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  • Cold Storage Saga


    I have completed step 1 of my to-do-list which is complaint to Cold Storage online via their complaint/suggestion form yesterday night. Today I receive a reply from them:

    Dear Tammy,

    Thank you for taking your time & sharing your experience with us. We are really much happy to assist you as to improve our level of services to our customer. We regret such unpleasant incident had happened to you while doing your groceries at one of our stores recently. Please be assured that we look into this matter very seriously and additional measurement has been taken to ensure such experience would not occur again in the future. We would appreciate if you could leave your contact number for us. We look forward to your continued support! Thanks


    I also receive another email by the Manager of Cold Storage Mont Kiara.

    Dear Ms. Tammy,

    First I would like to introduce myself, Tan Kok Choon, and I am the store Manager for Cold Storage Solaris. I was most perturbed to read your email, and would like to assure you that I do take such matters very seriously. I place a very high value in service to all my customers, and am disappointed that you did not receive the service that we should have been given. I have reprimanded the Supervisor concerned and she will be getting a final written warning for her unprofessional conduct. I would also like to assure you that we do not set out to be unethical or unprofessional, and that we constantly strive for service excellence. We also frequently send our staff on training courses to educate them as to the customers needs. I would like to take this opportunity to formally apologize to you for the series of unfortunate mishaps in my store, and also to invite you for a cup of coffee in our coffee shop at Cold Storage Solaris at your convenience, where we could settle your problems to your satisfaction. I can be contacted on XXXXXXXXX. Once again please accept my sincere apologies.

    Yours sincerely,
    Tan Kok Choon.

    I am grateful for the prompt reply to my complaint and would love that they improve their customer service & take steps to prevent the overcharging from repeating again. Should I go meet up Mr. Tan to have a cup of coffee? What would I say or do? Do I stomped in and seriously show him my dissatisfaction or go with a smiling face (and later people think I'm not serious?). HOW?


    1. ha! i told you so!!

      you go, all the way.

      no need to show sour face or stomping nor do go with smileys plastered all over you.

      just go as you meant business and your concern were genuine.

      you will come back with some vouchers and goodies, hahaha!!!

      else, at least you get some free coffee / lunch to make up for your inconveniences thus far! i look forward to your update.

    2. Still look pissed. Go ahead! A little bit of words shouldn't appease you so quickly ;) play hard to get okay?

      Meet him and go with suggestions to improve. I think that's the most practical.

    3. uncle frog: haha i know uncle u r always right on track punya mah. I haven't have coffee directly b4 to talk about my complaints. Seriously I just don't want to be overcharged again and again. I do like cold storage, but i don't like them ignoring simple but important matters like price overcharged and refund service without apology or take steps to make sure it don't happen again.

      Theotherwordly: HMM HMM!!! suggestions to improve? good idea! i shall do a mind-list. I think no.1 is STOP OVERCHARGING!

      change the price tag or update your system if this is already a problem pointed out. Instead of just leavin it be and here I am 3 times in a row asking for a refund.


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