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Estee Lauder Sales Invites!

pls check your emails

Those who had confirm, i have given u my hp number. Just sms me when u get there to collect your invite from me.

I mentioned that I will start a groupie to go attack Estee Lauder's Staff Sales on 18th July, 2009 so yes it's time to kick off this event! Calling all shopaholics readers of Plus Size Kitten! if you want to attack this warehouse sales event as a pack of hungry lioness together leave me a comment saying why I should take u into our hyena pack and eat those brands crazy!

How to the Shopaholic Team Attack ?

1. u must be my blog follower & subscriber
2. leave a comment in this post telling me why you want to join the shopaholic team! don't forget to leave your name, location, sex and e-mail contact so I can contact!
3. I will select the readers randomly!
4. I might email u to ask questions to see if u're qualify to join the attack team.

Dateline: I don't have a dateline! I pick as I go! until 16th July, 2009.

terms & conditions:
1. I'm not gaining $$ from this.
2. If you're unable to attend, pls don't join!
3. make sure your id/email is the same as your follower id/tag/subscriber.
4. any comment entries that's incomplete will not be entertained
5. one invite per person only
6. Malaysian residents only please!
7. important: this is not a team that books your Q-ing line. If u come late, u have to join the Q from behind.

Estee Lauder Shopaholic Team
  1. me
  2. cai wing
  3. sexymummy
  4. sexymummy friend
  5. skye
  6. jclues @ vina
  7. fatin - confirm-
  8. jess ying - confirm-
  9. christine - to confirm-
  10. Sarah - confirm -
  11. lizzie - confirm -
  12. estrella - confirm -

Those who got their own invites & also joining shopaholic team
  1. Hanna
  2. Ayna
  3. Pink
  4. Shopaholic
  5. Von Von
  6. Tutu J
  7. Bryan
  8. Tubby
Please email me to find out the time we're gathering I'm emailing those who left their emails for me in their entries. If they're unable to gather the time I'm going, I shall pass the invite to the next entry in line.


  1. miu i just wana tumpang sit in da que ...bcus i alone lonely least got LION GROUP can garang sikit if ppl cut que......i got card need gimme card .....tumpang sit together can aledi hahaha......i will go around 6 liddat la.....see u there....

    tutu J

  2. waaaa i wish i could join u gals!! hope next year you will organise this kinda shopping group again..then i sure can join :):)

  3. eh??? do they sell idealist???

  4. Miu,

    May i have an invitation card pls? If yes, how do I collect the card from you? Pls email me at

    Thanks and regards.

  5. ooo I got this too =) but wont be going as I'll be away from town. Have fun mui =D go early they finish all the goodies so fast!

  6. hi miu.. i'm frm kl n hav been following ur blog :).. hvn't been to the estee sale bfor, wld lurv to go.. i lurv make up, i think warehse sales r the best ever n lip smackers r just so yummy! it'll b an honour if i cld be part of ur pack of beauty hyenas.. ;) (

  7. Miu i want i want ...
    I wana join the shopaholic team cuz i wana experience it(attack the sales) with u gurls..
    so pls let me go with u..=)
    Jasmine Kho,19,KL

  8. I subscribed this blog by rss feed.
    I want to join because as a team we've better % aiming hotter selection of products! (I heard they ran out v quickly)

  9. Woot!!giving out invites!!finally...(: i would love to join simple cause I wanna snag the products and it would be great to do it with the company of people who have the same mind!!It'll b fun fun FUN!
    Sex:female!!-->more reasons to choose me!

  10. Hey Miu,

    Nice contest you got here! Wish I could come out with a contest idea this creative. Sigh~ im not joining this contest as I already got my pass, but I'd love to join your groupies, LOL~ let's serbu the ugly mobs together~

  11. hei Miu,
    Will you be offering the personal shopper services this time? you know for those who cant go..

  12. i wanna go see... i wanna go... (if chosen)...

  13. hi miu.. :) i'm frm kl (ur blog follower).. hvnt been to the estee sale bfor, wld lurv to go.. i lurv make up, i think warehse sales r the best evr n lip smackers r just so yummy! it'll b an honour if i cld b part of ur pack of beauty hyenas.. ;)


  14. well done, Miu !! Luv ur blog & ur generosity in sharing all these good deals wif us. I luv rummaging thru warehouse sales & if u hav xtra invitation card, can u spare me one pls. Besides getting cheaper prods, it'd b fun 2 b able 2 meet u & the rest.. a girls' camping party ! Whoa! Aint dat fab..!!

