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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • RMK Skincare & Make Up Workshop


    GOOD NEWS! RMK WORKSHOP is in the making! I have news that end of July, there will be a RMK Workshop on RMK skincare & makeup at THE APARTMENT, KLCC! The workshop will be about 2 hours with skincare & makeup lesson demonstrated by the make up artist. Participants can experience the popular RMK Make up Base & Foundation and find their shades as well as learning how to makeup! Refreshments will be served by The Apartment!

    UPDATE TODAY 2/7/09:
    RMK IS UPDATING SOME OF THE WORKSHOP INFO! I will update everyone back again.

    Date: 1st August (Sat)
    First Session : 10.30am-12.30pm (our session)
    Second Session : 3pm - 5pm
    (after workshop is redemption time! don't cabut!)
    The Apartment KLCC
    Fees: RM150 Voucher (rm100 redeemable for RMK products)
    Goodie Bag:
    Creamy Makeup Base 00 worth rm120
    (update: no more lipstick!)

    Personalised beauty workshop!
    RMK Foundation & Base experience!
    Learn make up tips!
    F&B at Apartment KLCC!

    SEATS ARE LIMITED! 30 pax only per session
    *makeover voucher valid for first 20 readers who register & pay for this workshop!

    UPDATE 2/7/09: There is a RESTRICTION on using our RM100 voucher to redeem BEST BUY/VALUE SET! I am fighting for us to be able to redeem it now!

    If you're interested e-mail me at tammylci@gmail.com & I will notify you when the workshop details are confirmed! I'm so excited! can't wait to buy the voucher and get my hands on this RMK Skincare set that I think is really worth the price!

    The Skincare Promo Set RM190 has:
    1. RMK Cleansing Oil rm110
    2. RMK Skintuner Light (toner+moisturiser) rm135
    3. RMK Creamy Soap rm105

    There's another set which I confirm today:

    Skin Brightening Set Rm195 has:
    1. RMK Extra Brightening actual size retail rm195
    2. RMK Skin Protector SPF 31 (15g)
    3. RMK Skintuner fruit (30ml)
    4. RMK silver pouch!

    Update more sets:

    Recovery Gel + Makeup Base Set RM280
    Cleansing oil + Liquid Foundation 102 / 103 at RM210

    wish it was platinum card

    Not only that, if u purchase rm250 above on the workshop day, you get to become a RMK member! (usual rm350 to be member). I shall get more details on being a member! Heard u can collect stickers to redeem a RMK product (make up base/foundation/powder/etc depends on what product is the highlight of the time u redeem).

    spread the word girls ;)

    Some cool accessories that I found out from rmk klcc last Monday, give u girls an idea what to redeem with your voucher besides from usual cosmetics! hehe.

    the rmk oil blotter keychain rm35/rm25 (me thinks)
    the refill is rm20 only (pink/blue)

    kinda cool if hang on keys or handbag!
    need to tear it out from the keychain like a tape dispenser

    take a look at this baby!
    has rmk words all over it..
    definitely a rmk fan junkie gadget


    1. The Skincare Promo Set RM190 has:
      1. RMK Cleansing Oil rm110
      2. RMK Skintuner Light (toner+moisturiser) rm135
      3. RMK Creamy Soap rm105
      3 items only RM190?until when?only klcc?
      rmk gift not good...lastime i only redeem 1 eyeshadow+lipcolor...the color....haiz...

    2. ya i notice their promotions suks!!! GWP is very HIGH! that's why I am so wanting to get this promo skincare set, a lot sold out already. I have to order my from RMK Isetan, KLCC. Want to use the rm150 (rm100 to redeem the set) consider rm50 is pay the workshop for food, makeup lesson n goodie bag haha..)

    3. i want to go...
      my email:squity_low@yahoo.com

    4. Miu, too many workshops going on everywhere...tension. can't make it. in my confinement period :( you enjoy yourself, ya?

    5. Me me me! I wanna go too....ha ha, thanks. Let us know soon.

    6. Please count me in.

    7. wah...alot sold out ady arr...y the gardens sa didnt told me got this set,argh...RM580 get the small small one..lastime RM380 sometimes can get actual size product,haiz...lilian now at klcc rmk?

