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  • Stila Cosmetics Parkson 1 Utama


    my hauled today

    I manage to go 1utama today & check out the situation there. Seems they're pretty stock compared to Stila KLCC. Manage to get some of the items my friends asked me, that includes the very much sought after Smudge Pot Trio Set that costs rm70. It comes with a mini eye liner brush and 3 smudge pot (eye liner gel) in black, bronze and grey.

    They still have colours that I wanted for their convertible eyecolor which is a eyeshadow duo in one and has a smudge brush at one end. It's a fantastic eye thingy in one applicator. I shall review about it later after dinner. I have a feeling I need to review what is good to grab before everythings runs out. I got the famous stone colour for this at RM45. I use it as a eye liner, eye shadow. Day to night look can be done with this too.

    Almost forgetting that Stila has actually discontinue their Angel Light range last year or earlier but I manage to buy the angel light whitening refill powder at Stila KLCC for rm40 (retail RM110 for just refill! omg). No casing to be seen until I asked at Stila BU. So happy! the casing is a sweet angel light design in white for RM20 (it's RM45 retail for casing).

    I shall end this short & sweet post on swatches I done with the smudge pot set at Stila BU. The Bronze is a very nice brown colour kinda like stone (convertible eye color stone). The grey is ok ok can work with it and black is popular. I had these swatches on my hand since morning until now and they're still on my hand and did not smudge off or fade! even after I wash my hands many times after going to the toilet (eee... haha).

    Price for the above items:
    Angel Light Whitening Foundation casing RM20
    Illuminating Fondation refill 40watts RM40
    kajal eyeliner RM35
    kajal eyeliner sharperner RM8
    Smudge Pot Trio Set RM70
    Convertible Eye Color RM45

    *I hope u girls don't forget about the kajal eyeliner sharpener??

    Update (after sweeping & mopping floor haha):

    The Simple Guide for your Eyes.
    using the Stila's convertible eye color.

    this is the revolutionary eye tool by Stila
    "convertible eye color" a.k.a lazy girl eye tool
    dual eye shadow & liner
    RM45 now (retail RM98)

    this baby has 3 parts to it
    eye liner and a smudger

    stone is one of the popular colors
    it is a medium brown shade
    I use this for my day make up @ work

    (no don't worry it's actually the E/S brush!)
    twist slowly to take out eyeshadow brush
    (pre loaded with eyeshadow shimmer)
    *many ppl includin my mom just twist open
    and the e/s spill out! bkful!

    see just dab the eyeshadow on your eyelids
    it's soft and pigmented
    *u can create casual/work look

    blend with your eyeliner colour
    using the smudger (creatin smoky look)

    blend more for smoky effect
    line your eyes again
    (day to night simple make up!)

    OK u must be wondering why I draw an EYE on my hand? sorry my house lighting very bad, I tried to take pic of my eyes but very dark! when I use flash, I looked like Sadako from the Ring! SO I decided to draw on my hand an eye using the convertible eye liner and smudge it with eyeshadow to create the look. HAHAHA!!!

    In short, the Stila Convertible Eye Color is a 3 in 1 eye tool. It has eye liner, eyeshadow pigments (preloaded in the middle with a bud like brush) and a smudger on the other end. Each convertible eye color has different eyeshadow colors to blend with. You can test it at the counters. Stone color has a pearly shimmers that turns smoky shimmery brown when u blend it together with the eyeliner color. A simple tool to make up from day to night with easy blending and smudging. Of coz dun forget mascara your lashes ok?!


    1. Aiyo...dear, you didn't grab all the smudge pot trios ah??? I didn't know you went to 1U this morning. If not, I tumpang you 3 boxes of the smudge pot trios.....KLCC no more.... sob sob sob.....

    2. u mentined this
      "I got the famous stone colour for this at RM45. I use it as a eye liner, eye shadow. Day to night look can be done with this too."

      can show how to do the LOOK? n which product is that?

    3. Hi Von forgotten u wanted 3, i took 5 i think enough cover everyone including your 3 sets.

      lola: it's the convertible eye color, i shall post up a review later on it. U can do a simple day - night with it.

    4. :~~~(((.....ok lor....If you can't spare me 3 sets, 2 sets also will do lor.... Thank you, thank you....and 2 cherry crushes also...

    5. Hah, Miu u went there after me, that's the last 4 boxes of Smudge Pot they have, I manage to grabbed one...But they don't have any ready stock of their ES palette. Wish me luck, hope they still have stock this Friday

    6. eh dun have e/s palettes already? this morning sa told me still got. 4 boxes left? wow that's fast.. thought i can go grab somore. but nvm. Chuisy confident that stock will come in soon. Just reserved with her what u want.

      Vonvon: tentatively 2 box for u coz i wan keep 2 box myself too. If got extra i give to u yap!

    7. Ok, thank you, Miu dear. :)

      Chat with you tomorrow, ok?