  15. I would LOVE to join this shopaholic team!!im a shopaholic too for cheap n branded items!!
    i love ur blog so much as much as i read tru, da more i go crazy!!its true!!so much great shopping items is driving me nuts!!
    i'm goin for this warehouse sales too!!but i guess i have to be there extremely early!thats y i wana join this team to attack together in this warehouse sales!! here is my email ( hopefully i'll be part of the team :) i'm lovin it~

  16. i am new to all the blog things so i just sign up to follow up but i do bookmark your blog when i first knew it =)
    i love all the beauty stuffs , crazy with skincare , love makeup and love Estee Lauder , this is the first time i got the hope to go , waiting for this one year already , i don't know whether still qualify to be a shopaholic because these day am trying to control myself to only get the stuff i need (as bought too much things i don't need but when there's a good deal) , i had the good knowledge about the skincare line for most of the brands , and really want to get the skincare from this sales (of course make up also , but major for skincare) just hope am lucky to be picked up , am stay in Kota Damansara near the Curve , girl , and my email is

  17. come can't see the comment i just put =(

  18. wow, such brave ladies here~ i salute you.

    although the thought of getting luxury cosmetics at super bargain is tempting, but this few months i have been spending too much :(

    have fun girls :)


  19. me me me~!!! :P me wanna go!!! :)

    i wanna go cuz i've never been to a cosmetics warehouse sales b4.. wanna have an experience.. n not forgetting to get the items n a lower price~! :)

  20. pick me! pick me!..hee on a dating show! plain and simple, i adore make-up and bargains.
    i am of the female species and live in shah alam and can be contacted at

  21. its me again! :p i'm dying to go.. if i cld hav an invite i'll be ther really early for the team.. i live conveniently FIVE(5) Mins away frm Renaissance hotel.. pls bring me along.. :)


  22. gosh! this is the warehouse that i've been waiting for ages...miu, can i join u? have no idea how to get the pass to go there...pls...pls...pls....i'm damn crazy bout make up/ perfume sale.....just spend more than 5k for the last perfume sale n still looking forward to its kind..


  23. Hi Miu,
    Since you are goin to this sales, would you mind to help me to get EL skincare? I just need 2 items only, Plssss.. my email is tx a lot :)

  24. Miu,

    I'm interested in joining this sales...
    But I unable to get the invitation card~!
    I would like to join ur shopaholic team because I'm a shopaholic who like to grab freebies and like to have fun to grab nice stuff~!
    I want to fill up all the fun stuff in my long holiday~!
    Hope you can fulfill my dream...

    Name : Christine Lim
    Location : Hartamas
    Sex : Female
    Email :

    Love ya blog~!

  25. Miu,

    I seldom switch on my gmail... will be much available with my msn hotmail...


  26. i wanna join..i wanna join..
    I wanna join the shopaholic team cuz its bcox of u i started to go to warehouse sales..when i started to read ur blog..i was so fascinated by all d stuff u bought..i was wonderin y m i so out? its bcox of u now i m IN..thx miu..
    i do hope i can join u all...

    Eva, Bukit Jalil KL

  27. hello Miu..

    thanks for being so nice and making the shopaholic team.
    so that people like me (who dont get the invitation) will be able go there..

    i really really want to be part of the shopaholic team as:

    1. i am well addicted to like make-up is my drug..haha! well, that is the truth..(so that's why i always broke..*hehe*)
    2. i'm a big fan of mac..however, i cannot afford to buy all the things as i am still a student. (although, i do have some pocket money). so, if somehow i am selected as the team members, you sure just made my day!!! :)
    3. If i am selected, it will be my first time going to the sales..cause i never went to any warehouse sales before..i live in kuching but i'm studying this will be my chance to be at the sales..
    4. I don't mind to get up as early as 4 a.m to get the stuffs that i i told u, i am make-up freak..hehe..

    hopefully, i will be one of shopaholic team!! *YEAY*

    so this is my details:

    Name: Anniza Binti Zahedi
    Location: USJ, Subang Jaya
    Sex: Female

    thanks for doing this i wish i get to know your blog earlier..nice one!

