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Obsessed Movie Preview


Just came back from Cineleisure. It was a torturous 2 hour long boring movie staring Ali Larter, Beyonce and who's that guy? Seriously, the movie Obsessed, is really slow, boring, repetitive and sigh purleezzeee how many mental woman movie obsessed with your husband have we all seen? enough to put this one to shame. The movie started out slow, very slow. Towards the ending, the secondary character suddenly became the main character of the movie with more dialogues than the husband who =_= gave us a bad ending by just coming home late and hugging his wife after she "cat fight" with the "other woman". The only thing that was exciting is the cat fight, other than that this movie will bring your guy to utter boredom. Well ok maybe not some guys, but my guy was snooring away for 2 hours. Well Ali Larter did a good job acting like a mental "heroes sitcom impersonation". No offense to Beyonce fans but Beyonce's acting is kinda blah in this movie, kinda like in her mtv videos. Don't even talk about the guy, the only thing good about his acting is his macho buff body that he kept showing us.

BAH I rate this 1/5 stars for boring, mental woman obsessed with your hubby kinda movie. I so believe they could've DONE MORE for this movie! what year are we in anywhere now?!


  1. I saw this movie on DVD, pretty disappointing and I agree everything you have to say about it. Beyonce's acting was pretty bad, like as though she was in a music video or something, haha. Then again, she was the producer of this movie.

  2. HUH she produced this movie? no wonder a bit.......... "female". My bf cursing away from draggin him watch this movie. Sigh........... lucky u watch dvd Cas. Btw i got your spa link, i'm itching to try it! thanks :)

  3. Did you know that Skin Nutrition was actually giving out free tickets to this movie..

    But I guess.... its probably not worth the time.. accordingly, since reviews of the movie hasn't been so good...!

  4. Hi, nice movie , i liked it very much . if you want to Download obsesses movie , you can visit here


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