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  • One Card replies to complaints on Shu Uemura


    to those who had wasted their time & effort to rush over to 1utama to redeem the One Card member @ Shu Uemura cleansing oil 8ml bottle sampling promotion on 10th July, 09 & onwards but experience:
    • unavailability of stocks
    • bad customer service
    • turn away without any samples
    • refusal to take down your contact to notify you when stocks arrive
    • told to come back again to "check" if stocks has arrive
      (I have actually gone there twice now)
    please leave down your name and email here. Lisa Gan has experience an uncomfortable visit (and she is heavily pregnant!) being told to come back again & refusal to take down her contact details despite overhearing another S.A speaking in Cantonese to the S.A attending to her to get her contact details down.

    If Shu Uemura can't honor their promotion, why bother advertising it? (Especially since 10th July, they put up a big poster in front of their entrance giving cleansing oil demo & samples BUT could not honor it!) If you're dissatisfied about this matter, One Card would like to know.

    FYI, wanting to try samples does not make us cheapskate or poor. Samples are a form of promotion and advertising. It could potentially bring in new customers. I myself have not tried or buy Shu Uemura before until the Kamon Girl's advertising. I went to Isetan Shu to sample their cleansing oil and was given a demo (without any need to show coupon/poster/membership). I was impressed by the service & product. The end result is now I am a proud owner of a Shu Uemura Kamon Girl cleansing oil & Shu Fanatik member.


    1. babe,

      my name: Chai Ying Huei
      email add: caixiuxiu@gmail.com

    2. i'm not happy either.

      AND i'm a one card member.

      but i'll mail you my details hahahahah too shy to put real name here.

      big hug.

      you go, Miu.

      stand up for our rights as customers.

    3. Count me in on this.
      It's very disappointing I agree. =/

      Evelyn Teh

      Really hope they look into this! =)

    4. i plan to go 1U shu this sunday, dunno the free gift release already? anyway, i am SHU super fan, using their cosmetic now, but still wan to complain here. their SA quite kedekut, unless you buy things from their store, or else dun ever hope they will give out sample..-_- i m using the cleansing oil same like Miu(the sensitive skin 1)The other day i visit to the counter, wondering i can get small size sample for the green bottle to try, but they said NO SAMPLE at d counter(at Isetan KLCC and they dun show initiative to show demo to client too) omg...honestly i went to others brand, some SA really generous to give out sample for us to try though i dun buy anything from them! and 1 thing, last time i join the member oso, the coupons they gave out were ALMOST EXPIRED (stated expired date on the coupon instead of expire form the date i join member..), when i wanted to book for the make over and trimming, all fully book(i m only free during weekend ma..) end up..all burn..>_<

    5. hey

      was at 1u the other day. now they have a sign outside the store. no new card whatsoever, just go and ask for demo. you'll get a 4ml sample sachet of the oil depending on your skin type. then they will have you put down your details in their book and that's all.


    6. This has nothing to do with the card promotion - unfortunatly in the UK we are not fortuante enough to have that. But i live by his green cleansing oil which appeared to have stopped being sold in the UK. SO on a recent visit to USA i stopped into one of Shu's shops and wen to purchase the 50ml bottle. However upon telling the shop assistant that i was getting married in 8 weeks she said to go for the purple oil with 'lightening' factor so i did. But now my skin have never been so bad!! I ave worse skin then i did before and its not at all the same as when i used the green oil - but there doesnt seem to be anywhere to complain about this!


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