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My Baby Dolls

bigger than my phone! hehe

Finally got my hands one a very cute YSL Baby Doll miniature set for rm80! (such a sweet buy! it's like warehouse sale price!). This is the write up on the YSL Baby Doll perfume. I bought it as a mother's day present. Sweet!

Baby Doll Miniatures Gift Set by Yves Saint Laurent!
Baby Doll speaks to the woman who is naturally young at heart. She is sophisticated, yet clings to the lightheartedness of youth. A precocious beauty with a sweet, sensitive side, she’s the center of attention and the life of the party.

This playful set of miniature Baby Doll decanters comes in a range of pastel colors in the signature faceted crystal bottle, shaped like a spinning top with a golden stopper.

Almond Tree Blossom, Amaryllis, Amber, Mimosa, White Peony.
Precocious. Beautiful. Enthralling


  1. miu, how did u manage to get it 4 rm80..i luv babydoll 2...

  2. yeap i bought it for rm80 clearance price. I have one more left if u want it?


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