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Stila KLCC Hauled!

the perfect goodbye

I just had to rush to KLCC to get the make up case. I was really surprised at the price, but yeah that's clearance price. For all you Stila fans out there, this is a must have seriously. It was difficult to get this make up case if Stila wasn't closing down in Malaysia. How difficult? well ok for us poor people, for the rich it would probably be a piece of cake.

There is only 2 ways to get it:

1. Stila GF Redemption program.
- For first time member a purchase of rm300 is required to become a member. You will get a star sticker for this (Citibank/HLB credit card holders promo spend rm200 only). Every subsequent purchases of rm150 above gets u a star. Collect all 10 stars within 6 months and you'll be redeeming a whole load of cosmetics and a make up case. Total u have to spend in 6 months to get it? RM1.5k above and must have receipt to prove it.

*however starting this year, make up case was not given anymore for member redemption.

2. During Stila GF Member Days/Bonus Link Sale day/Promotion Period
- This is the easiest way to get it if u have money. Spend above rm600 over and you'll get a make up case. Sometimes it was rm680 and sometimes it was lower. At times it was if u buy 4 of the holiday collections (eg talking palettes/lip palettes/holiday sets) you are can get 1 too.

Imagine my surpise that it's for RM50 now. Well only limited quantities available for each counter. I heard only 50 pieces per counter. Isetan Garden *sold out* and BU has started selling them off few days ago. I do not know about Pavilion but KLCC started today and its almost gone. *update jingy says Parkson Pavilion selling now*

I don't need to tell u about the size! Look at my pictures. That's the size haha. Ok la if really want to know the size I need to go measure it later. It can fit your Stila cosmetics that u have been buying. Why buy it? It's a collectible and you'll probably never see it again. For the price of a lip glaze on promotion u can buy it already. Put all your Stila cosmetics in it! it's just perfect for it. A perfect goodbye to all the wonderful Stila moments we have shared. A Make Up Case to close the deal. Thank you Stila.

It has a small holder inside. The make up case is quite solid (well don't go beating it with a stick and purposely dropping it on the floor, sure break!) and a cute handle for hand carry. A magnetic button secures the case, just be careful when you open it. I tore my lace while trying to open the cover. Just pluck it beneath the thick layer instead of grabbing your lace to open. It's kinda lilac color, patterned by Stila words and small flowers. There's a Stila girl on the side holding the flowers like a bride's maid. There's even a mirror inside. The only thing I don't like is the magnetic holder. I think it should be more secure than that. Don't want it to pop open when it gets too heavy yah?

Limited Edition and a Collector's Item. Get yours now before it's all sold out. I have purchased a few to give to my friends wedding in May. I hope they like it. Its not much but I have put in a lot of effort to get the make up cases. That's like days of stalking Stila & being the first few to get my hands on it.

Before I forget, I also bought the summer bag from Stila KLCC. I didn't see it in Gardens when I got my mug and umbrella. It's going for rm30. I had one 2 years ago and it's still in good condition. I bought 1 more to museum it haha! maybe i should ask for the Stila Mirors at their counter so I can make a Stila Museum room for myself. I think my bf will kill me.

This is a closer look at the print. It's a Sexy Stila Girl! I left KLCC at 6pm. There's still plenty there so you might have a chance still by tomorrow morning. MIUuuuu~~


  1. i also buy 1 at gardens,the pink pouch no more ady = =
    lastime i buy 3 set mini lipglaze set,they free this makeup box,then i gv my friend ady....

  2. wah u buy 3 only? i thought the minimun is must be 4 of the holiday set to get it? lucky lah u n ur friend!!! :)

  3. yah,RM120*3 when december get this makeup box,sa ask me buy more 3pcs can get 1 more..
    lastime i think too small cant put manything,so give my friend,now want use RM50 buy pulak = =
    klcc still hv pink pouch or not?i cant get at gardens jz now..

  4. so weird leh.. stila HQ told me buy 4 get it. I go counter buy 4 to get it n at that time they say no more make up case already. So i din get any!! arghh..

    Anyway i bought a few times already, total i should get 2 make up case but it's out of stock. Now i am getting 1 from BU, collect later lah. It's for the one that i never get in January.

  5. the pink pouch they still have!

    and a pink tote bag.. summer stila.. rm30 :)

    i din blog about this yet.. hahaha

  6. u means pink pouh ans pink tote beg still have stock?which counter?klcc or gardens....xsuka gardens sa....

  7. yes bothh

    after 3pm only they started selling so still got

  8. Thanks Miu post this on...
    i will weekup early terbang to KLCC
    hope still can get this box lah....

  9. CUTE to the max! and you must sayang your bf gau-gau for logging the stuffs for ya~ *wink*

  10. MIU dear ar....very teasing la...ur mini cosmetic case......i must pujuk my hubby take me to 1U get it......i wan cheap lor really for such a nice cute pink case......the cincai caplang brand also no 50 bucks lor.........


  11. i agree about the magnet popper. that't the only thing that would make me hesitate to buy it... but for collection, ok lah :P

  12. Gardens still have lots of make up set when i was there in the evening....

  13. Great buy! very pretty cosmetic case.

  14. I love the make up box.......
    Miu can help me to get one also??

  15. i got it too! vincent save one for me..i so like the case..really cute right!i think one tak cukup, macam kene ada 2...hehehe...


  16. MIU! I always am stalking on ur blog! :D so much useful info!!!

    true enough the case is cute and i got myself 2 of them :D

    gals if ur reading this now, GO TO PAVILION! the sa are friendly and i got mine there :) one of the gal went to the store room to get those for me and unbrellas too! :) so sweet of her (but i forgotten her name! :{ sob)

    and yes, some of the sa at gardens are hard to deal with. I reserved some items but they never call, for weeks (but whn i went i saw people buying the same stuff i reserved,i guessed they must b some loyal customers kua)

    anyhow, i went to gardens few times a week.i guess some of the gals recognised me, and occasionally showed me some eye trios, or lipsticks that werent on display,just for,try to b nice and they will be nice to u to :)

    If there are stuff that i can help any of u to get at gardens, do let me know :) i will try my best (let's pray the sa there are in good mood!)

  17. i managed to get hold of the makeup case as well :D if anyone is looking for it, drop me a line at saltc at hotmail dot com. i may have spares after my friends take their pick :)

  18. Ohhhh that cute summer bag, I have one too! Just got it this morng @ Pavilion.Yeah Nanna's right, Pavilion stila SAs are nice~ well they should be! We're the customers, aren't we? That's why I dont understand y some SAs u gals mentioned dare to b so damn snobbish?!

  19. i really love the makeup case...would really love to have one...wonder if they still have it this weekend? or maybe anyone willing to sell it to me ;p would really appreciate it! email me at

  20. Miu dear,

    I pinjam this post yea & link it to my blog. As a complete reference of how exclusive a Stila makeup case is.



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