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Painted Skin Preview 24/09/08


I watched Painted Skin preview (directed by Gordan Chan) at GSC 1utama last Wed. I love how Zhou Xun portrays Xiao Wei, a fox spirit in human form who falls in love with Commander Wang Sheng (Chen Kun) and is determined to make him fall in love with her and become his wife. Unfortunaltey Commander Wang Sheng already has a wife, Pei Rong (Zhao Wei) and even worst, Xiao Wei needs a daily supply of human heart to remain in human form (thus u see many deaths suddenly when Commander Wang Sheng brings back Xiao Wei to his town to stay)

foxy lady a.k.a Zhou Xun

Zhao Wei a.k.a Pei Rong

donnie yen a.k.a depressed x-bf

Eventually jealous wife Pei Rong got suspicious of Xiao Wei and plea Pang Rong (Donnie Yen) who'se probably her ex-boyfriend to expose the demon fox's diguise. Pang Rong who obviously exiled himself because of Pei Rong, is still holding feelings for her and thus agree to help her out with the help of "demon buster "Xia Bing (Sun Li) <-- darn funny character. The movie is about L.O.V.E and not about monsters. So don't expect a horror movie here ok! To the weak hearted, you might cry like me as the story builds up to a halting tension of Zhao Wei switching places with the fox-demon in order to protect her useless husband. The funny antics of Donnie Yen & "ghost buster" will throw you off your chair. Strangely, I was also caught in by the fox-lady's charm as with all the men in the movie. She's really something.

I like my brother's wife

I have wet dreams

i think you're a demon fox..

I will snatch your husband

pest control at your service

Want to eat human heart? call love delivery service 24/7.

Watch this if you like any of the stars above and if you have a penchant for olden days kungfu-demon stories. 4 Stars in my chinese movie books!


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