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My Merdeka Party 31.08.08


Our Merdeka Party
(thanks 2 jasmine for the pictures)

Hi I know you all have been waiting for pictures of the party, but I was not at the party to take pictures so these pictures from Jasmine's handphone will do to serve what happened. It looks pretty cool and I can see they're enjoying themselves despite the host & game master not being there. You may click on the picture for a larger version but I've re size them as the pictures has a very low pixel count. I did however manage to snap a before and after pictures of the party. See below:

the merdeka party

Jasmine's brilliant balloon idea

didn't know my party hats would be a great decor

merdeka flags decorated the ceiling

cheryl really has a knack for making the place up :)

look at that! thanks girls!

wow isn't this a sight?

the pot luck merdeka food!
(nearly gone when I reached)


the surprise belated birthday at 2am

(I was around for this!)

I hope my pictures is enough to tell you how happy everyone is at the party especially during the 2am surprise birthday celebration where everyone continue pigging out until 7am *lol*. It's a pity I could not be at the merdeka party celebration during the day, as an unfortunate turn of event prevented me & the game master @ Olina from being there (thus the lack of pictures). By now you should have a idea that the games did not happened and prizes were not given out. The merdeka face painting contest was also scrapped off. However everyone is a winner at this party as there was plenty of card games, food, vodka and cake to last us until morning.

******the morning after******
(can't believe everyone could wake up at 11am)

(my group)

(group Z)

***group Olina***
(her group went back early like 4am)

group pic!


Despite everyone trying to have fun, group 3 (Olina's group) went back real early. No thank yous or goodbyes heard from them except birthday girl Olina.Wonder what we did to make them hate us? Everyone seems to have a lot of fun! Goodbye Genting View Resort, you made our party a blast! (darn I forgot to take pictures of the place, I was so busy sob sob)


  1. Even though you posted this "hope that stops jamie from replyin"
    I am still going to say wow you a vodka drinker tisk tisk thats not good for you only in large amounts! now that looks like a you had a good and fun time throwing the birthday party with all the fun activity's and making things fun with plenty of party games!
    And too bad about the other group ditching you did at least after the fact at least acknowledge you or give a thank you, or did they believe they were doing you a favor and you didn't thank them!
    Jasmine did a nice job with the photos just don't put any pets in harms way with her around!

  2. lol!! don't put any pets lol...

    Yeah it's fun although i was lost 2 1/2 hours on the road with Olina (game master). Jasmine did a great job decorating the place up (cheryl too). Thanks to Kevin n my bro for blowing the baloons up.

    the other group, yea i kinda feel that what u said. They got to sat first row in front of the Magic Tiger show, didn't bring any food up for the pot luck (I had to buy for them KFC 1 barrel from Genting instead). Can u imagine 5 people shared to give 21 pieces of chicken to the pot luck party? it's like a person brough 4 chicken drunkstick to the party for pot luck.

  3. I just receive a sms from Olina saying

    "we want to thank you for the party"

    does that count? (after 3 days)


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