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Beauty Swap Review - Mei Wah

Can u believe how curls would transform a person into something so sexy? I can't until I had one! The Ascience Shampoo makeover event really change my thoughts about having big sexy curls. Thanks to them, I know even a plus size can look so hot!

Today I'm reviewing Mei Wah's Beauty Swap Samples that I receive on Tuesday. To tell u the truth, I have not tried any Skin Food products yet! so this is really a good chance for me! Mei Wah sent me Skin Food's Fresh Celery Soft Foam sample, Kose's pore pack (black) and Loreal's White Perfect Pearl (long lasting foundation with Pearly Radiance spf18).
I love the texture and smell of this!

Skin Food's face cleanser in Fresh Celery

My first taste of Skin Food's face cleanser in Fresh Celery. My verdict? really fresh! smells fresh and celery-ish. Definitely lives up to its name. When I was massaging it onto my face, it's creamy & organic in texture. Felt like a mixture of moisturiser + blended celery from the kitchen. However it's not very foamy and because I have sensitive skin, it stings on my cheek areas *sad*. Once I wash it off, I felt clean but due to my dry skin nature, my skin felt tight *sad*.

Kose Pore Pack

Next I tried the Kose pore pack! I never use Kose pore pack before and it's quite similar to Biore's pore pack in black too. Definitely got rid of my blackheads, might consider buying this once I finish my Biore.

Mei Wah had sent me 3 samples! so one more 2 go

creamy rich texture

Loreal white pearl liquid foundation

This time, I'm applying on 1/2 my face 2 show the difference. Just a tiny application could cover 1/2 of my face! so this sample can actually stretch for more than 2 usage. It's so rich & cream I kept blending away. Definitely even out my skin tone. I'm not sure if there's shades, the sample did not state any shade! probably it's a tinted foundation? Not bad actually.

Out of the samples, I love Skin Food's Fresh Celery Soft Foam cleanser but I cannot use it as it stung my face due to my sensitive cheeks. It's the fresh, organic texture & smell of this product that is simply surreal. Thank you Mei Wah!!!

I shall be updating my beauty sample reviews soon from Von, Chris & Hanna. Do you like my review? anything to recomend for sensitive skin T_T sob sob.


  1. Oh dear....your top sexy should put on makeup more often, dear...and pose the killer pose!!! :))
    Way to go, dear!

  2. Oh....and I like that hair too!!

  3. Wow~!!
    love ur first sexy look pic.
    keep it up n pose for more...phew weet!!^^

  4. So this is how we should write the reviews? Hohooo guess I should edit mine! BTW, yeah I tried that SF Celery Foam b4, it DID stung my face too. I guess the product might work for those with oily skin. Plus, I dont really like the celery-scent. >_<

    Woot, nice, sexy curls there! Yeah big curls never fail to make any girl sex-ay~

  5. Von: thank u babe! i have updated my blog review :)

    anonymous: thank u!! throws kisses!

    Sherry: yes the makeover event was.. AMAZING!

    Hanna: nah u can write it anyway u like actually. Yours is ok! i'm waiting to read more from u. I don't like to eat celery, but the smell of it is so HEALTHY, I almost felt healthier... LOL.

  6. Hey, good review....I must jia you already....hehe!

    I read all your other reviews liao...

  7. LOL ironically it's the "healthy" smell of that Celery Cleansing Foam that put me off! But I like eating celery. =)

  8. wow u done a great job in the reviews! sigh... i gotta work hard on mine liao... =___= stress stress~

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