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  • What to buy at Stila?


    the day to night talkin palette

    smoky eyes palette

    Need something to brighten up your face? look younger? The Stila's illuminating tinted moisturiser rm60 does the work. It's been introduced in workshops that I participated & I must say this baby is great stuff! Smoothen your face, shimmers and protects from the sun too. Use as a base before your foundation powder. I think it's out of stock already? but u can ask around!

    The first time the Stila Beautician asked me to try this "treatment" powder telling me it's really got moisture in it, I didn't believe him. That's until he test it on my hand and I went OMG?! what's that icy cool feeling? at first feel, u might think there's snow powder on your hands. It's some kind of water based cooling agent powder. It leaves behind some shimmers too, not too obvious though. Apparently it's a BIG HIT in Japan from what i read. A Mineral Based Loose Powder that makes you look luminious and fresh. Contains micro-encapsulated water that instantly cools the skin and grape seed extract for rich anti-oxidant protection. Suitable for all skin type! RM60 Now & has a retractable brush on the top! :)

    U must grabbed the convertible eye color which is only rm45 now! it has 3 parts to it - eyeliner, eyeshadow (pigments in the middle n has a bud like brush) and a smudger. A Day to Night look can be created using this baby. The technique lies in the smudging (blending using the smudger). Popular colors to choose from? Stone, onyx and several other shades available.

    If you're looking for a smudge proof eyeliner, the Stila Smudge Pot is really famous. Google up any tutorials on it and you find a lot of girls swearing this is good. I follow beauty bloggers who uses this and they seem to make lining your eye easy. For me it's hard as a beginner so practice practice practice! It's really very sought after and I heard there's no more stock for this anymore! The Smudge Pot Trio set rm70 (bronze, grey and black with a mini brush) is SOLD OUT but the single pots rm35 are still around if you're lucky.

    The Famous Stila Lip Glazes

    Stila might be the first cosmetic brand to come out with clicky pen brush lip glazes where you twist it and it pushes the glaze (gloss) up and it'll come out the brush applicator ready for your lips. Grapefruit is one of their best selling colours but don't just settle for that bcoz there's plenty of colours and flavours to choose from! If you're going for the Lip Pluming Glaze get the cherry mint! it's to die for. Lip Glazes that's shiny and shimmery, smacking lovely costs rm45 now.

    If u happened to come accross this you may want to try it. It's call the Cherry Crush (cherry lip stain for cheeks and lips). This product is very similar to Benefit's Benetint but instead of a bottle, it comes in a slick clicky pen again. Light cherry smell, the tint can be used on your cheeks and lights for a natural girly flush/blush. Apply over n over again if u want to achieve a darker shade. Fairly easy to use, cherry smell and gel like. I'm in love with this and It's already sold out in KLCC. RM45 same price as a lip glaze.

    Err.. of course there's a lot more nice stuffs from Stila but I guess I'll talk about what to consider first. If you have never tried Stila b4 this is a good time to try with up to 70% off their products. Well I have all the above already in my stash hahaha!!! ^_______^ goodnight I'm going sleep now. I hope this helps u a bit to know what to grab from Stila's Sales. It's not the almighty guide but it's a simple guide. Yawn night! time to raid BU tomorrow morning and if anyone see me there say Hi ya.


    1. Ooh...i want the treatment powder...where can i find it?
      i went to KLCC,pavilion,Midvelly...the SA say no more stock...
      Thanks Miu ,introduce some must buy list to me.i will try to order them.hope can get from Lilian lah.

    2. hye miu!!

      if u still remember me..huhu the sale's crazzzyy.. i only managed to go yesterday at gardens ahhaha but most of the hot items gone alreadi.. adeii i want the black smudge pot (full size)...arghh and since i'm working at terengganu, guess i hv to go back kl again nextwik.haha i also aim to get the makeup bag nextwik!! cant wait

    3. dear. do u still have cherry crush for sales, how much r u selling, can u advice, thanks


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