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  • Cold Wars: The Phantom Menace


    Just back from buying groceries from Cold Storage, tonight my dear-dear wants to eat sandwich so I bought some sandwich stuffs to make at home for him. When I tear upon the cooked salami n try to fish out to put on the whole meal bread that was already dressed in tomatoes & cheese, suddenly there's this dark aura surrounding the open salami packet.

    I feel like my life's being threatened & I shiver (maybe bcoz i am havin flu now). The salami was sticky & it felt "yucky". I was taken aback by this first encounter, so I try to smell the enemy.


    Alarmed, my dear dear stood up & quickly came to my side, his light saber was no where to be seen (by public). What's wrong? Miumidala?! I showed him the phantom hiding in the salami packet & he took a whiffed.


    So ladies & gentleman, I don't know why I am have this "connection" with Cold Storage. What is wrong here? I got so dam piss I finally called the manager of Cold Storage, MK & told him I have a rotten salami which has already expired on 13/7/09 and it's still on his shelves!! I told him faster take it all off! the expired ones!

    Update: Yesterday despite being sick, I dragged my body to Cold Storage to show them I'm not playing hockey with them. I called up the manager again & told him I'm there already. He said someone will come to assist me. I waited & finally a man came up to assist me with my exchange. I did not ask for a refund bcoz my dear-dear needs to eat something a.s.a.p! so I went first to the shelve where I got the cooked salami from. WOW imagine this, I already told the manager to take those expired salami off the shelves and yet when I reach there after 2 hours, the expired salamis still sitting there! almost all the packets were expired! some even expired in MARCH! there's only 1 packet that's ok (expiry August). I didn't want to take chances so I xchange for honey salami instead (a different packet/flavour). The assistant gave me a voucher, I think it's a form of apology or something. I think they should seriously have spotchecks everyday! price & food expiry dates! buckle up Cold Storage! I don't want to always keep going back there for refunds/exchange.


    1. flu.. sound bad hope you get well soon. drink more water!

    2. there was once, i wanted to buy some juice in cold storage summit (am not sure if it still existed) and when i read the expiry, it was expired like 3 months already!

      i highlighted to the cashier but i am not sure if it was taken care of.

      i think, i would stick to jusco for any high end or if i want to buy expensive stuff and tesco if i feel like stinging. safer bet, both of them.

      miu, spare time to read my latest post, let me know what you think :P

      been missing your visits....and comments... and our banters, huhuhu. i hope we don't lose you to the dark side forever. come back soon.

    3. complaint with ministry of health and consumer tribunal court.

      media strategy : write to malay mail and other newspaper as well!

      support : look for consumer right ngo such as FOMCA - Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations and http://www.eraconsumer.org/

      i think u need to comply all your receipts and evidences, and send the photo to lab to examine. And then u can submit the report.

      if necessary , i will call my friend.. (apparently her dad is the owner)

    4. http://www.nccc.org.my/ also can !

    5. surely this cold storage saga isn't doin anything good for ur health..miu..me too juz been victimized by cold storage today..i bought 2 packs of their chicken pastry n both fillings are icky and sticky..and rotten..since i'm already at home by the time i discovered this, i hav to juz threw it away..if i'm still at ikano i wud have stomped into their bakery in my purple heels and potpet tot tet til their ears melted..so miu..u'r not alone..gila laa cold storage ni!!-angelzoe-

    6. i think u shouldn't go cold storage at all from now on!

    7. cold storage I seldom shop there as I find it expensive

    8. We don't shop at Cold Storage much anymore. It looks fancy with all the imported goods but it's mostly just a facade.

      My guess is they buy up old and damaged stock in bulk for cheap from overseas and sell them here at 2-3x the original list price. Just checking the expiry dates on the canned and packed goods shows many of them are around 3 years old, many are dented, rusty, or otherwise damaged.

      There are some good things they have for sale but you really have to have an eagle eye and check everything.

    9. omg true enuff cold storage is expensive to shop to and not to mention their quality really that bad! i think u shud bring this issue up and write all ur bad experiences to "The Star" newspaper. Then they will look at this seriously.

    10. Miu, I'm wondering why do you keep on going to Cold Storage despite all the bad experience that you went through a couple of times with Cold Storage? Plus, the products sold there are very expensive compared to others. Maybe you should go to other supermarket. You're staying in ttdi right? Jusco is nearby and i think pasaraya taman tun sells ok products too. I always wonder why do u always go to Cold Storage knowing that you had countless bad experience with them?Just sharing my thoughts here. Take care.

    11. :( actually i moved in with my fiance liao at Mont Kiara, n the only supermarket nearby is Cold Storage which is 5 mins drive only or 10mins walkin distance.

      very convenient although expensive, though easier for me bcoz i dun have car. I can just walk there to shop n go back home cook.

      Normally I rather go to curve tesco after work in ttdi :(

      but with no car, it's very hard to carry back the groceries, so seldom shop there now.

      i like the ambiance of cold storage n their cleanliness n fresh food. But certain services put me off, like prices being different, buying expired salami (1st time!). I hope they improve, if they don't i guess it's tesco tesco.

    12. Miu, stop shopping at Cold Storage!


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