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Estee Lauder Staff Sales Spy

I woke up at 2.30am getting ready 2 go to much awaited Estee Lauder Warehouse Sales that only happens once a year and strictly by invitation only (or so the case may seem when there's no crowd). WHY SO CRAZY? hello people, we're talking about brands like MAC, BOBBI BROWN, CLINIQUE, DKNY, ESTEE LAUDER & so on! for the beauty hardcores, this is the Must Go Warehouse Sales of the year! by hook or by crook!

U HAVE BEEN WARNED! this is a long post with pics!


  1. omg my ugly pics, u photoshop for me 1st ? ish ish ~~

  2. hehehe, photoshop me too, I look like hell, hahahha =D

  3. Miu...I saw u while lining up for sister ask me to say hi to you...but feel like so segan la...hahaha...
    but then u looked at funny like u can hear us talking about u or mayb u do...haha... =P
    Hope can join u next time...hehe..

  4. no photoshop! pay $$ if wan me photoshop!!

    Ameh Wahab: omg babe? i look at u? urm urm i was just spying on your juicy haul saja!! hehehe....

    but babe!!! next time call me lah.. then we can be friend!!! yah no need segan...semua shopaholic shopaholic sini!


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