    8. Rachel, Suyan, Joey:

      thanks for leaving your emails :) will update u girls on the confirmed details of the RMK workshop! and if u're interested in the rm190 skincare set let me know, coz need to order if want to buy.

      Suzi: i heard from Hanna that you're on confinement now can't go out. R u goin to EL too?! coz it would be really tiring for u :( but dun worry (i will for sure blog about the RMK workshop!! kekeke)

      Baby: hmm maybe it's sold out coz very popular this set (coz so worth it). Last time so good?? i think it's Luxasia's management, very bad promotional strategy for most of its products/brands.

    9. Baby: forgot, yes Lilian now in Klcc RMK :) if u wanna register for the workshop let her know u got info from me (and maybe try to order the rm190 set)

    10. but the date not sure yet...
      if u have call her,can help me ask the RM190 set still got or not?
      i like the cleansing oil so much~~~can compare with shu uemura one...

    11. either 25th July or 1st August.

      The cleansing oil really nice right! just like shu uemura.

      it's like paying for the cleansing oil n get 2 items almost free.

      i will ask lilian still can order or not the set, but need confirmed it.

    12. i want to go too


    13. pls mail me.

    14. Same here. I'd like to go too.


    15. dear,
      i would like to hv The Skincare Promo Set RM190.
      count me in.....lol


    16. ann: wow ur confinement over already? i shall count u in!

      vina, hui ying, waternymph: shall email u girls in 1-3 days time when i get the confirmed details!

    17. thks miu.
      let me know if i shud bank in to u RM190.
      confinement tamat 4/7..hehe...

    18. dear miu,
      i also want the skincare promo set(RM190)
      besides this set,are they any other sets(skincare or makeup)available?

    19. ann: u confirm wan the set? u can bank to me loh but wait.. u duwan go workshop is it?

      coz if u buy workshop voucher rm150:
      rm100 can redeem the set
      top up rm90 only.

      (u get goodie bag that has trial set inside n lipstick worth rm90, a makeover & brow shaping voucher as my reader)

      Rachelle: heard there's another set coming rm190 also. It has:

      1. skin brightener actual size
      (Retail for rm195)
      2. skin tuner 30ml
      3. sunblock 30mkl

    20. miu,klcc there still have the RM190 set?
      today i call to gardens@isetan rmk counter,nobody pickup phone...haiz...

    21. Klcc ordering the sets to be sold :D

      u can try call Lilian at RMK, Isetan 03-2164 7392

    22. miu,
      can't attend ler...belom find orang tolong jaga baby wor....or i bring baby sekali ke workshop...? hehe...no lah....

    23. aiyo sat ahhhhh aiyoo? Sat i cant sob...sob... u enjoy la. I wan freebiesss

    24. miu..
      the workshop voucher need to purchase at isetan klcc ah?
      coz normally i go to parkson pavilion..

    25. Rachelle: yeah have to purchase at Isetan RMK KLCC coz it's organized by RMK KLCC, not pavilion.

    26. rmk curler(RM35) was good,must redeem this,always out of stock one,
      and lip essence(RM45)-lemon&strawberry flavour


      i am wondering RMK Skincare , still available ???

    28. baby: i ask lilian to order more stock for curler already! left 2 only at her counter :(

      lip essence nice? never try b4 yet? it's like lip balm?

      jessy: aiyoh u ah... which skincare, the set u mean? wan me order or not?

    29. dear miu..
      is rmk curler very good..is it better than the two other japanese brand..
      can order for me too..
      mine pinch my eye lids everytime..
      and the promo set is the 1 with cleansing oil..

    30. i'll email you tomorrow directly after decided ya !

    31. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    32. Whoahh......RMK so cheapskate ah???? We are paying RM150, can redeem only RM100, and yet the door gift just a piece of paper..oh, i mean, a makeover voucher and a bottle of makeup base only?? Cannot even give the lipstick meh???

      At YSL workshop, I paid RM120, fully redeemed and get door gift worth more than RM120!!! And at the YSL workshop, got finger food and beverages from Zang Toi cafe some more, not like the cheapskate RMK who didn't provide us with even a drop of water at their workshop we attended at Parkson Pavilion. Remember, Miu?

