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  • Beauty Swap Review 3 - Chris L


    time 2 Review Chris's Samples! winks

    which one shall I try first?

    Eyeko Face Off cleansing wipes

    After coming back from Rakuzen, I wipe the foundation off using the Eyeko Face Off cleansing wipes. It was easy to remove, gentle and smell light & fresh. It was not harsh on my skin & did not sting at all too. Thus I am assuming this is really gentle cleansing wipes. I could continue using this instead of Simple's Gentle Cleansing Wipes. Eyeko is so much more cuter too!

    Kose's Moisture Skin Repair

    Before I sleep, I used the Kose's Moisture Skin Repair with Rice Power Extract sample. Again clumsy with liquid sachets, I quickly apply the watery liquid to my face before it all spill away. My verdict: it's simple, light weight, easily absorb, water based product. I pat finish off my face and it did not leave my skin tight and definitely not oily/creamy/heavy after feel. I think my dry skin drank it all up coz I can't feel anything on my face now *boo hoo sob sob stupid dry skin*.

    Eyeko Face Off Cleansing Wipes!

    What I love about Chris's swap is that she wrapped the samples in a JUICY COUTURE paper wrap! gosh where u get it from Chris? Totally adore it! but it was a bit ripped off in the process of taking out the samples *sorry sob sob*. I like the Eyeko Face Off cleansing wipes! it did not sting and was gentle on my face (I have sensitive skin prone to itching, redness, harsh chemicals). The smell was light, fresh and nice. Aloe Vera I read from the ingredients. I'm not sure if it could remove waterproof cosmetics, I did not have any on only foundation. Great experience, heard so much about Eyeko and now I got to try one of the product :) might consider becoming an ambassador too! Thanks Chris L!

    Last review to be up: Hanna's Benefit sample That Gal (will use tomorrow morning). I have already use the cleanser though!


    1. cant wait to see what u think of benefit that gal, i just bought the whole stick, it is coming on my way!

    2. Dear, our Chris is Chris L.

      Yea, and I like the Eyeko wipes too.

      You all are so hardworking la....I think I am the last one to review the samples from the swap...working on it...

    3. ops!! sorry Chris Chan!

      edit already sob sob.. so many chris..osbsob

    4. Von:
      Dont worry dear, im also a bit slow with my sample reviews. Haha! 2 down, 2 more to go. BTW, I cant review ur EL eye cream yet, coz I still havent used it. We dun have dateline for the reviews, right?

      Er kan Miu?

    5. Miu, i got the Juicy Couture wrapper coz i bought wallet from Juicy Couture boutique in Pavillion, the SA wrap my stuff with the wrapper, i see so nice and i keep it, and now can make a use of it... Hehe...


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