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  • Air Asia Sux to MAX!


    A very late post but I just remember how angry I am at the stupid Air Asia. I think I will be emailing them a complain letter too tomorrow or when I have the time. I don't like to delay complain letters as the longer u wait to complain, the lesser the power of complain it will be as the incident is long pass.

    Back to Air Asia. My flight was on 25th March, 09. I paid extra just to buy seats for me & my bf to sit together. That's the whole bloody idea right of buying seats? if not I will just sit anywhere I want without charge. Well guess what? a day before my flight I decided to check my seats online at airasia.com. To my horror, my seating has change and somehow the plane diagram also looks different. It is not the same PLANE! and worst my bf and I are separate by a walking aisle n he's sitting with some other person who could probably be a super sexy chick. WILL bloody Air Asia compensate me for loss of future husband for this mess? and what happens if the plane crash? I am dying alone on my seat? KNS!

    Manage to re-select my seats in time *PHEW*. WHY DAM AIR ASIA DON'T INFORM THEIR CUSTOMERS IF THE PLANE CHANGE? Yes I only found out that we're not sitting on a "AIR ASIA X" plane while walking towards the plane. It has a big sign that says "AIR MARITIUS". I laughed with my bf's cousin that we're sitting on Air Maritius (and well it's not so funny anymore when I step onto it).

    ANOTHER BASKET thing happened. I paid for meals on board and this Air Maritius gave everyone free meals including those who did not pay for meals on board. OK SO WHAT IS THE BLOODY IDEA OF PAYING FOR MEALS ON BOARD WHEN EVERYONE GETS IT? Same thing happened on my flight back to Malaysia. FOOD FOR EVERYONE, paid or not! Their food sux anyway, not the nasi lemak I wanted from Air Asia. Taste like some shiat that has been in the washing machine on hot temperature.

    $%$%^&^&* SEATS DIFFERENT AGAIN FOR FLIGHTS BACK TO MSIA FROM PERTH! My original PAID SEATS were not available without my KNOWLEDGE! BASKET AIR ASIA! Instead I have to reselect seats online to avoid being thrown somewhere else again. BLOODY HELL, when I sit AIR MARITIUS back to MSIA, my seats that I select originally were consider "HOT SEATS" on that plane as it has ample leg space facing toilet. NO WONDER THEY JUST THROW ME SOMEWHERE ELSE WHEN IT'S MY PAID SEATS!

    @#$$%^%&^ is AIR ASIA allowed to do this?? Change your seats without your knowledge when u have already PAID for them? Change your seats without your knowledge because they're "hot seats" on their chartered plane aka Air Maritius? Why do I have to bloody pay for my meals on board when people who don't pay also gets the food!!! can i get my refund AIR ASIA?


    1. haaha..yupp..i agreeee.same goes with me with my last trip..they changed the time and the plane..they only sent SMS.our plane back to Msia supposed to be at 5 pm but they changed to 12pm..WTH rite??the reason i booked the late flight was bcoz i wanted to explore more..shop more..nasib baik i called AAsia and insist of changing my time..only 3pm available..so hv to ikut jela..what to do..penerbangan tambang murah!

    2. hello sista, you pay peanut, expect some monkey lah.

      for me, i normally try to avoid air asia unless they are like super cheap time. so, if i am paying for a bus rate to take a flight, i don't complain much (still grumble though)

      actually, budget airlines are for short hauls only. anything about 2 to 3 hours, better to pay more so you don't suffer, mentally and physically.

      and, and, and hor, i would like to say this "I TOLD YOU SO" ngek ngek ngek

    3. better complain ASAP...give all flight detail everthing, sometime they take thing easy, because usually Malaysian are very pemaaf, so they just laid back on it.

      I havent try Air Asia X yet, but reading this, i think i have to double think again...

    4. Huhuu, this is a scary thing since i'm going home this june by Air Asia from UK for 13 hours flight, and without the entertainment! Better that they will not change my seat next to my friends. If not, ill make the complain straight away after landing. ;pp

    5. I booked a flight with air asia during their horrible renovation time and literally non-existence phone hotline. I wanted to change my dates but when I call anytime of the day, no one ever picks up the phone. I emailed them and got an auto respond to call them. Almost a month passed by.
      Later I send them a complain letter when they gave a specific emails to complain. Only then I got a call from them but by then I burned my flight tickets... manage to get a little refund though after all my effort and complaints.

    6. aiyo like this can ask them go F themselves lor .........

      tutu ( j )

    7. Maybe AirAsia X should be renamed: AirAsia suX? Huhu.

      Had my own bad experience last year, on my trip to Sabah with my then 8mth old baby. I haven't been on a plane since i was 5 months preggy so I didnt know then that they no longer allow mothers with babies to board first, so i simply chkd in and went straight to the front of the Q, thinking that they will call upon ppl with kids to board first.

      That was when i got berated by the AA staff. He refused to let me in becoz i didnt hv Xpress Boarding. I didnt even know heads or tails what it was, and the staff didnt even bother to try to explain either. I was humiliated in front of the huge crowd, tired as my baby was quite a handful and absolutely livid from arguing with the stupid staff. Luckily a nice man at the front of the line let me go ahead of him and I managed to get a seat up front in the plane.

      My point here is: The staff at the chk-in counter should be more attentive to the customers. When we chkd in with a baby in tow, apelaa salahnye tanya if we would like the express boarding pass? Its not like we're so hard up on money that we wouldnt wanna pay for our own baby's comfort! And the staff at the gate should also be more polite and understanding, you are a MALAYSIAN after all. Cheap tickets are NOT an excuse for incompetence and rudeness.

    8. if you're loosing a future husband just becoz he sits next to a hot chick, you can forget about his guy !! I think you should have better point to complaint to Airasia. By the way, it didn't happen to you ONLY. It happened to my friend too.

    9. hahaha.. i cant stop laughing reading tis.. it was suck and horrible, yet funny the way ur blog bout it!

      Luckily the last time me and my 6mths baby board a flight to Kuala Terengganu wif Fireflyz. Eventhough it was not comfortable, so sempit...(well it was cheap by the way) but we allowed to board first, the flight attendance was so friendly and sweet. Kudos to them.


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