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KFC nasi lemak? u must b joking...


Just saw this promo! I don't know how 'good' this is going to be..kfc comes up with weird burgers and dishes some are quite scary to eat. However Nasi Lemak Wrap is so weird but I'm goin to try! Just go to kfc, enter your details and a voucher will be given.

the e-coupon looks like this:



  1. it's RM 1 discount, not RM1++. =.="

  2. so untung meh? it's not like KFC is on clearance sales. =P

  3. Jamie wonders WTF as in WTF is that combo for WTF would that tast like WTF did some white guy from the USA and said they eat this kinda foods here right well throw them on a wrap and see if anyone buys it!
    but WTF is KFC doing?????

  4. This is must be another one of those money raking food by KFC.

  5. lol Jamie that's KFC in Msia introducing a Nasi Lemak Wrap. A local food that consist of coconut rice, anchovies, cucumber, peanuts, and the all popular sambal (chilli paste thingy that's spicy n hot) eaten with chicken and anything else.

    So what kfc do is take that, put it in a wrap with kfc popcorn chicken. I doubt it taste good.. only their chicken is good.

    WTF is the word! LOL


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