  28. Wow I wish I could write like all the other people, they said such nice things
    I'm not sure if I can get or not but I'm gonna try anyway
    First of all, I cannot lie about this, I did not have much knowledge about make up and stuff and I seldom use make up
    But until recently I got some "teachings" from my friends and cousin, who were all very nice and taught me a lot of make up tips and stuff
    I haven't got any make up stuff yet so I would like to grab this opportunity and get cheap make up stuff so I could beautify myself too
    And I am from Malacca (but I'm studying in KL currently) and Malacca does not have any warehouse sale that I know of so...
    Yeah this would be my first ever
    BUT arming with the experiences I've learned from your blog, I am sure I know a trick or two regarding warehouse sale ;)
    So if you're giving me the invite, thank you
    But if you're not, I understand, that you have limited invites and I suck at writing anyway haha so, no matter what, ENJOY YOURSELF THERE EVERYONE!!!
    Name - Sandra
    Location - Bangsar
    Sex - 100% female! =)
    Email address -

  29. i feel sicks when im not join this Estee Lauder's Staff Sales...
    i want to shops and shops and shops till i drop... till my money gone...

    Name: Fara Nadiah
    Location: Ampang
    Sex: of course Female

  30. Dear Miu,

    I want to join the shopholic team because...i'm a shopaholic myself and I will be sinful not go for this 1 and also being in the team means each of us need to have different kind of skills and technique, as for mine, u have witness in stila klcc, i have eyes like an eagle and hands of THUNDER, snaps things very fast..and joining the team means we will analyse and strategise before ATTACK and that make u a smart shopper not to simply just buy. And we will form up a line to with our hands and heart join together to fight against the Q-cutters. And I take very good picture okay, so this skill also important so can share the pictures with u girls for blogging purposes. And most important of all, I am friendly and chatty u wont get boring with me while queing up to pay !!

    Name ; Jess Lee
    Location : KL
    Sex: Female

  31. miu... do have an extra invitation card??? plz... i really want it... on saturday, im working so my office is near by... by jln kaki i can reach there... this is my email:

  32. I'm roarrring to go.. :) (U shld hear my say this out live.. Lol!) I'm good company & i shop much too much for the good of my pocket... Gooo Team!! ;p

    5 mins away frm Renaisc Hotel

  33. oops...i've forgotten to leave my particulars here.
    name: lizzie
    location: KL
    sex: female

    pick me!! pick me!!i'm so desperate for this!! muaks~ :D

  34. hey Miu...i need another 1 invitation for my sister who lived in Malacca which also a shopaholic just like me! Actually this is our 1st time going to the Estee Lauder sale and i'm super exited!FYI, right now she's taking her bus ride from Malacca to kl just want to go to the sale, with me. But if i don't get another invitation for her, then kesian laa...If u willing to give me another 1 card, we will make a strong shopaholic team.

    Email me (
    Name : Ayu
    Sex : Female
    Loc : Wangsa Maju, KL

  35. what is it between girls and make up???

    gosh, such good response, was thinking even of asking if got "green lane" or not, basing on our "long term relationship" ehem....nay, i don't think my wife is Estee Lauder kaki. if she wants, i tumpang you buy only lah, easy right? hehehe. save my credit card.

  36. ---------entries not accepted anymore-----------

    I have selected some potential candidates and sent out emails already. If you do not get an email from me, it means you were not selected.

    emails will be sent out today, so check your email inbox to see if i have sent u an email

  37. me no 11 la......sit n que gang >_<"" miu mail me ur HP number pls .....

    tutu J

  38. waaaaa... i miss tis contest...i jz get my internet connection after 3 weeks...waaaaaa...i wanna go...

    mui...i need ur fever...can u buy 4 me estee lauder blusher code 06 - rose desire...

    soob...soobb..i will pay extra...

  39. babe i not sure if mac sells this also... last year macam tak nampak pun :(

    i shall be on the lookout for it, but no guarantee.

    Kindly email me your details at

  40. thanks mui....i will email u my detail...

  41. miu! so sad i cant go but do u want to be personal shopper again? i did sent few things dat i wish like private collection perfume tuberose gardenia

  42. no guarantee but i be on look out for it ok? i got ur email.

  43. hey miu,

    any idea when is this year's estee sale? could it be june or july 2010?


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