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  • Metrojaya Warehouse Sales


    Nina Ricci Gift Set rm110
    (80ml+2 freebies)
    80ml at retail is rm240++!!!!

    Vera Wang Princess 30ml RM80
    (retails rm190++ for 30ml!)

    Vera Wang Classic Set RM100
    (50ml+mini+100ml lotion n bath)
    retails 50ml RM240++!!!

    Vera Wang for Men RM100
    (Doroshi bought for her bf)

    Just wanted to show off what I bought from Metrojaya Warehouse Sales. Doroshi helped me buy! (ahahah hey i also need help yah!) I didn't want to go coz I didn't want to spend anymore. I got to tie my stomach (ikat perut) but I went and encourage Doroshi to go! haha. She says at 10am the fragrance & perfume Q was up to the entrance!!! Today I see newspaper The Star, got a picture of this warehouse sales! I heard got Burberry Set etc! wow really different from the last boring sales at Menara Weld. Too bad I didn't go sob sob.

    You can read about at The Star Online!

    See Metrojaya has come out to shed light about their warehouse sales! why do warehouse sales distributors need to hide so much? dare to do business then please don't be so cowardly and hide about it? I'm speaking from experience as a few warehouse sales people confronted me about blogging about them. They say OUT or IN. I respected their decisions so I did not blog about it. Heck what are they afraid of? look at Metrojaya. After all it's still business, unless you're having a "illegal unlicensed" warehouse sale event. 


    1. wow....u get nina ricci and vera wang~~~there no more ady..

    2. went there on the first day.
      yup, malaysian do loves warehouse sale...the place was crowded even on the first day and it's on a weekday.

      they even sale j.lo glow body lotion at rm30...the shower gel at rm20..marc jacob intense body lotion at rm20...lolita limpeka (do i get the spelling correct?)for men at rm20..sarah jessica parker lovely set at rm90...burberry sangat banyakk..wow!

      there was one time, i saw a few shopper have like more than 20 sets of fragrance in their baskets n they have to stay at one corner cause cannot bawak everything anymore :P

      must be rich people.

      i'm going again this saturday...not sure what to expect, cause mom went today and said that most of the best fragrance already kene sapu.so :|

    3. ohh you are lucky Miu,
      the vera wang princess is a STEAL & to die for *hehehe
      soo kawaii** you must be on cloud 9

      and its going for RM100 and less



    4. wah yesterday when i settled myself at abt 8pm after picking up my doter fr tuition, my eyes r half closed. i can hardly open them !!!! woke up 5.45am, reached miriam hse 6.15am reached SA 7.40am, then v lepak at tesco, ate breakfast but i just ate one small bread. actually i was down with slight fever & sore throat la, syg, no appetite.... but when gearing up 2 storm into the stadium, i felt ALIVE !!! & so damn EXCITED liao ! once open, most of us, ran into the fragrance section at the end.

      i'm still cursing that stupid staff attending the versace counter. i asked him where's burberry ?? that end, he pointed me to the left side, i quickly rush there only to see, issey, bvlgari....so i take 3 issey for my frenz, then stop awhile c bvlgari...then ask again wheres burberry, DAMN !! the girl told me its the other end where i was awhile ago !!! SHIT ! Miriam & i quickly dashed there only 2 c the brit sheer set is rm180 ??!!! then v ask brit sheer..brit sheer...only perfume leh...oh...finish liao !!!!!!!! fulamak !! boy v r so damn mad la. if only earlier the stupid versace guy told me the rite way then mayb v still could get hold of it. so damn angry la, even till now.

      they shld hv made the area bigger la, the lorong is so sempit, v cant even walk without banging to others, u know la with our bag full of the perfumes. i'll email the pix of our haul when miriam found her cord, k ?

      u made me rm100 poorer when i went 2 vera wang section :):):) ended up buying the classic set liao, its with 50ml, mini, lotion n shower ...other buys:-

      bvlgari pour femme edp 10ml x 3 - rm65
      bvlgari pour femme box set - 50ml edp, lotion, shower & pouch - rm120
      spj - lovely set - 50ml edp, lotion, roll-on - rm90
      burberry the beat set - 50ml edp, lotion - rm120
      burberry the brit set - 50ml edp, lotion - rm120
      burberry minis - 5 pcs - rm50
      kenzo minis - 4 pcs - rm90
      kenzo amour 2 in 1 - orange one 100ml, white - 50ml - rm130 !!!

      soooo, my total ......rm835 !!!!!! oh dear, pokai la me this mth......adoi...but i'm very happy with this haul liao !

      now, the L'oreal sale, shld i go ?? if i go, sure koyak leh....if i dun go, i sure teringat2 aje ..... how leh ?

    5. pearl drops: yeah i love it to bits! rm80 for 30ml, ok la compare to retail it's a good buy :)

      harim: omg babe u went? still ada $$!? i heard they up the price slighty this time around. Like JLO shower gel is rm10 last sales, now is rm30. But there's lotsa nice sets right! i heard about the one that borong a lot. It's quite a good business for blogshops/bargain hunters. Can sell cheaper than retail! unfortunately taking all that is very stressful. I'll probably die in shah alam if i carry that many stuffs.

      babyloveshopping: yah! all thanks to my friend doroshi help me ^_^ hehe. I help her get make up case stila she help me get perfume.

    6. Miu...i can be ur personal shopper di wahahahah! :P

    7. i went just now i my vera wang princess n nina ricci are no more there!!! aaa please restock!!

    8. lol
      u die there in shah alam, then people come sapu ur fragrance away.. :D

      i left only a couple of rm..hehe..itupun for gifts, my mom's present, my aunt, and my mom's again..nothing for me :(

      its okie, as i am happy with my stila blanc palette i bought at the garden..weeeee...

      but stila counter there at m.whouse sale got some palette i didn't see at klcc counter.

    9. i went there on saturday n sunday....i love nina ricci...tapi dah abis :(

    10. oookay, i thought u wanna sell those perfumes! Rupanya tak (or are u?).

    11. totallyme said:
      Oh miu,when i went 1st day in d evening,vera wang classic is no more..huwaaaa
      But i bought vw sheer veil instead.. I fell in luv with vw few yrs back but classic is hard 2 find.. Do email me if u want 2 let go ya.. Tq n miu,lv ur blog..


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