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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • FOTW: Freebies of the week


    One Utama Sales is back! pls check out the one card member's sale booklet from the customer service 1 card member counter. This month 1 card member can enjoy Aesop Hand Pampering Service & redeem Aesop trial sachets upon consultation. I pop over to Shu Uemura for the OneCard redemption of free 8ml bottle cleansing oil & cleansing oil demo startin 10th July onwards but guess what? the SA told me to come back next time. I had to ask her why then only she give me some answers. It seems the stocks has not arrive yet & they don't have a clue when it will be arriving. I asked if i could leave my name down for them to contact me when stocks has arrive. She quickly rejected me saying that I will have to come and ask whether stocks has arrive or not. OMG? stunned. So how many times should i keep goin there until stocks arrive?

    Cai Wing & I rushed to Shu Uemura b4 lunch 2 redeem
    (redeem nothing in the end =_=)

    Seriously, One Card members should complain to One Card about this. If they can't honoured their own promotion, don't bother advertising it. It's a waste of time & effort by One Card members to go there n find out the bad news. Even worst, to be shuuu away and told to come back n check whether stocks has arrive or not. BAD customer service. Did u not read what the Tourism Minister said last week in The Star newspaper?

    big thanks to Von 4 helping me get redeem this

    At least Stage & OPI had the decency to recognize customer efforts & take down a systematic redemption form list when they told Von that stocks has not arrived yet for the Her World 49th Anniversary promotion with some shops to give out freebies to 1st 49 customers. They actually ask Von to fill up the form and they will contact her to come collect when stocks has arrive.

    1st 49 Her World lucky readers to present coupon:
    • The Manhattan Fish Market - Fish & Chips at rm4.90 promo price!
    • OPI - complimentary color culture xpress color service with filing worth rm27 and 1 OPI nail laquer 3.75ml worth rm23.
    • Stage - complimentary Stage Divine Lash Mascara (full size) worth rm55 & RM10 voucher.
    • Crabtree & Evelyn - La Source Nail & Cuticle Cream worth rm55
    • Poise Boutique - 49% off storewife purcase
    • Zwilling J.A Henckels cooking class voucher worth rm122
    Her World Magazine 49th Anniversary promo

    Von is helpin me to collect OPI as well coz Pav is too far for me

    Actually I was in Pav on 1st July (1st day of redemption) morning to go redeem all this goodies when I thought I forgotten to bring my coupons! (actually in my bag sigh) I search all over for Her World July issue in Pav & they don't even have it on sale =_=! rushed to KLCC to buy Her World and went to Crabtree & Evelyn to redeem the free La Source Nail & Cuticle Cream worth rm55 at 11am something. Guess what? before I could reach the counter to show the SA my coupon, she already stop me in my tracks n tell me it's all out of stock! HELLO? out of stock? so fast? I seriously can't believe it. The rest of the redemption is back in Pav! *omg faints*.

    redeem 25g Hand Recovery (scrub) as Crabtree & Evelyn member

    Well nvm, I remember I had the member voucher to redeem the Gardener's Hand Recovery 25g freebie. C&E is giving this out to all its member who update their profile so don't forget to bring your voucher which is sent to all C&E members last month for redemption.

    redeem shiseido brightening samples from Isetan, KLCC

    Since I was in KLCC, I went to redeem the Shiseido Brightening samples & facial but the S.A only give me the samples after a long talk at their booth. I read from Hanna's blog post and it seems she did not go through this process at all and even got her facial while I was not given any facial but "hand-cial" instead. She did the 3 step on my left hand & ask me questions of how it felt, what do I think? Honestly I was speechless b'coz this is a face care product, if demo on my hand, I don't quite get 100% the feel/experience to feedback about it. All I can say is "yes very soft. Oh waterbase? " and keep touching my hand.

    After the "demo" talk, the SA took my coupon n give me the 3pc sample. I asked her about the facial and she said I can come back next time to try it the facial which is only 30mins. I asked her how about my coupon? how do I redeem my facial without the coupon? (yes seriously how?). She say just come back 2 her, after trying the samples. (Seriously no way, bcoz this is a sales trap). Gosh if I didn't ask about the facial, the SA would not even bothered telling me.

