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Corus Hotel Warehouse Sales Spy


Finally I can blog about this morning's horror story *lol*. I went to the Prestige's Warehouse Sales with my boss as she wanted to restock her gifts this year and have a look at the cosmetics. This is the famous Armada/Corus Hotel Fragrance & Cosmetic Warehouse Sales which I have been going to for the past 4 years. Popularity is growing and the crowd gets worst each opening. I find it easier to differentiate warehouse sales by the cosmetic brands they sell, namely this one features Givenchy & Paul and Joe.

At 10am there is already a line formed across the level 1 up to the entrance of the sales. When I arrive it was time to go in so whoosh the crowd goes in fast! No bags/handbags allowed so u gotta bag & tied it up at the bagging table yeah! Do take an extra bag to put perfumes in them n carry around.

The first thing that caught my attention is the Barbie sets when I walked in. It's pink and cute so I grabbed like 2 and went around the hall checking out what's left, what's new and old. 90% of the items are previous sale leftovers. You can tell they're trying to clear all their stock away and the hall is half the size of 2008 Corus/Armada Sales. This only means plenty of room to sit, chat and check your goodies on the floor in which you'll be lucky if you're not shhhhhhuuuuuuhhh off by the warehouse sales ppl trying to control the crowd.

Moschino Love set RM110

There are of course a few new items that I've not come across before like the Barbie set I was mentioning and Popeye @ Moschino Love set that's kinda hideous but still you can't help staring at it hahahaah!!!! The Set cost RM110 and it has EDT 50ml + shower gel 100ml + lotion 100ml. It also comes in another set with just the 50ml edt + shower gel/lotion @ RM105 (just rm5 difference u get another item in the set! haha).

Oh yeah you don't think i'll forget about the Barbie set right??? here's the picture I took at home of it. It's really such a darling, I should've taken more so u girls could have one too. The scent is so sweet, it's kinda floral, rosey sweet (whopping 75ml edt!). There's a camera in it too, not a digital one of course lol. I'm guessing it's a disposable camera? or those u put film in it and manually use it? This beauty cost rm39! a great gift for your daughter or teenage girl.

Paul & Joe

The cosmetic table were crowded with girls. I just couldn't get any decent look at it with the time I have. Since becoming a personal shopper, I have less time jotting down all the prices. Well it's good news for the warehouse sales people coz they hate me jotting down all their stuffs and showing to the world.

If you're a frequent visitor to this Armada/Corus Warehouse Sales, you'll know that the first day crowd is the worst. Look at the paying Q, one could almost sworn these are just the crowds browsing through the goods. Fat Hope, these are the Q-ing to pay crowd, filling up the hall and longer than the cosmetic tables itself. HORRIBLE? yes coz I started Q-ing up at 10.40am and already I had to wait 40minutes just to pay up. There was only 3 counters open and they are all so SLOW at it. People cutting Q, pretending to sneak into the counters even.

Well I started Q-ing up for my boss (being smart after my last 4 hour ordeal at Armada Hotel sales) and I quickly ring her up when I was reaching the counters. SO HERE'S A TIP to avoid a disastrous hour long Q at warehouse sales! Get a partner if u must. One starts q-ing up and another goes grabbing. Exchange duties if got time and pay together at the counter. I pity the people who grab 1 item n had to stand 4 hours just to pay. A girl cut my boss's Q by asking if she could tumpang. Well sadly a lot people are not too happy about this kind of "tumpang" but people are getting desperate seeing the Q crowd. The worst you could do is stand near the cashier counters n pretend you're next in line. I saw a couple do this, they were standing near and then pop.. suddenly they're in your Q ready to pay up too.

The Red Zone is the Q-Crowd Zone! it's like a snake going round and round! the lunch hour was crazy but I manage to get out at 11.30pm after 40minutes of Q-ing up. DAM SLOW! can't they get more counters open or more "actively fast" cashier? I see cashier uncles and aunties counting, checking and bagging so slowly like there's no hurry?! Ok ok don't be mad, so here's some pictures of what I bought today.

