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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Personal Shopper Miu Stila Rescue!


    Whoah, ever since the clearance started, its as though I'm in a warehouse sale mode! I get emails, sms and messages to ask look for certain items and help buy items. Well u know the drill! if u want me to get something for u that's out of stock already and very hard to find, let me know by email! I do what I can! personal shopper fee included! Just relax, stay home and you don't have to worry about going to the counters and finding out things are gone. If I can find it among the counters, I'll get it for u!

    As another shopaholic once says "I'll go CIUM BAU KETIAK KAT SALES" for u girls!

    Leave comments with your order & email here. I get back to u!

    sample pic from DermStore on Convertible Eye Color in Stone
    (u can see it shows the eyeshadow powders too)

    update: this is a site i looked for when I need to see swatches on Stila cosmetics. It has some basic Stila product range and colors but may not have all of it or the latest. Nevetherless it's a great sourcing site and u can see colors there for convertible eye lids, eyeshadows, lip glosses etc!


    update (Sunday): I grabbed extras Convertible Eye Color in Onyx. Anyone interested email me pls at tammylci at gmail dot com. It's black eye liner that comes with pearl eyeshadow pigments, which can be used as a highlighter/eye opener. After blending it's a transluscent shimmery color! nice!!! kinda like All Over Shimmer powder/liquid.

    Lip Shine SPF20 in Sarah x 1
    Lip Color in Dominique x 1
    sheer pressed powder in light x 1
    E/S Pan in Poppy, Fever, Tone.
    E/S mineral matter pan in Champara, Nanda Devi.
    Long Wear Lip Color in paramour


    1. Hi Miu!

      Wow can't believe i'm the first to post my comment in this entry.. haha.

      Well, as per prev comment i posted, I'm interested in the convertible eye colour... Not sure what shades they have, but i do have a black eyeliner so am kinda looking for something abit diff.. dark brown perhaps? Stone shade is nice too... hehe.

      Also, i dunno if they have good compact powders, so i'm gonna have to ask ur expertise on this Miu... also, need to know the discounted price... Am thinking of getting one for a gift...

      Lemme know what u think: mochafrappez@yahoo.com

    2. U r one fast bunny, stalkin my blog? concentrate workin lah!! (ops.. crab teaching another crab to walk).

      Ok i shall looked for stone for u. Something different from black, but not too dramatic am I right? stone is one of the best selling colors. Other colors to consider could be Berry.

      u can see the colors (or any stila products colors) from this http://www.dermstore.com/product_Convertible+Eye+Color_15076.htm

      As for compact powders, they're good! considering the price now is rm40 per refill for foundation founder (rm20 for casing). Still a bit steep compare to other pharmaceutical brands but it's a keeper believe me. U should try the treatment powder. It's good for dry skin. No dry skin also ok lah bcoz we need all the moisture we can get from this HOT weather.

      My description on the treatment powder (rm60). On first touch/feel/dusting on your hands/face, u can feel a cool icy powder. It's like snow powder, i can't believe myself also when I first tried it. Nevetherless I have never tried any powders that give such a feeling, so I bought 1 last year to use. I use it casually as face powder to hydrate my face. It can be used after your foundation.

      dust it on your body also np! it gives a light shimmer glow.

      oh la la.. omg if i keep talkin one by one ppl gona scold me for not tellin earlier... sob sob

    3. hi miu, cld u pls find for me stila lip shine in chelsea..how much ya?

    4. i find the convertible eye color really worth it. so far i've been to the counter twice and guess wad. i came back with nothing still.

    5. Haha.. yalor stalking ur blog coz i'm excited to try Stila products..

      Actually been busy with me blog today coz i've just updated it with the latest tudungs i have for sale and ive been receiving mail/sms/calls since morning (hey i'm not complaining!! haha) so sambil2 tu tgk ur blog lah.. boss oso not around so... HE HE HE >:D

      OK confirm i want one convertible eyeliner. I'm just worried that its too light for my rather tan skin but nvm lah! Abt the powder.. hmm.. anything else thats not too shimmery? The person im buying it for isnt realy into glam-glittery stuff... huhu.

      Thanx heaps babe!

    6. Miu.. the Clove shade is nice too.. so if Stone dun have, that would be my next choice.. huhu. Thx

    7. babe: ok stone/clove me will kiv.

      on powder, ur friend's face oily/dry/combo? looking for pressed powder or finishing powder?


    8. hi miu,

      wonder if you can get me the perfecting stick foundation in shade E or D (or both - LOL).

      i went to their counter at Pavilion today and most are out of stock already.

