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  • How 2 Apply for Expatriate Work Permit?


    I'm going through the immigration website and feeling very scared looking at the procedures. Didn't know must do so many things! Can a third party company be appointed to apply work permit for another company's worker? haha!! omg can't believe i am asking such questions...


    1. i believe got 3rd party company help but there's a charges and still need the staff from the other company to attend sekali. Usually kena apply DP10(jawatan pegawai dagang) b4 proceed to DP11 (workpermit for pegawai dagang).

    2. thanks ann mah

      i got the DP10 & DP11 forms.

      got confused at the "approval needed by 6 agencies".

      if the company business is doing distribution, it goes under EC is it?

    3. i think approved by either one of 6 agencies base on the business activity of the co.
      my co. first application approval under mida coz business is manufacturing..lor.
      tapi kena write 2-3 pages surat why he/she skill sgt diperlukan dalam post in the co. lor.

    4. terlupa ans ur Q. i think urs one under EC if not under the 5 above agencies qua.

    5. Hi Miu, I'm Sheila

      With rgds to the appln for Work Permit, you can contact this lady - Cik Zarinah Zainal Abidin of Quantum Business Consulting SB (Mont' Kiara) HP: 012-281-3448 and (OFF) 03-6203-2519.

      She is expert on this cos the company I'm working is a Jap trading Co. and we have to apply work permit for the M.D. (Jap). U can give her a call and inform her tt Sheila frm Sumikin recommend her.

      As yr friend has mentioned b4 there will be charges lah.

      Just for your info and u can also compared with others too.

      NB: She can also do personally for you. Please check with her.


    6. Oh thank you Sheila for the info!

      I will contact her if i really can't do it. My boss lah.. wanna do things that we are not familiar with. Weird betul.

    7. You are welcome. Biasa lah. Ceo are always like tt.

      Oh btw I have send you an email and wld like to know how to contact you in case i need to buy sum items from you (HP: 016-2060-613). Luv reading your blogs and tks alot for your info. Mmmm interesting.

      I luv the stila like the umbrella so cute and pretty. still available. Do let me know.

      Tks alot/Sheila

    8. bosses are like that i do agree with u.. they think they pay your salary so u suppose do all kinds of donkey work for them. Then they go minum kopi with friends n complain their staff is overpaid bla bla work sharp 5pm go back. Hello what is wrong with going back at 5pm? that's what stated in the contract. Orang putih pun tak digunakan macam tu. All hail overseas working rights!!!

      sorry umbrella i din buy extra :(

    9. Hahahaha You are absolutely correct.

      Nv mind its ok. Tks


    10. our co. also hv a consultant for this. coz first time application done by consultant...then follow up renewal done by us !! coz 0.00 cost..sigh. Ape blh buat, kena buat renewal juga..if u need, u blh kasih tau i.i sent info to u.

    11. hi miu
      just saw ur posts...perhaps i can also help u with that...m currently attached to one of a big co which handle mnc global moves...can't put details here sorry...

      drop me a mail @ xnedra.dra@gmail.com if u r interested :)


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