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Catch me in Female Magazine!

Female Mag May issue is out now!

If you girls read Female Magazine, then be sure to check moi & friends out at the Colourful Indulgence spread on the Clarin's Spring Make Up Workshop held early this year for Female, Nuyou & EH! readers. Of course this workshop was dominated by us bloggers snapping pictures from left to right! we even get to cuddle up with Mr. Federic Raymond (cute make up artist from France)! Can u spot me anywhere?

Me, Vivian Choo, Jasmine, Lisa & Tubbies
from left to right

tubbies, me, wani & vivian looking at the demo

tubbies, fiqah. lisa, wani friend, wani
(i'm siting behind them)

dee's friend, dee & oh la la Federic!

Schazwani :)

Here's a group pic of our gang who terrorized this workshop!
check out my post on this workshop here

Meiwah & her gang (on right)
hehehe!! he's mine he's mine!

this is what we got from the workshop! (Free!)


  1. fuiyor... colourful indulgence! my face not in the magazine, but the indulgence is there! lol~ lol~

  2. Wahhh standing next to cute guy some more! I am going to buy a copy today :)

  3. huhu...u're so glamour!!!! I want it too!!! I'll buy the magazine today...


  4. let me know of such workshop in future..:)

  5. Wahh.. mag model now, eh?? From far can spot Tubbies in the pix.. hehe

  6. hey thanks for posting this!!!

    i'll buy the mag as soon as possible! hehee ;)

  7. Yes,I read female and yes, I can see u on the page. (now that u mentioned it) =)

    Lucky u girls...I've never been to any makeup workshop before.=( I did try a couple of times to sign up but normally the workshop were already full.

  8. wahahaha HE IS MINE HE IS MINE sumore lata ur bf see liao jeng jeng jeng ( jealous ) hahaha........

  9. So cool get to be featured!!!

    Anyways I assume you gotten your copy of Female, wanna try for Stage makeover from the shopping booklet? I told this to Vivian.


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