      Only managed to grab the smoothing pressed powder and the convertible cheek & lip color. they sold the case and the powder separately.

      thanks babe :)

      contact me at neaevia at yahoo dot com

    9. hi Miu...

      is it da hydrating finishing powder is good...?...this is first time i wanna try it...if u or anyone have experience on it...pls share with me....=)

      i'm wanna try any press powder/finishing powder from stila by da way...do help me on this..wish one offer better coverage and good for combo skin...

      u may email me at zzainatul@yahoo.com

      thanks miu...

    10. hi babe..my fren looking for ayeliner with red gold dust..ever heard of that??i dont know that's why im asking u in case u know where to find it

    11. Miu.. i think u're gonna have to make an entry about stila powders next.. huhu.

      Well the person im buying the powder for has combo skin, and tan like me. She doesnt wear fancy shamnsy stuff, just the basic 2-way cake/pressed powder, some eyeliner and lippy. so no need to look for those glitter powder or finishing powder thingies.

      She used Dior's 2-way foundation b4(the one in dark blue casing).. but since i malas nk pegi the dior whse sale so thought might let her try stila instead... whaddya think?

      Oh and i seriously think we should dub thee "Miu the Stila Guru".. :D

    12. dear
      i nak kirim
      ~Illuminating Powder Foundation Refill SPF 12 - 50 Watts by Stila Cosmetics (0.35 oz.)
      ~Stila's convertible eye color in stone


      thanks miu, ilebiu

    13. noted everyone, i try get the things u want.

      dila: i think it's the shimmering eye liner in pink/blue/green? it's gold dust eye liner, but i din see it anywhere. Do u want? i grab.

      Haze: grabbed clove for u already. as for powders, need shades.. so i scare grab.

      tieracholic: me try ask SA yap! n get it for u.

    14. hi Miu...i wanna add 2 more...major major lash mascara and convertible eye clor in stone for my frenz....thanks miu....

    15. Oh thank you thank you Miu!! [hugz]

      Clove shade, eh? So i guess the Stone shade all out of stock? Nvm, bronze is nice too hehe :D

      No worries about the powder... will look elsewhere for the gift nnt. But just in case you have any extra un-reserved Stila products, just lemme know ok! Hehe

      Can i please have ur mobile no? I can collect the item from you at OU or TTDI... just lemme know when u're free okie!

      Anything just email me at mochafrappez at yahoo dot com ;)

    16. the kitten palette? >.< i think they doesnt sell anymore do they? since they released like last year.

    17. hey miu,
      is d treatment powder n d illuminating tinted moisturizer suitable for combo oily skin?

      pls email me at evachan23@gmail.com

    18. Miu dearest,

      i've gone to BU diz morn. but sum items i did not get. total damage were no as scary as urs thou. *wink*

      so now asking, are u taking any more orders?? *LOLz*

      if u are, help me get these..

      #1 - Lip Glaze..any 4 u can get [note: most importantly e 1st 4]
      - raspberry
      - fruit punch
      - cranberry
      - watermelon
      - papaya
      - guava

      #2 - brushes
      - #4s eyeliner
      - #28 smudge&line

      anything, u can reach me at.. hazerahamdan@hotmail.com

    19. hi miu,

      This saturday i've gone to the gardens stila counter but cannot get wat i want. I only get a lip glaze and actually i live in pd so i think i wont go anymore. If u r goin can u get sumthing for me??

      1)#6 lip brush
      2)#28 smudge & line brush
      3)#30 double ended shadow brush
      4)smudge pot trio set
      (if the trio set out of stock pls get me one smudge pot-black colour)
      5)glitter eye liner(silver lilac)
      6)convertible eye colour(stone or ivy)
      7)convertible eye colour(berry or slate)
      8)All over shimmer liquid lumizer(01)
      9)illuminating treatment powder
      10)lip glaze(guava or fruit punch or papaya)
      11)lip glaze(papaya or peach or guava)

      Thank alot!!
      my email:smartgal727@yahoo.com

    20. hi miu,
      yesterday i've gone the gardens isetan counter but i cannot get what i want. And actually live in pd and i think i wont go to kl within this two weeks. Can u pls get sumthing 4 me??If can pls reply me @ smartgal727@yahoo.com

    21. tierackholic: I asked the Sa for u, she said the hydratin finishin powder is better. If u wanna buy this, need to test out your shade at stila counter. The other 2 item that u wanted, i got it for u! :)

      penyapubaru: i got your items! email u already :)

      zera: i got for u cranberry, rest out of stock. I go check out stila klcc for u on other colors ok babe?

      eva: yes it's suitable for all skin! :) if u oily n combo, better used powder instead of liquid. The hydrating finishing powder is also good n is especially for oily skin.

      k.s: so far din see it being out, but stila will sooner or later sell it, if it's still in stock.

      smartgal: i got ur order too late, i check what i have n see if u can have mine first. Will email u.

      to the rest, if anything email me



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