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I have Crushes!

Cherry VS Pom

the colors

after blending

Let's talk about our crushes. Cherry's a sweet smelling light gel tint while Pom's a kinda strong fruity smell with a reddish gel tint. I'm suprise that after blending, both are almost similar in giving the flush effect. Pom might be slighlty purplish red while Cherry is blushing light red. One thing that I don't fancy about these cheek & lip tints is that you can't leave it too long on your skin or it may well tint your hand (see the above pic, I left the tints on to take picture, after blending the tint mark is there). Packaging wise, Cherry looks sweet n girly with the pattern all over it. I hope this gives u an idea between Cherry or Pom :)

*tip: Apply over n over again to achieve a darker shade. Try pushing the gel tint on your hand before blending it on your face to avoid "tint marks".

OH this is my haul from last week at KLCC & BU:

my klcc & bu haul

finally got my hands on the exquisite pearl palette!
(which cost me rm95)

oh look at the mother of pearl cover!
(yeap mom this is definitely for u)

I also got some scarlet palettes for rm50
pretty neat for a cosmetic palette
(it has 2 crystals on the cover!)

The rest are:
Pom & Cherry Crush each at rm45
Convertible Mascara at rm45
Gift Of Glow at rm150
Pearl Palette rm95
Scarlett Deluxe Palette rm50
Vanilla Lip Glaze stick rm30 with sharpener


  1. Wow! You got 2 gifts of glow? and so many convertible mascaras. lucky you. I'm actually looking for a kajal eye liner sharpener. Lilian said no more...

  2. great as Mother's Day gift!!! :)

  3. oooooo.i want pom crush!!! hehehe.

    eh hauling some more ah? thought wan2 wait for ehem end of may?

    anyway good haul. esp the pearl pallete. i bet your mom (who looks so darn young!!! sigh) will love it.

    and the scarlet pallete looks VERY nice too.

    i have a thing for deep, dark colors. can you tell? *chuckles*

  4. any extra crushes? Do you which outlet still got?

  5. Jamie...with all those names anymore it is hard enough figuring out what colour to do my hair, midnight plum or one of those other strange named colours! Some time I think you women have too much fun playing with makeup!

  6. I'm crushing on the lip and cheek stains. I think its really nice when its 2 products in one. Plus the fact that its a stain means it doesnt rub off as easily as lipstick or gloss.

    Do any stila counters still hv stock? i doubt though

  7. Von: i got 3, 1 boss, 1 me, 1 split up as I traded the e/s for something else with another girl.

    kitty: pom crush available at all counters, just don't now out of stock yet or not. BU yesterday got 2 left, klcc today restock might have. Pav last sat got plenty.

    Su Yan: i have extra pom crush, but i advise u to go buy it at stila :) try stila klcc they restocking today.

  8. I luuuuurve my pom crush so much ..but i got it in the holiday set and it's of smaller size than the one in ur pic..hmm..must go grab summore,it's the best stila signature product apart from the lipglaze n convertible eye gilleee!!-angelzoe-(a very happy n satisfied, "pokai" angel..kihkihkih)

  9. I'm not in KL today. So coincidence I'm outstation for the week! Miu, how come you so fast get news one...Garden's SA always tell me dunno when restock restock. I ask till mouth dry adi. :( Anyone can tumpang me buy Pom Crush? I go ask ask your shout mix there oso can??? Thanks!

  10. dear miu:

    been reading your blog and what i can say is YOU ARE MY KIND OF GAL!!!

    looove reading your updates, and i always use your advise on which warehouse to go...

    and you are as pretty as your mum!

  11. Went to BU this afternoon, no Cherry Crush. V_V . Frustrated lah, went 2x still xada. So I bought the 2008 Hol set instead. At least I got a mini pom crush. Then again, i think pom crush suits my skintone better.

  12. Miu!!!!!!!

    I love you!!!!

    Pls email me the details ya..

    ~ Sunie


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