    8. Miu, you should have let me know you r going *huh huh* I did reserved the convertible eyeshadow with KLCC but they only left brown & grey (if not mistaken), do you have spare, which color is that? & the smudge pot, should have tumpang you to get extra. Whatelse are good to have?? Do let me know ya b4 everything gone

    9. wah so stress lah have shopaholic friends! ish ish..

      lucky i grab 5 box and now it seems all the 5 belong to u girls at the end of the day.

      Vivian: can let me know what u have order? i duwan get extra when u have order, later SA marah. What else u r looking for? convertible i got extra stone color, if u wan u can ambik from me. Cherry crush get from me too. Smudge Pot set did u order? did u order at 1utama also? coz i heard the 1u SA told me my fren reserved. I duno which fren LOL. If u have reserve, then ur set is there. If u haven't i can let go one set to u.

    10. miu,so now which counter still have smudge pot set?
      kajal eyeliner i buy:smokey quartz
      convertible eye color i buy:teak,onyx,indigo
      actually i dunno is what color,cz i only ask sa gv me brown,black,grey color...

      i cant get any brush oh...sob sob...

    11. stila brush no.15 rm40 get from me :)

      i bought extra in case ppl wan hahaha

      it's a double sided brush for eyeshadow! nice~~~~~~~

      Stila KLCC left some eye liner brush rm20-30. But i din take lah..

    12. wah piang e i think i gonna make 3rd run again to stila , darn after i read miu latest post i think think liao hor must buy sumore......i think i gonna be bankrupt n hugh my stila haul in jail liao lah like this hahhahaha

      sound dramatic but is true

      tutu ( Jennifer)

    13. miu ar post more products pls with price it will help me with writing down my paper b4 i go ROB stila stall , the kajal liner how much ar?
      i mean after discount price


    14. wow! thts quite alot of stuff from one-u. I went to isetan gardens and they did not have much stock. tonite im going to one-u, n now i am contemplating to get the smudgepot trio or not, since i have extra greasy eyelid and everything smudged on me! *sigh* so i lost the confidence of buying before trying

    15. miss prettybeautiful ar.....i told u no regret u buy the smudgepot
      is my MOST holygrail stuff, even hot air like malaysia WONT SMUDGE , i believe we all women in malaysia have to bear with HOT AIR , GREASY and OILY stuffy , this thing work like wonder bra wonderful

      i sapu 5 boxes aledi, usually i buy the big pot la....but my lou kong say this more TAI aka worth , he calculate for me see 1 pot rm20 ( 3 pot ) then the brush is rm 10 <------luffing at him when he say that sound very woman hahaha

      i going again 3rd round ding ding damage currently reaching 1k+++ got any AH LONG here can borrow me money buy stila ar???

      tutu ( jennifer)

    16. tutu: wow got 3 comments from u tutu, u sound very.. very.. EXCITED MAD! u wanna know the price? ok ok sorry babe i shall update ok

      seriously.. ur hubby said that? i hereby confirm he is part woman..

      rm20 each? not bad? dun make me regret sapu 5 boxes for friends but not for myself!!!!!!! argrgghhhh.. if u got 1u n got somore tell Chuisy reserved for me!!!! 5!!! or what's left!!!! arghhhhh

      prettybeautiful: a lot of girls swear by smudge pot! u should get 1 and try! :) i test it whole day yesterday from morning to sleeping. With heat, sweat, water, working still on my hand! i guess it looked funny to strangers when i was at lunch too with 3 black/brown colors on my hand... uh..

    17. if no more stila in msia then damn ma fan order from oversea lor.....no count shipping cost,,,,lata kastam crazy no release and stuff.....even worse what if stila really bankrupt and no more =.="" so i buy stock up la....i monolid eye asian eye....no1 weapon is good gel eyeliner lor.....if really finish then must go buy MAC brand , and buay tahan with their SA lan lan si si KNS one lor........

      3rd i go buy illuminating foundation/primer like ur boss one /all over shimmer/ cream blusher and more smudge pot wahahhahaha i am craze liao lah.......then i must ask for freebies alot lot liao lor from her 1U SA buy so much....btw she give u mah freebies? tmrw oni i go buy la.....after i buy then i report to u back the stocks avaiable ok and ask when restocks

      tutu (j)

    18. didn't give me anything..

      both klcc n 1utama didn;t

      i spend 3.6k already.. get nothing..

      kns............................alwiz like that........

      u asked for the freebies or they give u willingly? what they give u! tell me lah

      btw.. u got BU contact or not?

    19. i call parkson then ask parkson connect me to stila......
      i thick skin one lor.....i ask no freebies ar?.....then she open 3 drawers full of milo tin ( brush holder la....) ask me choose ...first tot take 1 then i super thick skin say can take 2 ar....then she wink wink say ok la ok la cin cai cin cai so i take 2 lor......pink and white milo tin......i think u can ask also la....mai shy shy liao...last memories from stila in malaysia liao......u call or got go again ask for it ........damn it la....i wan the face powder n blush brush all clean clean KNS =.= ........
      today i go pavilion stila spy spy see what left......

      what is MAY they reduce price sumore how? then i maybe bang head to wall >_<"" scary

      tutu ( jennifer)

    20. 77252088 stila 1U number......


