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When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • YSL Baby Doll Minis


    I have a friend who opened a perfume shop, but now she has to close it down. She's asking me for help to clear this perfume. After describing to me I google up the picture and found the miniatures she's talking about. Clearing at rm80 special price. Anyone wants to get hold of it let me know, give me your email. I don't have final details yet, but u can start reserving with me. In any case, when I do have a sample, i will take pics to verify its the same as the image above. Only sold at airports, now u can buy one at rm80. Hey even warehouse sales this price! Only limited quantities, let me know if u r interested. I will get back to you.

    Confirm it's the set in the picture. Manufactured in 1/2008. 7.5ml each. YSL Baby Doll. Clearance price rm80 (very cheap already). This is sold in airport only and I have only 15 sets for sale.

    YSL Baby Doll description:
    Baby Doll speaks to the woman who is naturally young at heart. She is sophisticated, yet clings to the lightheartedness of youth. A precocious beauty with a sweet, sensitive side, she's the center of attention and life of the party.

    Pink outside, pink inside, and chic in between, Baby Doll comes in a faceted crystal bottle, shaped like a spinning top, with a golden stopper.

    Almond Tree Blossom, Amaryllis, Amber, Mimosa, White Peony.

    Precocious. Beautiful. Enthralling.

    Before deciding to buy this from me:

    Pick Up Option:
    25th April at Pavilion (this coming Sat)
    Working Days 10am-1pm, 2pm-5pm TTDI
    After Working Hours 1u/curve/klcc at my convenience
    Weekends Mont Kiara Solaris

    By Courier:
    RM10 & I'm not responsible for damage/lost/etc caused by Pos Laju.
    (however so far nothing bad happen to my packages done by Pos Laju)


    1. wow...i want it....
      have another 1 pattern or not?
      is flower 1...

    2. ah got another pattern ah??

      baby doll for few types is it?

      hmmm looks like i really need get the sample first n take pic to see which one :(

    3. if u have go ur fr shop,can take some picture?
      i want miniature set only....
      cz i only collect miniature set...any brand also can~~~

    4. Hi Miu,

      I am interested regarding the miniature's perfume but I am not sure abt the fragrance. Can you let me know abt the fragrance if you have a sample? And is this the only miniatures perfume on sale?

      My email: jclues11@gmail.com


    5. i m interested wif it?
      bt which type of smell is it?
      n if i 1 2 buy it
      hw cn i get it?

      email me if u hv d details...

    6. miu, i'm interested in the aid Baby Doll perfume; I'm so in love with the pink color; but not too sure on how the rest of it smells like. Pls provide with more details once you have it, yea? let me know. suziana@gmail.com

    7. ok thanks for the response everyone!

      until i get to snap pic of the sample and confirm the details of the perfume, i will email u all. There's 15 sets left only. So who leave email, first come first serve.

    8. i want 2 set~~~if have 3 set also can~~~

    9. are ur fren selling other type of perfume also? i'm interested in dior cherrie both edt and edp, please email me if your friend have it k? thanks


    10. me want!! please send me your acc. no to my email puanbesar@gmail.com

    11. HI Miu,

      I'm new here..your new fans :)
      i would love to have one...but i am not available to collect it @ pavillion this Saturday as i will be going outstation for work..
      can i pay u 1st and collect it from you later?

    12. sorry Miu, forgot to leave my email address..my email add is : caixiuxiu@gmail.com
      hope to hear from you soon!

    13. Hi Miu,

      I love the pink one and would like to purchase it from you.

      May I have your account number?

      my email: fate272@gmail.com



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