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Beauty Swap Review 2 - Vons


this time I'm reviewing Von's Samples! winks

100% pure Chocolate Mocha Shower Gel

I can't show u my body! arm will do?

I've been itching to try Von's 100% pure Chocolate Mocha Shower Gel! so I did today just right before going to Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant for dinner. I'm really clumsy with opening sachets so when I tear open this one, the chocolate mocha liquid gel spill all over me sob sob, lucky thing I was already in the shower so I lather up quickly! IT'S SO HEAVENLY! REALLY 100% PURE CHOCOLATE MOCHA. I felt as if I'm bathing in chocolate mocha essence rather than a shower gel! gosh it was PURE PAMPERING. GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT? (better not!) it did not lathered up much which I expected from a 100% pure natural & organic product.

sob sob nothing to see here, come after 10 days

After cleansing my face, I used the Estee Lauder's Pore Minimizing sample which is kinda hazy gel that's easy, not oily & suprisingly moisturizing. However I did not feel any effect with this product T_T *sob sob*. Probably because pores are not minimize overnight like magic. Need to use daily to see effects.

Out of the samples, you know what I love most! the 100% Pure Chocolate Mocha Shower Gel from www.100percentpure.com. It's heavenly, perfect for pampering yourself in the shower. OH and guess what I don't like chocolates, but having to shower with one, is pure bliss. Thank you Von!

Next reviews: Chris or Hanna's Samples?


  1. Hey dear...I like the 100% Chocolate Mocha too ;) It doesn't have SLS, that's why doesn't foam so much. Have you checked out their website? They have lots more other yummy flavors! Glad you love this! And thanks for your pose...;)

    As for the EL, yea, need to use for a while to see the effect...

  2. Haha me clumsy too~ last week I was so klutzy with the RMK make up base sample which Lilian gave me. I ended up wasted a huge squirt which was supposedly enough to be applied onto a whole face. =(

    Anyways, I hope u like "that gal" sample. I love it soooo much, I bought the full-size online. Too bad I also got "that gal" sample which came with my order, again. Chet!


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