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When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • LeSportsac Mook 35th Anniversary


    I rushed to KLCC Kinokuniya today after work to grab 3 copies of LeSportsac Mook's latest magazine which features their 35th Anniversary special! a free LeSportsac sling bag! There's 3 styles to choose from (the magazine content is the same):

    Beauty Doll
    (a Japan exclusive print)

    Candy Dots


    The magazines are sold at about RM55 each. I'd say this is really a good way to own a LeSportsac item condering they are so pricey in Malaysia! I dare say this is my 1st time owning one and I have all three styles yay!

    I bought all 3 styles

    the feature page on the freebies
    (the girl is so kawaii!)

    This sling bag can be used for various reasons as depicted in the magazine. You can use it for travel, storing your cosmetics (though not many), shopping sling bag, anything u can imagine. My favourite is the Beauty Doll design which is a Japan exclusive print! it has cute make up pictures on it. Voyage is kinda cool & casual while Candy dots is very sweet looking.

    the magazine has some pretty cool updates

    the inside look

    The sling bag is 18.5cm by 11cm and comes with a adjustable belt (errr bag sling thingy). Inside it's just really basic looking. I say it's quite an amazing freebie to be given with a magazine! Head to Kinokuniya KLCC to get one too if you are a LeSportsac fan!


    1. I want Beauty Doll!!!

      But the mags are pretty expensive to me...pokai liao~

    2. wahlauyeh~ consider RM55 great deal cos LeSportsac's stuffs are freaking overpriced!

    3. does dis mag sold in other bookstore such as times pavillion?

    4. Though I'm not really a Lesportsac fan,I LOVE those bags! Thanks Miu for all the reviews. Keep reviewing freebies like this, perhaps in the future I'll find something worth my moolah to spend on.

    5. Pink: hehe! go get from kinokuniya!

      traclyn: yah expensive but the slingbag is worth it! ^_^ now i also pokai buy 3 mags.

      meiwah: how much does it normally cost? i know it's expensive but not very sure how much range it is.

    6. macchiato: u can try calling them up to see if they do import the mag in? the magazine title is:

      LeSportsac Style
      35th Anniversary Special!!

      Jojoba: thank! are u gettin the slingbags too?

      for u girls who's interested, u may order it from Kinokuniya n go pick it up when it arrives. These are the title of the magazine and what style to choose from. Style 1-3 (click on the link to see which design sling bag)


      If u placed an order, it will come between 2-3 weeks.

    7. No,I've aleady spent so much on stila & shopping over the weekend. So I just can afford the bad this time around. =(

    8. alamak, so chantek...
      normally the bags cost more than RM100 plus...my current sling bag from them pun rm159...

      should or shouldn't i buy them?
      wat laa Miu, now make me think about the bags day and nite...hehehehe..:)

    9. wawajoe: haha since u say it's over rm100, now only rm55 and can cuci mata with the magazine! why not? :D

      i ada all 3 design pulak tu... huhuhuh

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