in. i guess, with money, one can do that but one doesn't have to do that. or may be it's just us, malaysians..

  2. i do agree, she may be dumb on "simple life" appear to do stupid stunts for news and attention. Home Video Scandal and such..

    but this girl knows how to make money out of that!!

    news = popular = more money = more poular??

    she's already rich to begin with.. sigh

  3. Jamie still thinks shes ditsy but in Holly Weird any publicity is good! And if you haven't made a sex tape you need too have one leaked! In the simple life it was funny because they put them into a situation they had no idea about but they knew the more over the top the better! And for the movie thank the writers for making her look good err maybe I should say sound good and for her publicist for picking her things that make it seem like she has half a brain!


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