    Ok well at least getting this RMK powder foundation freebie makes me happier now. Thanks to Von again for redeeming this for me by DIGI promotions last week. I had to rushed off back to work after lunch with her at KLCC. I hope she gets her Crabtree & Evelyn member gift in couple of months time! we shared the Crabtree & Evelyn hauled last week and she finally became a member. Do u know C&E welcomes its member with an actual size product of the month? SO GENEROUS! unlike Loccitane they give u 3 sachets as welcome member gift! (LOL!!! high class or financially-handicap?).


    1. Wow!! I heard my name so many times....paiseh nia... but that's surely a lot of freebies for 1 week! I hardly go to Aesop's counter cos their SAs all darn 'papai'... :( Either they dont entertain me and if they do, they'll try to hard sell....S**T!!

      You should complain to 1card management about the Shu thingy....let them answer to the management. If not, call Loreal Malaysia with the number I smsed you the other day!!! No need to give them face liao!

      But sorry dear, couldn't redeem the Goodie bag for u yesterday. After the 1st text to u, I was heading back to the 4th floor dragging Rainbow along but by the time, I got there, all the bags were all gone!!! Just a matter of like 10-15 minutes!

      It was going slowly at first, then suddenly like a gush of wind...poof!!! gone....

      Did you ask Hanna about it?

      Oh, and I got the OPI stuff...will give you mine as well, since I don't use nail polish. Besides, the blur girl gave me 1 colored polish and 1 top coat......

      Huh!! sorry long comment...

    2. Von:
      Wow the Parkson goodie bags gone already? At what time Von? When I was there @ 10.45am, still got tons.

      So u only got those Shiseido samples? No facial/makeover? Boo the SA! I did mine @ Isetan Gardens. The SA was nice, and as I said in my blog, they're nice in a sense that they used another skincare range to accommodate my acne-prone skin.

      Which is good, I guess. As I heard that the White Lucent range can b way too creamy for me.

    3. Von: paiseh what! lol.. i think u really got a satellite transmitter on your head! can hear ppl calling u from cyberspace!!!

      it's ok the goodie bag looks nice but nvm, i shall wait for seventeen mag's bumper goodie bag if they even have one again this year.

      Cai Wing complain to 1card already, I probably will write to 1card too when i don't feel lazy haha.

      Woah? hey hmm if u dun use opi stuff then ^__^ thanks a lot! but if u wan them.. i think u should go change the top coat for colored nail polish. Otherwise, i dun have top coat yet so i dun mind :D thankiu!!!

      Hanna: u got lucky hanna! darn this fever of mine, i would've haul back 10 bags if i can.

      yeah i din get any facial/makeover, neither was I offered one. Oh well nvm not going to their counters anymore OH DAM i forgot i have a shiseido makeover voucher for Mother's day from 1utama. I don't feel comfortable anymore at Shiseido, maybe i'll give to my boss.

    4. Free samples... wow.. havnt done that in ages..

      I probably will go and get it IF it was along the way.. bt most of the time, since i am working, i don't go around doing that.. ^^

      Bt yes, the Customer Service in Malaysia could be a bit more better.. could..

      And yes, I agree that you should call 1 Card management to complain. Merchants and retailers should HONOUR their promises in their brochures, or coupons.

    5. is it the freebies season right now??? i feel like ketinggalan zaman betul, didn't know anything about it until it's too late.. sob2 T-T

    6. is it the freebies season right now??? i feel like ketinggalan zaman betul, didn't know anything about it until it's too late.. sob2 T-T

    7. i should have bought Her World!!!!
      i was at the shu counter (1u)yesterday(sunday) and i did not even being told that there's such cleansing oil redemption promotion until i saw the signboard!so angry as i am their regular customer but the SA did not tell me to redeem!!! thinking of not going there anymore...

    8. Miu:
      Hehe not really lucky, more of being kiasu lor. LOL what do u need 10 goodies bags for? I cant even managed two.

      BTW, I went to 1U yesterday. I redeemed the ShuUemura samples, Storybook couture membership, but the 1U tote bag has been fully redeemed. V_V But where the heck is Aesop? I couldnt find the store, so I did get the samples. Wuu~

    9. yeah, i didn't know there was Aesop in 1u. Not counting Ken's apothecary la.

      gosh. i missed so many things! this is sad



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