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Crabtree & Evelyn Haul

Few days ago I receive my Crabtree & Evelyn member newsletter containing some rebate vouchers & a freebie redemption! The freebie redemption is for members who update your profile with Crabtree & Evelyn. You get a free Gardener's Hand Recovery 25g upon updating your profile. Just fill up the update form :)

This time Crabtree & Evelyn has some really good promotions. There's 2 types of rebate coupons (can be combined together!):
  • RM100 off when u purchase RM280
    + get a free Nantucket Briar Hand Therapy Sampler worth rm75.
  • RM220 off when u purchase rm480
    + get a free distillation body care kit worth RM115
42 bars of crabtree & evelyn soap

SO after much thinking because at first I didn't know what to even buy as I had quite a number of crabtree & evelyn products at home already. Then as I sat down talking to my friend I realize hey I should get the soaps as Christmas Gifts this year, I mean Christmas is 5 months away but every Christmas season I had to spend $$$ to buy gifts for families especially the Aunties & Uncles coz we all exchange gifts during Christmas dinner. There's also the usual company christmas exchange gifts too. I did the calculations in my head and finally decided to buy SOAPS as Christmas gifts this year. I mean hey it's not just some soap, it's Crabtree & Evelyn soaps! (a bit luxurious compare to buying normal soap from Giant/Tesco). It makes a perfect simple gift!

after rebates each soap cost rm11!

By using 1 each rebate coupon, my total spending for buying 14 sets of soaps (each set has 3 pieces of soap) RM55 X 14 sets (42 bars of soap)= RM770 total spending. MINUS REBATE RM320 (rm100+rm220) I only need to pay RM450. Each soap would cost nearly rm11! (pls don't tell my aunties and uncles how much their christmas gift is going to cost this year!).

the freebies I got from my haul!
rm450 spent, got rm348 worth of freebies
(not counting the pink bag)

If you happened to purchase this at Gurney Plaza or KLCC Crabtree & Evelyn store (which is their Birthday) you enjoy an additional birthday gift of a relaxing body smoother worth rm158 with purchase of rm350 above. In addition, the store promotion of purchase rm380 above you can also get the Pink Crabtee & Eveylyn Princess Bag with charms!!!

the princess bag is spacious and there's a brush compartment too!

has cute charms on it with ribbon, I really like this bag!

SO too bad.. I will be giving soaps this Christmas. Have a Relaxing & Enchanting Christmas! (so early wishing bwhahaha). I love Christmas, it's the time of giving and my birthday after it too! HINT HINT.

P.S: Just imagine I spend rm450 for 42 bars of soap. If i convert the freebies into it's value's worth (RM450-RM348 = RM102) and if the pink bag is RM50 (just example), my total spendings for my soaps is RM52 only. Which makes each soap costing RM1-20!!! muahaha.. ok I know I am dreaming, it's just that if you could turn your freebies into value, that is how much my soap is going to cost me. FREAKING delirious.

oh and if anybody wanna buy crabtree soap from me at rm11, let me know. I got 42 bars! no problem to share hahaha!!!


  1. wow...the pink beg very nice...
    how to be crabtree&evelyn member?

  2. spend rm600 in accumulative receipts in 6 months to become crabtree & evelyn member.

    they actually give u a welcome member gift actual size..for the product of the month.

    I got a big JAr of Scrub for my member gift 2 years ago! HAPPY HAPPY...was a SOGO member. Now I dun work near T_T the SA probably forget me already.

  3. pink bag for store purchase, no need member also can.

    the vouchers, u ask ur friend give u bring u go, can redeem. I forgotten take my vouchers, so the SA at KLCC still rebate for me accordingly.

    But the member free gift update profile need the coupon to submit.

  4. Awww, Miu i like the pink bag...!!! envy envy, i dun think i can spend RM380 in C & E now... I'm on shopping ban, coz coming got Taiwan trip on 10th, just 1 week a way, gotta save... :(


    Btw, I am still lemming for the Pink Princess bag....but what to buy for RM380?? 7 boxes of soaps for me??? ;)

  6. Can i but the pink beg at any C&E outlet?

  7. yes babe

    all c&e outlet having this promo purchase rm380 above get the pink bag, n i think for another freebie.

    u can check it out at your nearest C&E store.

  8. the pink bag is so so cute!!!!! and hey is the soap nice? i am interested to try.

  9. the bag is nice! it has a few compartments and there's a brush compartment too! i adore pink n the charms.. goin carry n show off later... ( high school)

    i'm reliving my youth... where i can enjoy such.. luxuries..

    the soap is nice, i love the glycerin one good for dry skin. Glides so nice.. like neutrogena transparent soap. The cold cream is very creamy, it's suitable for dry skin too. Well i love most is the scent :)

  10. Miu...

    i'm interested in the soaps..really RM 11 per piece?? what are the varieties? rosewater, lavender and what's the other one?? cant seem to enlarge ur pic for better viewing.. =\


  11. Hi Miu,

    Great bargain of C&E!
    I'm so adore the pink bag.
    Do u know how much it costs?

  12. Hi Jingy,

    U r interested? yeap rm11 per piece, no extra cost. I bought so many, I don't mind just sharing it with people who wants to buy.

    The soaps I have:

    Rosewater soap with cold cream
    Rosewater swiss glycerin soap (transparent)
    Lavender soap
    Lavender swiss glycerin soap (transparent)
    Nantucket Briar (unisex smell) soap

    The SA told me Glycerin is great for dry skin, it's smooth to use. The other types of soap can be use for any skin type.

    email me if interested


    ashlee T: yea!!! i know!! i adore it too, i will take further pics of it.. to show the inside out of the bag. Today i went to C&E again n i was stunned staring into the poster that says spend rm380 above get this princess bag worth rm197.

    rm197.. *stunned*.. happy.. hoho

  13. very great idea for gift or goodies bag... i never thought of giving people soaps before... i might consider it in the future, heehee ^_^


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