      See how nice the YSL workshop was, see the food spread, see the door gifts....ini baru betul2x ada class, AND ALL THAT FOR RM120!!!!:

      And they even put a restriction on the redeemable RM100????? What the....??????
      But that RM100 is FULLY CASH!!!!!! why the STUPID restriction?????

      Do u know the Estee Lauder model search thingy, ok, this is not a workshop but a makeover.(sorry, digress a bit!)...you pay RM280(that's a lot of money, but you get lots of stuff too) and RM230 for redemption, and you can redeem anything, as in anything, best buy, value buy, gift set, and they even specially made a limited edition makeup set (same as the 2008 blockbuster set but without the smaller makeup pouch and brush set) for this model search event!!!

      So, highly-esteemed readers of Plus Size Kitten, where is the LOGIC of putting a restriction on the RM100 that we can redeem??? That RM100 is CASH, not some discount voucher or some cut-out coupons from the mags or something like that!!!

      And putting so high a target to get some miserable little GWPs?? My God, do these people live in a coconut shell and not know what other cosmetic brands out there are doing??

      I rest my case.

    33. the promo sets are really worth the value~~~ and i can't wait to try their products~~
      thanks miu for fighting so many good deals for us~~~~

    34. hey vonvon,

      wow, your comments are a little harsh and uncalled for, don't u think? i'm an RMK fan and i feel that what you wrote doesn't do the brand justice.

      to clarify, i've been using the brand even before it arrived in Malaysia and the products have done wonders for my skin.

      did u know that RMK in other countries don't even give out GWPs? in fact, they're for SALE! so i was pleasantly surprised to find that the Malaysian counterpart could give out some GWPs. so for that, i think we should be thankful and not be cheapskate and sore about it.

      i attended the workshop at parkson pavilion as well and remembered it to be FREE OF CHARGE. i haven't heard of a cosmetics brand that conducts FREE workshop sessions in that setting, and i honestly think we should be thankful for that. we even received doorgifts for just merely showing up!

      just my two cents worth to clear the air and put things in perspective before getting your knickers in a twist.

      see u at apartment! :)

    35. Miu, already transfered the payment for this workshop to your bank account. Just sent you a text as well.

    36. actually i think they dun give redeem best buy/value buy set

      cz the set actual price is RM350,sell RM190,ady discount almost 46%,the workshop freebies is creamy base worth RM120

      if they give us redeem,means we only spend RM150+RM90 get RM470 stuff...if not hot/popular item,is feel normal lah...but this 4 item all is rmk hot item....

      now rmk gwp spend RM350 only get 3 small small stuff...haiz...
      all brand also cut gift liao...

    37. RMK still new in Malaysia.

      Honestly, I think other brands are more competitive than rmk. They should try to bring out their brand to people now instead. I don't agree that all brands are cutting their gifts, infact the gifts are better this season. Take Bobbi Brown, Anna Sui & Estee Lauder's GWP and promotions for instance.

      If u browse magazines, there's very little coverage on RMK products and the latest Her World Magazine beauty votes, not one single rmk product is being voted. Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Dior etc.. inside.

    38. I agree with Von, many other workshops are free to go and they even include goodie bags and refreshments.

      Take Ren workshop which Paris B promotiong. It's free to go. The Benefit Workshop that's going to happen soon, rm100 voucher, fully redemable no restriction on redemption. Has goodie bag worth rm120. It's also at the apartment.

      YSL Skincare workshop, free to go on 18th July for Hello Mag readers. Got goodie bag also.

      Clarins workshops free to go, goodie bag, food, etc.

      and most workshops i go they don't eat up to rm50 to absorb the workshop charges. This rmk wan to eat our rm50 and still put limit to using our own rm100 voucher. We paying CASH for it. It's not a Promotional voucher or free voucher by RMK.

      I still agree that overseas customer service and gwp are better than Malaysia. Even samples we can get without obligation. Here? you have to spend so much just to get samples.

    39. the set is good, would be better if can redeem using workshop voucher.

