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Things that I will blog about real soon:


  1. my Bangkok trip day 2! sorry sorry.. T_T
  2. my Garage Sales as I don't know how to do it T_T
  3. more movie preview!
sorry girls (and guys) been very caught up with moving into my new condo and thinking how to overcome the defects and renovations of the place that's giving me and my bf a headache until he nose bleed. Think twice if you're thinking about Hartamas Regency II condo, don't get nose bleed.

Updates to my condo problems:
  • floors tiles are loose and coming out! and we had a customized table on top of it! how do we fix tiles without breaking down the table? (also there's a slight chance floor tiles are out of stock also!)
  • management couldn't care less about the defective bathtub. It's a big problem as how are they going to bring in a new tub without breaking down the small bathroom?
  • our bathroom tiles are "out of stock" and I don't know what the developer will do now.
  • our bathroom wall tiles are also hollow! u can play music on the walls.
  • the condo lights has mood swings - on off by itself. Complained to the management and all they can say is, it's our problem. We buy and replace ourselves. Initially they said its the bulb problem, so we went and buy bulbs. Still same problem. They now said it's the thing inside that needs to be replace. Imagine that we move in August and the lights seems to be 100 years old?
  • stupid master bedroom with weird shapes, we have no idea how to design this room which has a wall jutting out from nowhere and 8 windows!


  1. engage me to be your ID lor, sure can design nice nice for you one.

    if you are going to change the floor tile, like totally, let me know, i get my friend to do it for you, if not get cheaper also at least can get some sort of warranty, friend mah, if he screwed up, i will screw him lah, hehehe.

  2. hah uncle r u a ID person?!

    thanks for the referral but the tiles still under warranty or something. The management/developer is coming to fix it. It's their duty I think? well.. how can they sell a unit with flooring like this!? can't believe it.

  3. Jamie thinks a good area rug dose wonders to hide it away so your not pissed off all the time hang one on the wall if it offends you the ceiling everywhere it would be like having your own padded cell!
    seriously I wish you luck and keep right after them either they will start to get things done your way or ignore you but some times the squeaky wheel that gets the grease! Good luck and if I am looking for a place there I will remember!

  4. hi miu...sorry to hear about your house problems...

    problem 1...solution..ask the management to replace all coz you are still under the defect liability period...jot down every call ...meeting , name of the person you talk to when you want to ask then to repair...they will give you the run around...be firm and strict...tell them if they dont rectify you will bring this matter to housing tribunal...hope that will make them scare.

    problem 2

    ask them for an alternative to the out of stock tiles....you should not accept an excuse of the "tiles being out of stock" they must give alternative,

    problem 3

    hollow bathroom tiles....this means that it was not laid properly....not enought cement used when it is laid...big problem in the future...tiles will crack or start to shift by it self...

    since they did shoddy work with the bathtub and tiles ask them to re do.

    problem 4...

    lighting problem...it might be the wiring of the house...ITS NOT THE BLUB....ask the person who install the lighting to verify...

    try to have a walk through of all the defects with a manager...or someone of higher authority...

    problem 5..master bedroom...

    i think most of condos in mont kiara all have funny or odd lay out...e-mail me your lay out then i can make some suggestions....dont worry.. foc..for my advice

    lastly if all else fails...conplain with housing tribunal or to media...condo in mont kiara...exclusive area...so quality must be there...

    hope that helps....keep me updated on the progress

  5. jamie: wish u were here .. i'll hire u!!

    tubby: omg thanks for the advice! i've been complaining since March, 08 when we got the keys. They took 5 months to do the initial defects complained. When we move in some defects still there! omg..wtf.. @##$$

    i really appreciate your advice (As you're in this field of work) i'd better get down to jotting everything that happened down + reports, who come who fix who said this that.

    Lights - the person in charge sent the light person who came n said it's the bulb n it's our own problem they won't change bulb. So we bought bulbs n change it. SAME PROBLEM! now the light guy say it's the CHOKER problem. OMG, they tried change chocker n still same!

    tiles hollow - i didn't know the severity of this until my study room tiles can play goyang goyang disco on it! seriously tubby, can ask them re-do whole bathroom is it? bcoz all they're thinking now is plaster the tub, retile the ones that's broken/hollow. But tiles out of stock so they say after raya only discuss.

    kepala pening ni.. i hate this developer so much now!

    the layout is so weird, i've gone over my head to think how to furnish it. Yesterday went to ikea to buy wardrobe already. :( hey u realli ok with givin advice on my floor plan? hopefully the floor plan not to different from my condo coz i found some "places" not in the floor plan (e.g wall jutting out suddenly)


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