    21. tutu:if u have go buy stila again,can help me buy smudge pot set?i want 2 set...

    22. tutu: me also no freebies ler...i go klcc and the gardens....
      the gardens there still got many tin...ady ask her,but she say now is markdown,so didnt have any freebies,make me paiseh,haha.....

      if u have see smudge pot set,help me buy 2 set,ok?

    23. TUTU sound crazy already..but so happy & funny to see her comment! Miu ,even i sapu so much as i can,i also fell abit sad lah....no more Stila liao...what brand can we go for? MAC? BENEFIT? RMK? sobsob from:june

    24. I picked up one of the Smudgepot trios at the 1U outlet on Monday, but didn't get much else cos everything I wanted was out of stock.

      Don't bother going to the outlet in Isetan Gardens - so incompetent! Hardly any stock, and tried to sell me the pressed powder refill and the compact separately (since then it's extra RM20 for the case), summore didn't want to let me change until I kicked up a big fuss. Even then, everything I ask them answer is "dunno"...grrr...

      I saw the old Kitten Palette on display and wanted to get it, and one SA told me it's RM75 - I asked her whether she's sure since nothing else there is over RM70...then she was like "err..ah..it's RM70". Then the OTHER SA walked over and said "oh, that one not for sale, display only".

      So disorganized!! (and these were the actual stila counter girls, not pulled from other counters)

    25. miu...
      nice knowing u..
      ehhe tq for let go one day to nite look..
      really appreciate it..
      hope we can go make up hunting in future again :)


    26. Miu!!!

      Still got ah the convertible eye color?? If u still have extra i want can? Erm.. but wondering if the Stone shade will look good on me as am a lil bit on the tan side.. on ur fair skin looks great tho.. huhu

    27. haze: i think its great for any skin color as a eyeliner/shadow. It's natural, perks up your eyes. My eyes single lid small sepit, when use looked bigger. I order a few in onyx and stone. See got come or not the stock. Will let u know u can choose if my order come.

    28. beetrice:isetan@gardens only have one sa,others girl just help stila,they not very sure the price,many things was gone..
      the white shirt girl is stila one,others black shirt is other brand..

      miu:i really 4get the sharpener...omg..sa didnt ask me ler....n how abt lipglaze stick?they also have sales sharpener for this?

    29. miu wat do u still have email me pls...lily016@hotmail.com

    30. Owh really? Cool then. I have to admit i'm a Stila newbie.. never owned anything Stila before, so i'm tempted to try one. The Onyx shade's eye pigment is in what tone? silvery grey? The Stone shade's pigment looks bronze to me.. nice natural color... huhu.

      Are Stila's compact powders any good? Am thinking perhaps its better to get my sister a stila powder instead... huhu. What's the discounted price like eh?

    31. no Stila SA giving freebies away, i bought RM500 in 1 go in Pavillion (all for myself) they said can not give any single things, but their whole drawer is full of the pink cosmetic case, so stingy. The Garden Stila SA lagi teruk no smile at all

    32. Anonymous, the SA at Pavilion sucks! 1st, not friendly, then, slow and blur. I don't want to use words that are worse than what I already said. Spoke English to her, she didn't seem to understand, then, changed and spoke chinese (mandarin and cantonese) also she gave the blur look. really hak yan chang lor...

      Waaa...din know they had so many cosmetics case. I so want the Stila cosmetics cases and bags so much. all their accessories i so want.

    33. Miu, the drawing of the eye very nice, very real, shows out the stone colour very well. think gonna get the stone colour also.

    34. Hey miu, do u happen to know anywhere where they still have the stila kajal liner pencil in Onyx? I really really want one!!!

    35. miu~if u happen to go to shop stila, boleh help belikah ?

    36. hw long cn the make up be stock??
      cz i scare buy too much...
      ltr expired ady...

    37. Damn.I bought that Stila convertibale at retail price.Haiyooooo...

      Eh, why Stila marked down price? Is it becoz they're 'refinancing'? I reah in the net that Stila mau bankrap.Is it true?

    38. reena: check out my post on Stila here http://plusizekitten.blogspot.com/2009/04/stila-clearance-up-to-70-off.html

      Stila U.S has some problems, it could be selling the brand to some other companies, trying to stay alive in the current economic situation etc. One things for sure is LuxAsia in MY & SG is not going to sell Stila anymore. I hope some other companies take over.

    39. hi miu~ have u seen any lipglaze, duo blush, or palettes at One U? :)

    40. miu...any kajal eye liner for me??ala last time ask u to buy at klcc but OOS..xtau u pegi 1u plak...sobb sobb


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