    40. Von supporter - FarahJuly 3, 2009 at 4:39 PM

      Eh.. kenapa marah marah ni.. Von tak salah voice out le, I pun questioning why rm100 x boleh redeem ni? sebab lain workshop yg i join pun tak mcm ni, kenapa lah kena strict sangat? kan ni guna wang kita beli?? bukannya Isetan voucher kan? ini voucher workshop yg kami bayar, should be kita boleh redeem apa apa yg kita nak! set ke, apa ke.. gift set ke. Consider cash kan?? kalau tak kita save je wang kitaorang ni, beli set terus, tak payah susah susah pergi workshop ni, kat counter pun boleh belajar make up. Goodie bag tu nak bagi apa apa suka hati lah, jg consider bagi tu boleh buli customer! Memang bagus pun dapat make up base ni, but jgnlah restrict kitaorang punya duit? beli kat counter dengan cash ke voucher ke, pun consider beli dari rmk kan? apa yang beza ni? nak kita spend a lot on their products and also beli set ke? macam brand lain tak bagus sangat??? kita banyak option ni!!!

      i dengar miu cakap join join bagus i pun nak join, bukannya sebab rmk bagus sangat pun! x pernah dengar pun! sekarang nak try tapi kalau nak berkira sangat, jgn buat lah workshop. VON jgn patah hati ni! kita semua ada opinion, tak payah lah marah marah orang kalau tak suka dengar kisah benar!

    41. i hope that we can redem sets.. just want to try this cleansing oil good? compare to other..

    42. Hey marissaleong,

      YOU wrote: "wow, your comments are a little harsh and uncalled for, don't u think? i'm an RMK fan and i feel that what you wrote doesn't do the brand justice.

      to clarify, i've been using the brand even before it arrived in Malaysia and the products have done wonders for my skin."

      MY REPLY!--->1st of all, let me clarify with you that NEVER in my comment did I mention anything (good or bad) about any of the RMK products!
      I am just making a comparison of the workshops I had attended.
      Yes, I remember very well that the RMK workshop at Parkson Pavilion is FREE OF CHARGE! And they even promised us some refreshments. Besides, I had also attended and personally co-organized some makeup workshop which was FREE OF CHARGE as well, but at least the main organizer provided even some drinks for me and my guests.

      LET ME STRESS...it's not a matter of a few cups of drinks or freebies that bought me over to the side of certain brands, it's the question of how the organiser of the workshop treated me and made me feel welcomed, respected and valued at their respective workshops!!

      To marissaleong,
      HAVE YOU NOT HEARD OF THE PHRASE 'FREEDOM OF SPEECH'? I am just voicing out my dissatisfaction over the whole absurd and ridiculous way the workshop would be organised and carried out. Whether you are a RMK fan or customer or whatever your position is with regard to RMK, may be you should do some market survey and see how and what other brands are doing to attract new customers and keep their existing ones? Yes, you can argue that RMK in other countries don't give out GWPs. But have you heard of the saying, "WHEN IN ROME, DO AS THE ROMANS DO"? In Malaysia, there are so many other brands which are doing very well because they adapt their marketing strategy to suit the needs of the Malaysian buyers/consumers?

      As some commentors have written, Estee Lauder(my favorite brand), Bobbi Brown, Anna Sui have improved on their GWPs and promotions and are getting so much coverage in the local media. I know about RMK not because of media publicity but I have passed by the idle RMK counters several times and was curious about it, so I Googled it up to get more info.

      To marissaleong again,
      Instead of rebutting my comment here, may be you should tell the people running your favorite brand RMK to be more humble and promote the brand in Malaysia by reaching out to the masses, NOT by setting high GWPs and/or restricting our CONSUMERS' RIGHTS to spend cash vouchers that we purchased! Please be more humble and generous, of course, I don't expect to get free products when I am saying generous. But at least, please be more realistic when setting target for GWPs and THERE'S NO POINT IN STINGING WITH DOOR GIFTS OR SAMPLES! If we don't get the chance to try out the products, how would we know that the products are good and are worth spending our money on?

      **I will respond to other comments later. Thank you to those who have commented in support of my views.

      To Von Supporter-Farah,
      Thank you for your words of encouragement and support. VON TAKKAN PATAH HATI!(translated as VON WILL NOT GIVE UP). Yes, I will not give up advocating for CONSUMER RIGHTS! Because we consumers have been bullied for so long. It's time for us to speak up!


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