Armand Basi Red RM55 & Blue RM59
Jean Arthes RM19 (cheapest single perfumes around)

Victoria Beckham's Intimately Night Set RM33
(15ml edt + 75ml gel)

David Beckham's Intimately Night Set RM59
(50ml edt + 150ml cream)

Givenchy VIG Men's set rm119
(100ml edt + 2 shower gels)

Mango Adorably 30ml RM35
(all finish within 1 hour of opening!)

Moschino Love Set RM110
(50ml + shower gel 100ml + lotion 100ml)

Prices are about the same if not slighty more by few ringgit only from previous sales. I decided not to take down pricing anymore after having to always jot the same things down. It's still useful to follow my pricelist and estimate how much the range could be for the brands. You can still budget for it and know what to expect.

Parking is hell, don't get summon by DBKL coz I know someone did! Carpark full in the morning on first day, podium carparks (which is infront hotel) cost RM10 regardless of how long u park there. Jockey are RM15.

Getting to the Hotel should be no problem at all, I always take taxi to warehouse sales coz I know it'll be hell trying to park, find my way etc. Sure it's expensive by taxi but you'll get there in time (if u travel early) and u definitely won't get lost. A cheaper alternative is by LRT and walk your way. Google up n check the maps if u do this! :)

Dress light and comfortable! you may never know how long you'll be stuck in a sardin cramped hall and start to appreciate big pockets that hold your purse/hp. Bags just gets in your way after a while, but hey bring it if you're planning to carry your goods in it.

Is this sale WORTH it to go? well that depends on you. There's good & bad about every sales. I could say the good thing about this one is that they feature the most single lowest priced perfumes among all the warehouse sales I go to. If you like the brand go for it! The crowd gets better after the 1st day so don't worry about being stranded for hours. My favorite is still the Anna Sui warehouse sales which is hiding now and I don't know when they'll come up again sob sob.

OK that's all :) I'll be talking about the perfumes in my other post! so as not to mixed this up. Ask me anything & I'll try my best to answer u!


  1. Hmm..people cut queue is becoming norm nowadays.. We got few so-called friends came toward us then chit-chatting then asked to cut queue. When we rejected, they still squeezed in.. fortunately they got scolded by people at the back n walked away.. haha.

  2. I am interested in the P&J cosmetics.any info??

  3. im also waiting for the anna sui warehouse.....

  4. i went at lunch time; got stuck so i left n came back after work.yeah, i work nearby. wen i came back dat a/noon d guy at the entrance (dat bagged ur bags hehe) said u actly can just choose n keep ur items at the cashier n cum pay later.huh! ALOT of ppl did dat actly.wel, nex year den!!n dat time there were NO gift set of beckham.i onli got d perfume 30ml @RM49!! me so pissed!!

  5. Huhu.. I'm waiting for the Anna Suit & Escada warehouse sales too! Purposely didnt go for this one coz i wanna keep my money for the Anna Sui shindig. Do gimme a holler when u find out when that is ok!

  6. hi there. this is my 1st time reading ur blog. gud job!

    went to this sale on saturday (2nd day).reached there around 10+am. managed to get free parking outside the building (woohoo!!) and only few ppl when i arrived.

    only few brands left compared to ur entry. i managed to get beckham 75ml for rm60. given my experience with pink beckham (i bought over counter), i expected this version should be better or at par with the pink one.
    but guess what..........it didnt last long. i knw it's edt but my other edt at least lasts for couple of hours.
    seriously..i was very very frustrated. i sprayed at 7am and i didnt smell it 15 minutes later!

  7. cakpong: hi thanks for your comment! it's just a personal blog of mine :) but i am surprise ppl r readin it.

    the pink beckham? hmm i din try that yet, i got the purple one instead which is not too bad the smell. I use it for night time when goin out clubbing. Mine was ok though, however Corus has been receivin complaints about smell not lasting long. Must bkful already.


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