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My name is Tammy and I've been blogging for over 8 years now. I started blogging because I wanted to share my beauty hauls and lifestyle experiences. I'm also a pro-consumer, which is probably the fire in my life.

This blog is now happily written by the cutest couple you've ever seen. Gareth's Irish while I'm Malaysian. We met in the most unexpected way possible and since then have been in a loving relationship. He loves to eat, drink and try new exciting things (even extreme sports) while I love the quieter things in life, like spas, massages, shopping and beauty! But we have something in common, we both love travelling.
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girls this is what you've ordered!

Here goes Miu again! shopping shopping shopping! but it's not for me! it's for girls who had placed orders since yesterday to ask me help buy H2O products! fyi it's from USA, origins Paris! I've not tried H2O before but the colorful shower gels & pouch set attracted me to try since they're having warehouse sales at 1utama @ Bargain Corner. I'm giving free personal shopping services to all my readers as a treat :) this month.

this fabulous 70% off set is at rm3o only!
5 items inside
marine cleansing gel 30ml
dual action eye makeup remover 30ml
face oasis hydratin gel 8ml (star product)
lip oasis 48 hour plumping gloss 3.5ml
ice water cooling mint body wash 60ml

this set was feature in March, 09

guess how many I bought? RM30 only!

If you're interested to buy the Limited Edition Beach Bag Set for RM30 only! email me at tammylci@gmail.com. Postage charges rm10 WM, RM15 EM (under 1kg).


  1. woo Miu. bravo...good deed. hmmm very inviting to see your haul. but, i guess, i have to pass on this one.

  2. you are so nice offer free service.. if only I know what to buy.. haha.. dont see it hard to buy..

  3. good job miu,giving free service to readers. not many like u out there, keep it out babe, on the way to b celebrity blogger liao!!

  4. hi miu....do you have a web add for this brand. need to see wht it is all about la...

  5. wow!! there arent many ppl like u out there! Bless u!

  6. see ya in the lead... you can win !! :).. go check email now!

  7. congrats you won right? the bb contest

  8. miu...
    thnks for the H2O beah bag
    muahx...you r my saviour.
    sorry susahkan you for the special arrangement on Friday tu ye.
    u are superb!!!


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