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  • Branded Fragrance & Cosmetic Warehouse Sale Hauled


    Barbie Doll Perfume Set RM39

    Before I start blogging about today's warehouse sales, I'd like to open it with a "appetizer" which is this Barbie Doll Perfume Set that's going for RM39 only at the warehouse sales! I've never seen it in this sales before, it is something NEW in here as the 90% of the perfumes/brands are leftover stocks from last previous sales in Armada and Corus Hotel. 

    Aint it ADORABLY CUTE? The perfume is suprisingly sweet smelling. I can say it's floral sweet? and the camera has film in it I think! I bought 2 only to keep as children's birthday gift. I just can't say no to it. Regretted should've bought more! coz u girls might want to buy it too. I last heard from VonVon at 5pm, it's all gone already.

    Barbie The Pink Baby Perfume

    This pretty round bottle, topped with a playful pink flower encases a perfume rich with a bouquet of fresh flowers full of fantasy. With a magic freshness in the top note and a base note that leaves woodsy dreams and soft spiciness on the skin, this infinitely fresh scent is perfect for little girls who dream of living a glamorous life.

    Citric Bouquet, Citric Blossom, Cassis, Green-Ozonic Touches, Rose, Mimosa, Ylang, Muguet, Violet, Grape, Musk, Soft Woodsy Sensations, Nutmeg.
    Inspiring. Young. Fresh.

    One thing that I like about this warehouse sales is that u can find some of the most affordable perfume/sets here to give as presents. Like today, I bought a lot nice small perfumes for under RM40 only and I can keep them to give as gifts and birthday presents whenever I want. Though many people asked me if this is worth a go, it actually depends on you. 

    1. Do you like the brands sold under this distributor?
    2. Are you within a budget?

    With just this 2 questions, maybe it'll help you identify if this warehouse sales is worth a go. Of course there's also issues like travelling, time convenience, the long paying Q horror on 1st day or lunch time, and etc. Go if you like the brand(s) or are using the brand(s). 

    at rm33 a mini gift

    I bought lots of Victoria Beckham's Intimately Night sets. They're RM33 each! has a mini edt 15ml  and a 75ml shower cream. It's like the perfect Hello Gift. You know like when you've just met someone and looking to just give him/her something? Or maybe you haven't met a friend for a long time and wanted to bless her with a present? for RM33 can u honestly tell me u can buy something nice for no apparent reason at Shopping Center these days to make someone go "WOA..." or "OOOOOH!" or just watching their eyes dilate at the sight of pretty lil'things?

    Anyway the advertisement for this "intimately night" is so "PANAS"! (HOT). One might think with just a spray you will auto-engage in a sexy position already. I wonder if Wani will go crazy over this? she loves Victoria Beckham but I haven't heard her mentioning about the fragrances yet. 

    Moschino Love Ads

    I was trying to google up the Moschino Love Gift Set I bought and saw a few ads for it. I think it's very artistic and intriguing! The set I bought has 50ml + shower gel 100ml + lotion 100ml. Quite Chic huh? The smell is a fruity sweet something like Anna Sui's Secret Wish (the green one) but more citrusy. OH I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mango Adorably by Mango is a floral fruity fragrance for women. Top notes are red berries and citruses; middle notes are pink pepper, freesia and lily-of-the-valley; base notes are amber, patchouli, musk and vanilla. It's one of my favourite scent from this warehouse sales. I've been buying and using it each time I go haha!!! but too bad no more sets. It's all 30ml only and well I bought lots of it too! for rm35 each? nice present for girlfriends!!! 


    1. went there this morning with 2 of my frenz... people are like crazy... the Q gosshh... no words to describe... total lost RM 1,600++

      :( got fine ticket from DBKL too

    2. miu,

      really jelous u got it. any extra for me?

    3. err... by mentioning wani, did u mean me?? hahahah.. perasaan! =P

      Yeah, i do love VB. everything about her is just purrrrfect! from her clothes that she wears to the stuff that she sells! hehe.

      oh myyy... for only RM 33??????!!!! Dammnnn. jeles nye!!

      Oh, i have a story that happenned to me(in amsterdam)..

      i bought the new fragrance by VB when i was there. I bought exactly like that set.. u know, small perfume abt 15ml n a body shower.. I reallyyyyy want to collect all her stuff..and then u know what...my perfume set kena rampas!!! I got freakingly mad n cried..n became an incredible hulk after that!! haha =P

      anyway.. how many did u manage to buy?

      p/s: hows australia??? show ur pics!! ai wan tu si!!!! =)

    4. Went there too this morning..RM688..that was how much I spent.Didnt find the paris hilton perfume though-rafinamarsha

    5. the barbie perfume and camera definitely look adorable and cute!

    6. so cuteeeee the per-phume and came-la~ :) aussie photos aussie hotties faster faster i wanna see!

    7. o0o u so terror to pilih. my first time going to perfume warehouse..so fenen to pilih.. yish

    8. i dont buy the perfume only paul and joe comestics.. been there waiting 1/2 hour before going in, and 1 hour for waiting to pay the bills.Total damage RM201, discover mine not much compare to those here

      i saw lots of ppl gone crazy with the sales, buying in dozens of perfume.

      Note : many good stuff gone, leftover not much choice. promoter told me ppl start queing at 8 or 9am, when it opens at 10am

    9. NIce...I wOuLd to gO there toO...but mY HuBbY duN waNNa tOO...sO Sad oN Me....

      bTw,,Cant u LInk mY bLOg intO ur bLOg...i aLreadY Link Ur bLog In Mine....hOpe U caN cOnsidering it..

    10. I speny RM600 today...im crazy of perfum but today all the set finished..Oh no!

    11. i went there on the first, second and third..but i only managed to buy perfumes on the third..lol..

    12. OMG i super love the Barbie Doll Perfume Set for only RM39!! So cheap,i want it,too bad now only i saw this post of yours,so cute,i'm eyeing on that camera hehe


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