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I love Clarins Facial


I went to my Clarins Institute @ 1utama yesterday to redeem my member voucher rm100 with one of their facial treatments. FYI, I love their facial & body treatments but just coudn't afford it :( sob sob. However with their current promotion, I couldn't say no anymore! Angie, my beautician friend told me that their having a 5+1 facial package RM990 (buy 5 free 1 more) but what's special is I get extra 6 free luminious eyes treatment worth rm480 free this month when I buy facial packages! YAY yippee. I adore Clarins very much & my facial at Beyond Beauty is not very hopeful anymore so I decided to invest in a Clarins Facial Treatment Package as a treat for me this year.

Why I love their facials? First it's painless (no blackhead extractions) and they're using their skincare range products that's suitable for my sensitive skin (I've very sensitive cheeks sob sob). It's also very relaxing and I enjoy every minute of it. Soothing music in the background, cloudy skies painted on the wall, aromatherapy of clarin's signature scent fills the room, oh wow. Not to mention their facial treatments has improved! with new oils to pamper us. I don't need to say how good their facial right? I always leave looking refresh, relax and glowy ^_^

Did I mention that it's not just facial? bcoz they give u a hand scrub & massage with their oils as well? Imagine now I have luminious eyes treatment for free too! coz i am having serious puffy panda eyes now due to overblogging at night. Gosh and Clarins didn't even have to pay me or give me any free facial treatments to say a good word about them! imagine that :)

This is my calculation of my $$ scheme:

1. Clarin's Facial Package 5+1 RM990
(each facial is RM198 for 1 hour)
2. Free 6 luminious eyes treatment RM480
(each cost rm80 for 30mins)

My package is worth actually worth:
RM198 x 6 = RM1188
RM80 x 6 = RM480
= RM1668

Right now only RM990 (I save RM678)
(- less) member voucher rm100
I pay RM890 only (I save another rm100)

They give installment payment scheme! (2 times)
1st installment I paid only rm395 *whopee*
2nd installment I should pay RM495
(save money by that time to pay! haha)

each facial cost me? RM165 (instead of rm278)

What I'm paying for Beyond beauty? RM111 per facial for my package
(top up rm50 i can get better facials n services at Clarins! grrr..grrrr....)


  1. wow.. sound like you have good time. :)

    hehe..can't afford any facial for me.. so diy :(

  2. uhhh too bad im so broke right now :( i so so love their facial too after the one-time experience. SIGH.

  3. i wonder, do they have first timer promos?

    i feel like trying after all the reviews! and wow for extras!

    which facial are you taking? do update us on the facials Miu!


  4. Sherry: DIY is fun too!!! T_T but I don't have time to do it sob sob.

    prettybeautiful: i fallen in love after the La Massage treatment 3 years ago sob sob.

    Abby: they do actually! but u will have to approach the Clarin's counters (not the institutes). For 1st timers they give a 50% off. You can call up to inquire about their 1st time facial offer. Their PR rep told before at the Clarins Workshop.

    The beautician said which facial will be determine on my facial day, where she will assess my face "needs" and recommend which type I need.

  5. What do you mean approach the counters and not the Institutes? How does that work?

    Ooo...so it might be a different one every session?



  6. what facial package did u sugn up for miu? for sensitive skin or the hydration one?

  7. abby: I signed up at the Clarin's Institute, they specialize in treatments :) or rather their center is made for treatment. Bigger spacious nicer rooms.. there's also baths... the treatments is also longer and more pampering goodies like hand mask/scrub. Each time u go, the BA will assess your skin and needs and select/recommend which type of facial u need.

    Pamela: for clarins, the facials are mostly rm190, so when u sign up, it can be anything that you face need at the time of facial. The Beautician will assess and select/recommend which type. For instant if at the time i go, my face is too dry, she'll recommend hydration :)

    if my face is too puffy, water retention/etc she'll advise for the lifting facial :)

    as my skin is also sensitive, their hydration facial suits me the best :)

  8. Hi Miu,

    Can I know what do u mean when u said that ur beyond beauty package is not hopeful? I just signed UP for their package, hopefully i would know if they are ethical or not, i really don wan to experience the same cons again from what i have experienced in NYSS..

  9. for my package experience, i am very disappointed with them. The branch I go to, always change beautician and they're all new faces n young girls each time. Some of them shortchange my treatments since the earlier people who do for me is gone. Like i'll get shorter sessions and somethings like eye treatment goes missing. The branch I go to is not pushy, but they have started asking me to upgrade my package since I have 3 or 4 sessions more to go. With the disappointment I have with them and the amount of money i pay for, I lost hope to go back and would rather go to Clarins or Kanebo.

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  12. Beyond beauty voucher at gropon is joke.. I got rejected bcos their system is not updated??? I mean seriouslyyyyy??? Why bother having a promotion if they cant be flexible in marketing strategy.. Isnt that the idea of promotion is acquire customers but it doesnt seem that way with them... Overall am just so dissapointed over their kiasu excuse and they not professional in service industries... Dont go to beyond beauty mid valley.. Their so annoying..


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