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Crabtree & Evelyn Soap Spree!

I took advantage of the recent Crabtree & Evelyn member promotion & rebates and hauled back 42 bars of soap rm11 each/ 14 sets of soap for rm33 each set! I have:
  • Rosewater Soap in Cold Cream
  • Lavender Soap
  • Nantucket Briar Soap (powder smell good for unisex gifts)
  • Aloe Vera Triple Milled Soap Vitamin E
  • Goat's Milk Triple Milled Soap with Milk Proteins
  • La Source Moisturizing Soap with Shea Butter
  • Jojoba Oil Triple Milled Soap with Shea Butter (seashell shape)
As I have made a BIG soap spree purchase, anyone who wants to buy the soaps let me know! I bought as Christmas gifts - easy, simple, elegant gifts for aunties, uncles, families, company x'mas exchange, friends. I'm currently thinking whether soaps can be given as wedding favors? LOL??? oh well I got lotsa soaps enough to split up n share with anyone who's interested. We're talking about Crabtree & Evelyn soaps here! not Lux soaps or Palmolive! RM11 only, I'm just splitting up the spree if anybody interested!

Just drop me a mail at Pos Laju is rm6 only for WM (under 500grms).

P.S: u can mix & match the soaps np. I'm flexi as I can give any type as xmas gifts :) Crabtree & Evelyn selling 3 mix bars for rm60! (now u can have 3 mix for rm33 from my spree! muahhahahahahha! rebates r so cool!). Ask your friends/families if they want! You can't buy crabtree & evelyn soap for rm11 at store!

Update: Pictures+Description from Crabtree Online Shop for your reference.

(second pic 2 show seashell shape of the soap only)


  1. hei Miu,
    You know I want some of the soaps. How much are u selling them luvvie?

  2. after rebate each soap rm11 only!

    i not gaining anything from it, just sharing the big haul coz.. i bought lotsa soaps! (just to get GWP! muahaha).

    each soap rm11 only

  3. Dear, can I just ask whether you would consider doing COD for these soaps at 1U on Wednesday night?

  4. aiyak :( this wed i be goin to klcc...after work sob sob

    cod in klcc mau?

  5. # Rosewater Soap in Cold Cream
    # Rosewater Swiss Glycerin Soap
    # Lavender Soap
    # Lavender Swiss Glycerin Soap
    # Nantucket Briar Soap
    # La Source Soap

    dear Miu, can you please tell me the difference between the 2 reosewater ones, the 2 lavender ones, how does the la source one smell like? interested in these but must know the difference.

    i am interested to get some! can we COD during Benefit workshop?? how many is the max we/I can buy? since some are pressies?

    mind me asking how much is the retail price? is it RM 18.33 something like that?



  6. *i prefer payment first, then u can pickup whenever u wan (which means i can pass to u on workshop day).

    *found this c&e site that has pics of the soaps & explanation! :D very good place to check out:

    all description there about the soaps

    *retail price is rm20 for a bar of soap, if u buy the set is rm55, if u buy the mix set (3mixsoap) is rm60.

    *generally all the soaps can be use for any type skin the SA told me, but their speciality is rosewater good for dry/sensitive skin. Lavender normal.

    la source is their "spa range" the smell is not very strong, smell like beach/sea. good for dry skin coz got added shea butter.

  7. Erm I might be in KLCC on Wednesday, but only in the afternoon wor.

  8. i am working, only after 5pm i can go klcc. Thurs 1utama?

  9. received the soaps today...lovveee it so muchhh..the rose smell is heavenly..thanks for sharing the good haul miu :):)

  10. miu,

    still selling the soaps? tee hee...

  11. yah still got a lot, just drop me an email if u want.

    la source left 2
    nantucket left 1 set
    aloe vera left 2

    other types got enough to share.

  12. hi there. can i COD? i work nearby klcc. so anytime after work also i can collect at klcc if u happen to b there.

    still hav la source and nantucket?
    if have, let me know so i can transfer money to u. thanks

  13. hi sharon, still got la source 1 pcs & nantucket 1 set. Pls email me :)

  14. can i have ur email add? else, u email me ur details to , i'll transfer the money and let u know. then we can arrange COD =)

  15. miu2, u still hv lavender soaps??? me wan a set (3 bars)ade x??? thanks so much girl!!! ^_^

  16. Hi,

    Im interested in the Rosewater with Cold Cream, Jojoba oil and Goat milk.
    Email me at yea...


  17. Hi Miu,
    thanks alot for the efficiency, the soap smelled so good....even when i put in my drawer, it smelled even better filling the drawer with soothing effect!! thksss

  18. Dear Miu ,

    Hi just to let u know that I a big fan of MAKEUP STORE any brand , r u selling any product of it can u email to me if anythng good news , tks a lot .

    Tks & Rdgs

  19. Hi Miu,

    I got the package a day after u post it, so fast! And it smells so good (no kidding!) I left it in the car as I got to go somewhere else and the whole car smells rose everytime I open the door hahaha.

    My hubby loves the lavender though, he said the rose is a bit overwhelmed. But girls lovesssss roses!!! Hehehe.

    Anyway thanks for ur effort and kindness. Much appreaciated >:D<

  20. dear I got the soap today! love the smell


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