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Message for my dear readers

Hi girls, if u have commented before or left a chat message or email me, I am so sorry if I didn't get back to you. I will just a bit slow as I work and only have time when I do everything else finish. I really love receiving your emails & comments, please keep them coming!! Subscribe/Follow me if you wish to know updates from my blog coz I can't email everyone about it T_T sob sob.

For Christian Dior warehouse sales, since it's a working day I am unsure if I can go. The only way I see is to take 1/2 day leave or if my boss wants me to bring her there. I'm currently stashing on Stila so my interest for Christian Dior is very low. However if you girls would like my service to go purchase some good stuffs for u, I might go and kill the Christian Dior sales by myself for everyone (more worth time). It's not here yet, so I will confimed a day or two before the sales start. 



  1. Hi Miu,

    Any news if the Dior Flight set will be available at their sale?

  2. dior addict lipstick or perfume maria?

    Von: sorry din check with my friend, can't find her business card anywhere.

  3. miu,
    perfume..i luv the smell

  4. didn't see it the last round, probably ppl grabbed already in the coronade hotel early like in 10mins...gone? coz i went there during their opening din c

  5. agar-agar lipstick and lipgloss how much?i only want go there grab lipstick and lipgloss nia...

  6. rm25 or 30 i think lipsticks?
    rm45 for lipgloss

  7. miu darling.
    will u went to CD sale tomorrow?
    i wish to hire u to buy me any compact powder no 020...

    from their prevoius sale, did u see if they got any blusher/eyeshadow for sale?


  8. Hi Mrs SyeDiz,

    i'm so sorry babe.. me can't go CD due to a lot of debt now buying Stila. Previous ppl who ask me help buy belum bayar lagi semua.


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